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  1. The Leeming Corrective Lut + the quickies are really game changing IMO, plus they can help you match the GH5 with S1.
  2. Not sure if I see a point to a built in battery grip. Doesn't that mean you lose the internal battery? Meaning you get two batteries total rather than 3?
  3. Its fun for me and I don't really lose much money. I am not racking up credit debt buying REDs! I just sell out one kit to buy another. Probably don't need to but its more fun that way.
  4. Beautifully shot. Looks like the 6k wins out by a small but noticeable margin. Both cameras are really impressive though, the highlight recovery tool in resolve is incredible.
  5. That is crazy honestly. According to cinema 5d the Dynamic range on the Pocket 6k is 11.5 stops. With 1 stop in highlight recovery that is 12.5 stops. So the other 1.5 is in the shadows on the Alexa? Or does the Pocket 6k actually have like 12.5 stops of dynamic range even before highlight recovery?
  6. That info was blown on the Alexa? Was the Alexa shooting RAW tho?
  7. Yes but practically the FX9, its got Sony's awesome electronic ND's, dual native ISO, good color science, good codec, amazing auto focus, what else do you need? Only downside is the size, its kind of big for no apparent reason. Seems like it could have been more the size of the FS5 tbh but what do I know.
  8. I know everyone loves Canon so I am actually curious to try one out at this point. Its the one camera system I haven't really used at all. 1D C is still out of my budget right now. If I had the cash I might shell out for a C200, yeah it doesn't have 10 bit recording but Canon's 8 bit isn't shabby at all. Just saw someone selling a kit for $4500. If I could have any camera I'd probably get the FX9. The production 4k looks nice though, a 1.7 crop factor isn't bad at all. Having to stick to 400 iso for a clean image is a little limiting though. Its one of those cameras where people say its
  9. True though smart phones use much smaller sensors, which is how I'd imagine they pull it off unless the tech is just more advanced (better funding for products I'd assume). The S1H does 6k but its also a huge body with vents and fans. Can Fuji do it without making a huge body? I mean I really don't mind bigger bodies so I don't care.
  10. Interesting, it puzzles me that 8k is already on the table when it seems like everyone is still struggling to pull of 4k without overheating.
  11. I was just reading your article on the Production Camera 4k. I looked at the 2.5k cmos version too, the crop kind of turned me off though. I thought it was S35 at first. I was talking about the Ursa Mini 4k, which I believe is global shutter??
  12. I mean in terms of gear addicts, which I think is probably 50% of the forum. Or at least me haha
  13. I'll probably use all three for most things I do, different applications. The F3 would probably be used least TBH. Its nice having three cameras for interviews mainly. I probably look crazy with how often I buy and sell cameras but I did put a good deal of thought into the URSA. I've worked with the URSA as well as other blackmagic cameras many times and I always really love the experience. Editing some footage I shot for a client at only 1080p prores LT (DP's choice not mine haha) and seeing how good it looked really sold me. The thing about something like the S1 is the rolling shutter
  14. The original URSA is cool, definitely less dynamic range probably 1.5 stops difference. They are going for really cheap these days too. $1600 for one in good condition with accessories. Global shutter is definitely desirable for me. Well work wise I do a lot of stuff gaffing, assistant camera, videography, PA work, really whatever I can get. I used to be more into making my own films but I was just too busy to do it last year. If I can get one film done this year, one of my own, I'd be content. I really am avoiding working on anything I don't think I can execute perfectly. Right now my b
  15. Ah I switched to H265 and its there. Yeah I didn't see how 6K would be feasible in such a small body.
  16. DCI 4K 60p is greyed out on my XT3 and I have the latest firmware.
  17. 4k 60p can now be shot in DCI 4K at 400mbps vs previously only ultra HD at 200mbps
  18. It terms of handheld though my Ursa mini is kind of ideal for that. The weight and really low rolling shutter is ideal for that. Its 7.6ms in 4.6K and something like 6ms in 2k. Really the best performance on the market in this price bracket next to an Alexa classic.
  19. I agree the XT30 has a really nice image. The body is just too small and fragile. I tried attaching an atomos to it to get around the stupid 15 minute record limit and it was just janky. I can get by not rigging up my XT3. Its got a 30min record limit which is decent. Plus the battery grip gives you good battery life performance unlike the XT30 which doesn't have that option. I am looking at a C100 at this point too lol. Though I am not paying over $1000 for a C100 or c300. Honestly I don't want to pay over $800. At $1000 I could get a pocket 4k, though after rigging its more like
  20. Makes me happy as RGB lights are hella expensive anyways Kidding aside I was going to get the RGB quasars but I honestly think I won't now. Their battery powered bi color ones are probably what I'll go for. I rarely need those funky colors anyways.
  21. I am also considering the C300 mk1 at this point. Can't do 10 bit external but the internal Codec isn't bad at all.
  22. Only issue is the two cheapest options the atomos samurai and the BM assist HD are both still going for $400 which is a bit pricey for a somewhat old shitty recorder. I wish there was something like an atomos Star with SDI’s. The BM assist isn’t the worst but I wish it took SSDs
  23. Its definitely not worth 20k, however $500....... Are those images prores or the internal recording? I'm saying they look similar color wise. Huge price difference between the two as well. Can you use a converter box to transfer an SDI stream to HDMI? Yeah I found it on a facebook group, haven't seen them that low on ebay. I'll be keeping both cameras though hehe, selling my XT30. I don't like it but clients certainly factor in to why I do things. The F3 just works price wise. I also like it better than anything else I could remotely affor
  24. Yeah the EVF is broken but I think its still a great deal as I almost never use EVF's. I owned one briefly last year. Ended up selling it as I wasn't finding the image to stand out much over the GH5. That said the dynamic range is a bit better and the color science is as well. Mainly getting it for the internal ND's, XLR, battery life, price, and it just looks professional. Going to sell my XT-30 to fund it. I am finding small cameras to be annoying to rig up and then they just look janky with all that shit attached to them. I know a lot of people say the color science compares
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