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  1. Where abouts do you live? I agree on the word of mouth thing. Every job I get is from making a friend/connection. You could also be like me and have no health insureance, no vacation money, no retirement money and live with 10 other people so you pay little to no rent 🤣🤣😥
  2. Yeah at that point I'd rather have something designed to take a V mount battery, but the Z-cams are versatile enough where you can kind of rig it up nicely regardless.
  3. Yes I have heard that though people have said with the latest versions of lightroom its not an issue unless you apply sharpening. But regardless my test was to see if the H264 looks oversharpened and compared to the RAW it doesn't IMHO
  4. I guess the point of the test to me was to see if the RAW looked more natural to the naked eye. For me I can't really tell tbh, the difference is very slight. Zoomed in at 800% I could see the 4K video was softer, but thats extreme. I don't really see any artificial sharpening. My conclusion is the 6k sensor from the fuji just putting out a very detailed image more so than the Pocket 4k at least.
  5. which should yield pretty much the same result?
  6. Have you seen an example of just IBIS without the electronic stabilization that demonstrates no warping? The AF issues are a real bummer. I am semi confident fuji will fix it however why the hell didn't they before they went and showed the camera off to every youtuber and their brother.
  7. Just did a test comparing the XT3 RAW image files to the internal H254 4k files. I set sharpening on -4 and NR on -4. The RAW files were converted to JPEG in Lightroom with sharpening and NR off. I was looking at comparisons between the Pocket 4k and the Fuji and was surprised how much sharper the Fuji looked. The test was really to see if there was any internal sharpening going on inside the camera with sharpening at -4. The RAW image is lower contrast for some reason, both shot in eterna. Pictures zoomed 250% Top RAW bottom 4k H264
  8. fascinating, I love the little girl at 4:03, relatable 🤣
  9. At the end of the day people are most influenced by emotions which is driven by social skills.
  10. finally someone who drops some numbers 🤣 I made under 10k on video work last year but I didn't work that much(if that wasn't obvious). Pretty much in Michigan its not that easy to get full time video work freelance or as an employee. Building my connections here in Michigan RN. I could be doing a ton of wedding work but I am choosing not too(weddings suck)(could be making probably 30k)
  11. They are good for the handheld look. Great for something with low rolling shutter like an URSA mini or maybe pocket 4k. Not a big fan of handheld on most digital cameras due to the rolling shutter effect. I'd be mad if they didn't include 4k 60p in a pro cam. But yeah that is Canon and I am sure they'd sell regardless. The S1H should have been in a small cine cam form factor as well IMHO. Though it would pretty much blow the EVA1 out of the water(other than rolling shutter).
  12. Yeah I get that though slapping a vmount on kind of kills the small camera vibe you get buying an E2. Some vmount batteries are probably almost as big as the camera itself lol. The FS7 is really nice, built in ND's, high dynamic range Slog and 10bit up to 4k 60p. (HD 240fps I believe?) True but that Canon color science and RAW though.
  13. Yeah the XT2 had more issues than the XT3. Could be a firmware thing over actual build quality though(probably I'd think). The XT-4 IBIS looks way way better than the XH-1. Here's hoping they improve it even more. The AF is reported worse than the XT3 which I am sure is a firmware thing, so I think the final product will be much different.
  14. The RED Komodo looks really interesting though. May be my next camera if not an Alexa.
  15. Yeah the GH5 really still isn't beat with internal 422 and anamorphic and no record limit
  16. A C100 mk3 that’s essentially a C200 without RAW and with 10 bit out would be killer.
  17. The AF, better ISO performance, and larger sensor put it quite high above the GH5 for me. None of that matters if the IBIS sucks for video though.
  18. so a C500 MK2 without RAW? Yeah I guess its S35 so it doesn't Dethrone the C500 MK2
  19. Yeah its gonna be weird. Seems like they can't release a C100 mk3 without dethroning the C300 MK2. The C300 MK2 is such a low bar. That camera should have had 4k 60p to begin with. A C200 mk2 seems like it would compete to much with the C500 MK2.
  20. Looks a lot better than the XH1. I want to see IBIS without the electronic IS, as that sometimes makes things wonky. Would also like to see it on a lens that doesn't have OIS as thats mainly what I'd be using it for.
  21. This honestly looks pretty good. IBIS does look better, hopefully will be perfect when its actually released.
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