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  1. Yeah I was talking about shooting at an Opera house, pretty high end venue. So no room for error. I'd imagine ideally someone who films bands has a good sense of music. I don't really haha but I can follow along pretty well. Like you said film whoever seems to be going at it. I filmed for a musician a few months.. We did one wide shot unmanned and then two cameras for close ups that me and my friend were on. It was like music plus poetry. It wasn't perfect but the artist was really happy with the footage. Shooting live stuff can definitely be a bit tricky if you are a one man operation, you definitely have to know your gear. Overheating is a bitch with live events, had to learn the hard way with a Fuji and Sony slr. I've realized camcorders were made for a reason haha.
  2. I am a fan of a camera that needs no additional stuff to use. It just doesn't really exist yet. The Pocket could actually be really really good if it had a much stronger internal battery 2.5x power at least, plus a 1000nit screen. But having to rig up DSLR's is the worst IMHO
  3. Very nice, how much did it run you? I have a PL modded Zeiss 25mm F4 coming in the mail but I am selling it straight away as I am getting rid of my PL mount camera.
  4. Those types of videos are fairly easy but even then you may have to deal with audio (maybe) which makes it more involved. It gets worse when you need a multi cam setup and say you are filming an orchestra. Then you need someone directing you through a head set on when to switch to what instrument. Still a lot easier than filmmaking but its way more involved than photography.
  5. Completely agree. I think it just comes down to people don't want to talk about the difficult things. Gear is fun and stress free(mostly lol). I also agree on weddings. They can be a lot of fun (depending on the couple). The best wedding I did was where the family was just super comfortable with each other. They interacted so genuinely all the time, I was just capturing who they are. But like you said a lot of people freeze up in front of a camera. It is an odd thing though. A big thing now is filming couple's reading the letters they wrote to each other prior to the wedding. Its such a private moment to film, kind of odd. If I get married I'll want the ceremony filmed but that is it. And I want the videographers to be all the way in the back and stay there haha. The whole flashy wedding video montages are bizarre to me. This is my life we are talking about not some social media event.
  6. Yeah if there was a clearer path to education I'd definitely take it. From what I have seen film schools are often kind of a joke. At least that is my opinion after having worked with multiple students from these schools. I will also say everyone of these students have been very talented people. I just don't think the schools have taught them much. I learned more on my own from simply making my own films, working with other people, reading books, and articles/youtube. I did take the time to actually buy books on lighting, cinematography, and sound early on though. I feel like reading is unheard of these days unless its an online article haha. Interestingly I've found that a lot of online information especially mainstream stuff is really poor. It seems to often be written or produced by people who know very little about the actual subject but rather are just good at marketing themselves. Most filmmaking stuff on youtube is so basic and generic. Most experienced people are busy actually working and have no time for YouTube. So rather we get these wannabe filmmakers who are really just youtubers and there experience doesn't really go beyond that. There are exceptions to this of course. As to the "just do it" attitude I think its complicated. A lot of it comes from YouTube guru's, motivators and entrepreneurs. The big thing with YouTube is you just need to convince people you are an expert so they will buy your classes. I just saw a youtube ad the other day and it was a 15 year old kid talking about marketing! The kid was wearing braces haha. He was saying how he learned from the best and wants to tell you what to do with your money. It was completely ridiculous. At least someone like Tai Lopez took the time to get a lambo and huge Cali house to convince people he was a finance genius. Its the idea that to achieve something you just need to jump into it and fail until you succeed. There is of course truth to that but people take it to the extreme. Claiming to be something you are not professionally is fraudulent. I have worked wedding jobs being the sole videographer with very little experience. I feel bad as I often did a not so great job(at least in my opinion). That said my employers never told me I did anything wrong and continued to hire me. They also hired me in the first place despite my inexperience so I blame it on them and actually have since quit working with them. They did give me the opportunity to learn by failing and I think I am decent at doing weddings now. That said I'd much rather have learned under someone's wing rather than the way I went through it. A big thing now is these wedding companies that contract videographers to shoot their weddings. They claim to have award winning weddings(whatever that means?), yet they don't actually have a specific group of videographers. They contract random people from all over the place so the product they deliver has no consistency. Maybe some of their weddings are shot by an industry professional but others are shot by someone who's doing it for the first time. Their means of vetting who they hire is also a joke.
  7. Interesting perspective. The unreasonable client has always existed of course. I believe the "video is easy" mindset comes from the easy and cheap access to fairly high end looking equipment that was never an option before. The entry into the industry is just so easy and cheap. People just don't know any better. Coupled with the new age mindset of "just do it" rather than maybe a traditional work your way up slowly from the bottom approach. I reluctantly call myself a DP or Gaffer, but it depends who I am talking to lol. Its hard to gauge my own experience as I work in the really low end indie level where I am often the most experienced person on set. That said I've seen far less experienced people than me calling themselves a DP. But I am always honest about my experience level. Its a lot easier to buy your way into the industry than it was before as equipment is way easier to use. Before digital being able to get decent wedding photos was so much more difficult. Not because of the price but you actually had to be pretty dang good at getting nice compositions and exposing properly. Now you can take 40 photos every minute and as long as you get 100 decent ones out of 5000 you are not doing so bad. I do sometimes worry about the future of my job security. At the same time I've realized, like this thread points out, even with all the technology we have now, its still very very hard to make something that is watchable.
