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  1. I think everyone freaked out about 8k because its Canon. Who would have thought Canon be the one to spearhead into 8k. Even if its not really needed right now.
  2. This is what I got on a color blind test I just did. "Protan-type color vision deficiency is a type of red-green color blindness where the red cones in the eye do not detect enough red light, but instead respond more to green light. As a result, many colors such as green, yellow, orange, red, and brown may appear confusingly similar. People with color blindness often also confuse blue and purple, and see pink as a shade of gray or white." Sounds accurate. Canon seems to be finally catching up in features. I don't think they will ever be inexpensive but they are a premiere brand so that is expected I guess.
  3. I currently have an XT3 and Ursa Mini 4.6k. Seemed like the two best options within my budget restraints. Lots of people raved over the XT-3's color science. Again I am certainly not one to go to when it comes to color advice but I will say footage I got from my A6300 always looked poor in comparison. I also like it better than what I was seeing from my GH5. I've always liked Canon colors but their cameras are either too expensive, too under spec'ed or a mix of both. I've heard a lot of good things about the Ursa and have liked what I've seen from it so I got one. Some people think the Sony sensors in the Pocket 4k and 6k have something to do with the inferior color science to Blackmagic's older models fairchild sensors. f I'd say if I could have any camera right now it would be the C300 Mark 3. I'll say this if there was a way to fix my color blindness I'd be saving for the procedure lol.
  4. What do you think of the Ursa Mini's color science btw? Also I assume you are an industry colorist? I actually have a form of colorblindness so having a camera with good color reproduction is important to me. If I don't want to pay a colorist I need to rely on the camera pretty much lol. Coming from my blind perspective the P6K colors look more harsh for lack of a better word. There has been a lot of complaints over the P4K colors not as much the P6K though.
  5. That is the Ursa Mini 4.6k, completely different sensor from the Pocket 6k. Its a little hard to take you seriously when you say the Sony Venice looks like its colors are painted on. You aren't just arguing against people online when you say that, you are saying the people who engineered it must have had no idea what they are doing as well as the productions that use it.
  6. Ah I thought you were talking about color shifts often seen when you shoot at higher ISO's on many cameras, or color shifts when raising under exposed footage.
  7. Yes the colors in that video are very nice. Would certainly be nice to see other cameras performing in the same setting though. But if we are talking about consistency throughout the ISO range as well as under and over exposing(which Arri is known for keeping consistent colors when under and over exposed) this video doesn't really showcase anything. https://***URL not allowed***/blackmagic-pocket-cinema-camera-6k-lab-test-dynamic-range-latitude-rolling-shutter-more/ In regards to the Pocket 6k though, the tests cinema 5d did seem to indicate that the Pocket 6k has pretty nice latitude at least when under exposed. I've never underexposed the S1H to this degree but seeing as you have some experience with its latitude do you think it would fare as well as the Pocket 6k?
  8. You got me there. Have you worked with enough cameras to definitively say Arri handles color best though? I was looking at some comparisons recently and I remember the Monstro and Venice holding up really well but the Arri probably still did best. Is Canon really number 2 in terms of keeping color consistent while pushing exposure and ISO though?
  9. Everything is subjective. I'd say the majority of people think Arri delivers the greatest image if you don't take resolution into account. However there are certainly people who think RED is better.
  10. I was shooting Long GOP, but yeah maybe it was just the 2k that did it. Can't seem to replicate it now.
  11. Interesting, I wouldn't think the S1H has more latitude than a Pocket 6k.
  12. My lord that is bad. Fuji needs to fix this.
  13. I believe it was 2k 200mbps Just shot some tests at 2k 100mbps Long GOP, no issues in the shadows. Really weirded out wtf is this
  14. Kind of off topic but do you know if the C200 RAW is log or linear?
  15. I have no clue. Some say it has to do with rolling shutter but I've heard some say a camera with much higher RS than another has better motion cadence. I've also heard people say a camera has great motion while another person says it looks bad. So who the hell knows imo
  16. I was just reviewing some old footage I took in flog at 2k and noticed some pretty bad smearing in the shadows. Really ugly. I thought maybe it was premiere doing something weird but resolve looks the same and it looks the same when rendered. Nothing done to the footage besides the Fuji WDR Lut. zoomed in at 220% to show the issue more but its certainly visible. Check the shadows
  17. Blackmagic needs to put out a Full frame camera with an improved body (smaller than ursa, larger than pocket(or at least better designed). Kinefinity puts out interesting stuff though, definitely seems a bit more mature than Z-cam.
  18. True I forgot. The Blackmagic recorder is the cheapest easiest solution. I think 7Qs can be had at fairly good prices used though.
  19. If you like cine bodies and don't need 4k and don't need 10 bit beyond 30p then its a good option.
  20. Yeah I have been thinking about a single system. I want something with good auto focus so I have an XT3 for that, I suppose I could just get three XT-3's. Would be pretty cheap. I enjoy RAW though so I also have an Ursa mini and just need to decide on a third cam. Either thinking another Xt3 or another blackmagic camera and the Pocket 4k seems to make the most sense(maybe the 6k). They aren't really going for below $1200 used right now. I've shot with the P4K many times but haven't edited any footage before.
  21. I still need a third cam and it’s still on my radar. If it cost the same as the 6k though I’d just buy the 6k for IQ despite the other drawbacks. Just waiting to see if I can find a good deal on a used one when the economy tanks even more(hopefully it doesn’t )
  22. If the R5 disappoints with dynamic range, low light performance, or record limits then the Panasonic S1 could still come out ahead in many ways.
  23. I think it was largely due to how inexpensive it was. Even though the Pocket 4k doesn't check a lot of boxes for me I almost bought it just because its so cheap.
  24. It’s already taken into effect at the big retailers in the US B&H and Adorama. Can’t wait till the used market drops to $1700
  25. If your EOS R works for you now it'll still work for you when the R6 comes out tho
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