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  1. Record limits and possibly sucky IBIS. This may be a loser
  2. Yeah I don't think you'd need V-mounts. Plus you'd not need a metabones either, the C200 is S35 as well. Metabones is just a bonus option that the C200 doesn't even have. C200's are going for mad cheap sometimes though. Saw one used at $4500
  3. Thats pretty cool. I feel like the Z-cam E2's are a pretty compact solution. You kind of need monitors for them though which does bulk everything up. They definitely look more professional than a SLR type camera.
  4. Yeah the rolling shutter and moire in 1080p killed that camera for me. I wish they would have gotten a handle on it with the a6400. Not sure why Fuji's are vastly better IQ wise having pretty much the same sensor.
  5. Yeah I am talking about the old TV fujinon lenses, which are MK I assume? I'll probably stick to my Nikon Glass for now. I have a 35, 50, and 85. Probably gonna sell the 35 as its an AF lens and get a 105 f2.5 and 20 f2.8
  6. Yeah the Aputure 300d ii is not a heavy light, any C-stand will handle it fine.
  7. I don't know he had a theory that he tested and died trying. You don't have to be insane to believe in the flat earth imho. Sad of course that he died but thats life.
  8. I feel like the Micro is a pretty compact setup. Most monitors are going to be bigger than the camera itself lol, but with a lens and a side handle it would be pretty nice. Kind of thinking about a Micro for a B-cam to the URSA. In a few months maybe, right now I am sticking with the XT3 and URSA alone and if I need a third camera I can borrow.
  9. Can't you fit Sony NPF batteries to the Micro?
  10. I do like that aesthetic a lot. Really can add a ton of character. Not sure if I'd invest in higher end cine glass though. There are a lot of Cheap C mount options. The Fujinon zoom lenses are catching my attention. They don't seem bad if you stop down a bit. I shoot stuff a lot so I'll start taking my Ursa with me instead of my XT3 sometimes. Got a big short coming up in April that we will probably do on the URSA along with the XT3 for some shots.
  11. I am fine with 1080p content for sure, I usually downscale to HD or shoot in HD and then render in 4k for youtube. I am actually looking into Super16mm film glass. The URSA is S35 but if you shoot RAW in 2k or HD its cropped, which good be useful if I want to invest in those kind of lenses. I did shoot some footage with the URSA, but I have no lenses for it so it was a black screen lol. Waiting on my EF mount to arrive so I can test it with glass.
  12. Quasar battery powered bi-color tube lights are great.
  13. Next to nothing lol. My goal is to get to around 60,000 a year freelancing locally. My claim to riches is hopefully one of the low budget films I produce makes it big.
  14. I feel like most EF lenses are bad for manual focus as they are almost all made for AF cameras. Nice thing about the Zcam's is you can mount anything to M43. Yeah looks weird to me. A battery on the bottom makes more sense. All in all my Ursa Mini pro is just so much more ergonomical, its made to have a battery on the back.
  15. I'd get the Pocket 4k, Reasons: Larger FOV with speedbooster (1.3 crop vs 1.6), ability to shoot 4k with no crop(don't want 6k all the time). So it depends on the person. The Pocket 6k has better color science, higher resolution, more dynamic range. Big downsides for me is you can't shoot non cropped 4k RAW and of course no prores 6k(not as big of deal), worse internal battery life(if you'll use internal batteries), EF mount (could be good or bad?). If you don't make a ton of your camera purchases the Pocket 4k could save you 1k that could go to rigging it out (or buying food to live lol)
  16. I pretty much decided not to get a third camera. Mainly because my friend has a Pocket 6k and I can pretty much just borrow that when I need it. The Pocket 4k will probably happen at some point but who knows. This seems like a decent solution. Combined with the custom tilt screen it wouldn't be bad ergonomically. I am happy with my Fuji though. Ergonomically its a dream.
  17. The micro is a much better camera with 60fps to boot. Again you have to deal with the crop factor. I don't really want to get new lenses for an outdated camera which is why I wouldn't get one. Shot on smartphone ads are really dumb as well. Blackmagic really needs to put the Pocket 6k in a body that makes sense. Why they don't think internal ND's are important for run and gun is beyond me.
  18. I think the A73 is better but not by a lot. Also the A73 auto focus is very very good. Just because there is better doesn't make the A7III's bad. Its like saying the Panasonic S1H sucks because the Arri Alexa has a better image. Anyways this new auto focus update is crazy if true.
  19. I mean if it can give the camera 3 hours of life than I'd be a happy camper.
  20. Holy cow! -3ev to -6ev, that is huge! If it really works at -6ev it will be the best performing AF on the market. Classic Neg is exciting too.
  21. Color inconsistencies between lights isn't the biggest deal IMO you can throw some 1/8 gels on to correct any tint you might be getting. Its a little pricey though considering there are a lot of other lights that can do the same thing now IMO. I guess there is always the security of buying a name brand.
  22. Yeah I think Cinema 5d really f'ed up with their dynamic range testings on it. The Pocket 6k is way overlooked image wise. It really goes toe to toe with almost any camera out there.
  23. If its a cheap 8k camera with fuji color, ibis, and amazing auto focus I don't care how big it is. Sure Canon is releasing smaller mirrorless 8k cameras but I am sure they will cost a mint. Plus fuji lenses are tiny making the whole package lighter regardless.
  24. Could just be a stylistic thing. Film forces you into a certain look pretty much, where as digital you have a lot more freedom to ruin the image lol. I believe that a very talented colorist could match digital to film and you'd not know the difference.
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