  8. Shouldn't be too bad with H265 though. I am very hopeful Sony is going to drop something soon.
  9. I love that top shot of the bed!! Most cameras these days are very capable. I don't love Pana colors but there are a lot of people doing amazing luts out there now that really negates the problem. I've been thinking about purchasing the buttery LUT for my Fuji and BM Ursa Mini, maybe so I can get them to match easier. Unfortunately their LUT for Fuji is only for flog not HLG. Fuji Flog gives some nasty artifacts sometimes. I wish fuji would sort it out, almost considering selling off all my fuji gear because of it.
  10. The Fuji 18-55 ois is an amazing lens to have. The OIS really works well.
  11. That may be true though there are definitely many DP's who like RED, probably less though for camera OP's lol. RED's are definitely known to be quirky. If we want to hate on companies though Blackmagic has been plagued with issues. Especially the older cameras though even with the 6k. Almost like they put their cameras out without any real testing. Uneven magenta tints that ruin your image, that were put in tons of cameras. I've never heard anything like that from RED. I guess it doesn't really matter with Blackmagic though as their cameras are so cheap. But in terms of data loss I've never heard any complaints particular to RED. I've recently heard a ton of data loss stories about the S1H. I mean any production where a lot of money is on the line there are going to be a many cameras on set. One camera going down isn't going to hinder a production. Arri is the standard for reliability which is definitely why its still the industry standard on high end productions. But not many have the cash to rent one and even less buy one.
  12. Yeah I am considering a RED simply for name brand recognition. Though I'd prefer Arri, though the mini is just stupid expensive. The C300 MK3 is very attractive for me though a RED Dragon Epic is still less expensive and the image is superb. I haven't heard anything about big productions being fucked up by RED's so I doubt that is really a real issue.
  13. If you want to kit something out cheap you can. There are monitors for $150 out there, you could also throw on a cheap grip(though you'd not have a record button). I know a guy who got an inexpensive Alexa and went cheap on all the accessories. 16 bit RAW, with a legit 13 stops of dynamic range would be very compelling, especially if it can maintain that in Global shutter.
  14. If RED can deliver a good product with the Komodo, I don’t think they’ll have a problem. RED got a bad rep, although they still have no lack of fanboys, from putting out proprietary products with no actual advantage. This could change it.
  15. Yeah but that doesn’t have anything to do with IQ
  16. Ah shit I thought the 6k used the same dual gain feature as the Ursa mini, my bad. I guess it just comes down to full frame vs S35. Roger Deakins has commented how he thinks the larger format Alexa 65 is richer than Arris S35 cameras.
  17. The S1H in 6k H265 200mbps was measured at 12.7 stops. A measurement should be taken using prores RAW. I am sure highlights clip at the same point as indicated in that article. However Prores RAW is going to have nosier shadows then H265 internal. That is going to mean a drop in the dynamic range measurement. Highlight roll off isn't really an issue with RAW as you can make the highlights roll off anyway you want. I'd think you'll see a much thicker image coming out of the Pocket 6k as its using 12 bit log which is closer to 16 bit unlike Panasonic's linear 12 bit prores RAW.
  18. Helium isn't far off from the Alexa probably a stop difference. I imagine the Komodo will be around 12.5-13 The S1H only does 12.7 stops in 6k, and 6k has been shown to have some really heavy NR going on, so once that is cleaned up I am guessing it'll drop back down to 12.3 stops which is what the 4k mode has. Just my guess though. The C300 MK3 was rated at 12.9 stops and the C500 MK2 was rated at 13.1 The S1H has amazing dynamic range either way though. The Pocket 6k even though its rated as less seems to have amazing dynamic range as well, maybe its just the flexibility of RAW that makes it seem higher?
  19. I don’t see why H265 would make a difference over h264. You can use h264 8 bit on the Fuji which looks identical.
  20. This guy finds the 33mm 1.4 optically superior to the classic Fuji 35mm 1.4, which is impressive.
  21. What about the 33mm 1.4 by viltrox? From reviews its actually sharper and has less vignetting at 1.4 than then Fuji's very own 35mm 1.4, plus the bokeh is actually nicer(no onion rings)
  22. Cinema 5d measured the S1H having more dynamic range in 6k. Overall they seem to be the same sensor and same performance. The S1 is limited to 150mbps Long gop while the S1H can do 400mbps all-i. I personally never noticed a difference between 150 and 400 on the GH5 but can’t comment on the S1 vs S1H. If you want to get the S1H for the 6k keep in mind you can’t monitor externally when shooting 6k.
  23. Gerald Undone did some good tests against the A73. Though I think the A7 is a fine camera though plagued by really heavy noise reduction. The z6, s1, and a73 do share the same sensor or a variant. There is quite a bit of S1H footage online, same image. Not so much the S1 but the image is the same mostly other then the higher bitrate option on the S1H and anti aliasing filter.
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