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  1. 28 minutes ago, webrunner5 said:

    Very true, but I admit the Panny S1 is hands down to me the best output of all the FF cameras now. It is damn impressive. But yeah Sony is in a enviable position.

    Seems like they are confident their mirrorless lenses will sell. Maybe they are counting on the new guys buying it while the DSLR users slowly die out. I don't know. 

    Sony certainly was the front runner for mirrorless as well as Panasonic, though they got into the full frame game too damn late. The Pana S1 is definitely nice though I feel like Canon and Sony are both cooking up something big. 

  2. I think hybrid cameras are definitely more suited to narrative film making. If you got them on sticks, or a gimbal or dolly they work perfectly. Not so much for handheld. That said I am really impressed with what I can get from the XT3 plus OIS 18-55. For B-roll its almost an ideal setup. 

    I think for anything critical I want a 1st AC focus pulling. That said if I am going solo switching between AF and manual focus is just a matter of hitting a button. For certain shots you can't go wrong with AF. 

  3. 25 minutes ago, thephoenix said:

    or the end.

    R is really bad for it"s price and Z is gonna cosy a ton to nikon for recall.

    the others brands won't wait for them.

    and if canon keep it's policy of "you're gonna pay the high price for something that could be good but sorry we couldn't give you that because the  other camera that is even more expensive does it" there going straight into the wall

    They'll release a 1DXMK2 mirrorless version that will probably become the go to pro camera. Nikon could go under water but if they release a mirrorless sports APSC camera that could be very popular. 

    The EOS R sucks tech wise but its a nice reliable body and people like that. The R is just the beginning IMO. 

  4. If you want to use primes handheld definitely get the XH1. I am happy using the 18-55 when I need stabilization, the OIS is pretty amazing, better than GH5 IBIS imho.

    That or you can use Canon OIS primes with an adapter, but than your auto focus will suck. The XH1 continuous auto focus isn't near as usable as the XT3. The XT3 has reached the point of it being pretty darn good for many situations. XH1 is still usable but definitely less reliable and more limiting.

  5. On 5/23/2019 at 5:20 PM, kaylee said:

    wow! this thing is really something, cant wait to see some files from it...

    would u guys please explain to me, like im 4 years old, what the glass options are for this camera...?

    "Well Kaylee, it's bigger than full frame so..."

    im dumb


    Fuji GF lenses of course. Some full frame vintage lenses will also cover medium format, like minolta.

  6. 11 minutes ago, webrunner5 said:

    Well a person could just pick and choose all feel good stories and that is OK. Nothing wrong with that. But that doesn't reflect real life, at least not as a TV stations looks at it. I guess you could just follow what you are into to and be happy. Might not kick your dog or beat your wife, or the opposite when you get home lol.

    come on I bet you got some fun out of pulling peoples strings, you still do it on here😂

  7. 28 minutes ago, webrunner5 said:

    I can't tell you how many times I felt in danger. These people take what they believe in a Really serious way. As you say most of it is good news stories helping society in a good way, but Oh Boy the ones that aren't, Jesus grab your ass. You have to get tough at times. That is why 60 Minutes has been around for hell, forever. They ask the tough questions and go about it like a Pit Bull. I don't think I could do that all the time. Scary stuff.

    If you can't get in an argument with your nose 4 inches from the next person, standing toe to toe, pointing your finger at them, Like I said, find another career. And I was Just the cameraman! My reporters, women included, were tough as nails. There is a reason they make top end Microphones built like a tank. Have one of those shoved up your nose lol.

    That makes sense. 

    There is definitely different types of activism videos one can make. Take someone like Nas daily, which is pretty much all positive stuff. 

  8. 1 hour ago, webrunner5 said:

    I can tell you from my ENG days you better have a Thick Hide and be able to hold your tongue. That kind of stuff can get heated as hell. The people you are going to interview are a bit over the edge, and they are balls to the wall, gung-ho into it. It can get ugly. If you are a small person you might look for other work lol. 😁

    Why would they be heated towards the people making a video for them tho?

  9. Still happy with my pocket. The ability to just shoot in prores LT and get small files as well as RAW if I want it is great. Its nice that the RAW can just be put right in Desolve and edits like butter. 

    The XT3 and XT30 are great though. Eterna is really nice and of course the 10 bit Flog on the XT3 is just really easy to work with. 

  10. Wheelchair or cart plus gimbal and post stabilization. As long as the ground you are shooting on is decent you'll get dolly like shots that way. 

    Otherwise not sure of an easier way other than a real dolly. Obviously a slider can work for certain shots though.

  11. 3 hours ago, Tomda said:

    I see there's a kind of cliffhanger here ;)

    I'm not decided yet, I've just ask on the Z cam forum about the possible feature and waiting for an answer. But the cam doesn't seem to be available for sale yet, it seems it still is in a beta phase... If I have a clear view on its features and release date, it may be my final choice. If I don't, I may go for a BM Micro Studio. I think all things considered, I may prefer the flexibility and lightness offered by a smaller format. With my Angenieux T1.8/9.5-57 I can almost do almost anything with a single, rather small and lightweight lens. When I shot actual 16mm film it's my weapon of choice.

    But wether I go BM or Z cam, I'm pretty annoyed by the ergonomics we have in this price range. It would be so cool to have at least a more elongated form to fit in a palm, I mean the dirtiest cheapest camcorders are better designed than those things, I'm sure it wouldn't cost much more...

    The BM Micro is really nice. I have the original Pocket camera. The internal prores 10 bit is really nice to have. Its not a low light performer though and of course no auto focus.

  12. 1 hour ago, newfoundmass said:

    To be fair, I don't think it's a lack of desire to work as much as, working 40 hours a week at a job you almost assuredly hate, to enrichen people that already have more money than they'll ever know what to do with, has younger generations thinking "what the fuck?" 

    The older generations were sold on an American Dream that never really happened for a large majority of Americans. I'd say probably half of my friends that graduated college had to find work for this other than they're majors. I know college graduates who deliver pizza because they can't afford to start at $12-15 an hour in their field. My friend makes I think $10 an hour plus tips delivering pizza. Long term he'd be better off with the $15 an hour job, but between his college loans and living expenses, he'd be worse off. 

    Lots of college degrees aren't worth much. Really just have to pick a lucrative field or be content barely getting by doing something you love or actually want to do.  

    The whole college situation in the US(can't speak for the rest of the world) is a racket. I am not saying that degrees are worthless, but the system in place is terrible. 

  13. 1 hour ago, DBounce said:

    Your example make no sense. I merely ask which statement more closely reflects the subject’s view. 

    And btw... you still haven’t answered. 

    So like I said, there are some higher quality exceptions... but lots of crap also. iPhone is made in China... Aputure makes great lights... and I pointed out that high quality products can be made anywhere... but Chinese quality is often hit or miss. 

    I think it just has to do with how reputable the business is rather than where their products are made. So like in the case of Fuji even though they switched manufacturing to China you could assume their products haven't dropped in quality. 

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