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  1. Get a full frame Nikon DSLR for low light action. I guess that really only covers photo tho
  2. You are saying Premiere causing banding in slog2? That probably makes up for like half the people who own an A73.
  3. Yeah the US price is staying at a steady $2500. I think the Pocket 4k is just such a good deal to begin while the Pocket 6k is a little less so.
  4. HLG seems to have less banding issues and artifacts, not sure why you'd use Log over it if you want the best in camera quality. Unless you are delivering to someone who expects Slog2.
  5. If his macbook worked fine for him he doesn't nessesarily need a big update. A used one that was a gen or two after his would work fine and probably save him a lot of cash.
  6. Great looking footage. The GH4 has a 2.3x crop in 4k
  7. According to reviews on B&H it works at 150mbps on the GH5. If shooting at 400mbps it'll record for about 20 seconds than shut off.
  8. Black and white is a big leap as it was a limitation of the time not a creative choice. Not that it can't be used creatively. I definitely usually prefer color. I love old music though ?
  9. https://www.eoshd.com/2018/10/dynamic-range-test-eos-r-x-t3-z7-a7-iii-gh5s-who-has-the-best-log/ Seems pretty decent in Andrews test. I forgot though that you can't use continuous auto focus with Nlog. 10 bit in the flat profile is probably really nice though. There is an S1 on ebay right now for under $1600 from the UK. A guy on the DVXuser forum was going to sell me one for $1600, but I ended up staying with my fuji.
  10. The Nikon Z6 seems to be the best option right now for 10 bit and auto focus, of course you need an atomos which is a pain in the ass. Until the new Canon DX comes out, though it'll be a lot of money I am sure. Of course there is Fuji if you aren't set on full frame.
  11. The F3 is definitely shining here. Though the difference in lenses is probably playing a big role.
  12. The last firmware I believe. I recall watching videos on it. For whatever reason they didn't do the S1H fix at the same time.
  13. Yeah that's usually the case, though I am very happy with my minolta 35mm 1.8 as well as the Nikon 50mm 1.8 wide open. I may try to acquire another copy or maybe try the Minolta 50mm 1.8.
  14. Decided to do a quick test with my newly acquired GH5. I am pretty happy with how its doing in these difficult lighting situations. I am also really happy with the GH5 up to 3200 iso, which I was often hitting. I am not a big fan of the Minolta 50mm 1.4. It may just be my copy but the sharpness isn't great until 2.8. I guess thats ok but I've heard people say it is one of the sharpest lens in its class even wide open. Must be a bad/old copy. I really like Paul Leeming's creative luts as well. The East German LUT and faded film are really nice I think.
  15. Figured it out, the project was set to 60p as the first clip I entered into the project was 60p. So even if you only have 24fps clips in the timeline and render in 24, the project itself has to be set to the correct framerate apparently.
  16. I have been having this render issue for a while now. Video's rendered out of premiere look like they were rendered at a lower FPS. Yet I am selecting the same FPS they were shot in, in this case 24. I've tried adjusting the bitrate, the codec, but nothing works.
  17. At this point in time Vlog on the S1 is superior as they got rid of the ghosting issue at higher ISO's as well as the color clipping issue with blue lights.
  18. True although that dynamic range is kind of useless if you get banding. The Sony's have impressive dynamic range but in 8 bit, I wouldn't use it. HLG seems to do better on the Sony's. I wonder how it would compare to Panasonics Vlog. From what I read 8 bit cineD vs 10 bit there is no difference at least on the GH5. 10 bit really makes the difference when it comes to log though, as it eliminates banding. Cinema 5D got better Dynamic range from the S1 than the XT3 or Sony A73(I would imagine the shadows are cleaner). That said it would be nice to see real world tests. Less color shift in the shadows is definitely a good thing and a +1 for Sony. But again I just wouldn't shoot 8 bit in LOG.
  19. S1H and S1 Vlog are the same thing, other than the higher bitrate options on the S1H. Skip to about 3:20 and he does a comparison of the S1 and the A73 150mbps seems to be plenty for H264. I am not sure how Panasonic does it but it works.
  20. I think the Mavic 2 pro is fine for professional work. Probably depends on the shot of course but I think you get away with a lot with drones as you don't have to worry about skintones or anything like that. I've seen stuff shot on the Mavic Pro 1 that look good.
  21. I just got this set https://www.bhphotovideo.com/c/product/1110971-REG/savage_led2000k_2000w_location_light_kit.html so it'll be interesting to see how bright they are. Seems overpriced new but they had them used on Adorama for $300.
  22. Really nice footage, makes me glad I got one.
  23. Maybe at the same time people these days are so used to run and gun stuff that its a big leap. I am so spoiled with DSLR's that the Sony F3 was a big leap for me?(sold it)
  24. This is what DJI should be offering IMHO, why not with the smaller sensor sizes.
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