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  1. I forgot about that. Fuck Canon for that one. Micro HDMI is unacceptable.
  2. I feel its not that uncommon for a Hybrid to be used as a gimbal camera. Just was on a show with a FX9 as A cam and A73 as B camera and Gimbal camera. Depends on how high end the show is I guess. Probably not really a thing in most narrative stuff(the pro stuff at least). All this stuff is mostly catering to the lower end of things I feel like.
  3. Record limits suck, but its not the end of the world to just press record again. We've all been dealing with 15-20 minute record limits on many cameras. Overheating though is an issue because you can't just press record again if the camera is powered off from overheating and needs 15 minutes to cool down. Sounds like their are resolution options that don't overheat so its really not bad. Who shoots at over 4k 30p for most stuff anyways? Lots of people do so they'll just have to get something else. I am really thinking about getting an R6 plus Ninja V. Having something with reliable
  4. Canon really should have went S1H route for the body, at least on one of these cameras. I guess serious shooters just need to pony up and get a C300 MK3 or C500 MK2. Or buy another brand .............
  5. The people who modded the A6300 to work with a fan had to actually open up the camera for the fan to be effective. I'd imagine it would be the same with this. I guess its doable under decent conditions (dust or rain would kill it). External recorders work to bypass overheating on Sony cameras though so I am sure its the same with this. The Ninja V is only $500, not too bad. Then you get Prores which is superior for editing anyways. Its just unfortunate the R6 can't handle the same as its quite a bit cheaper and makes more sense for most people's needs.
  6. Couldn't an external recorder solve all that? Its just $500. More bulky for sure but definitely doable. I agree Canon should have figured out the overheating and had no time limits but it is what it is. The other option is a C300 MK3, but its quite a bit of dough or a 1DX MK3 I think an R6 plus Atomos Ninja 5 is worth it. Canon full frame 10 bit 4k 60 and Canon legendary PDAF for $3000
  7. Let’s go Sony! 4k 120p without overheating will be a huge winner.
  8. I think we can all be grateful for the large amount of tech and options we have now. This is certainly an impressive release from Canon. However it is odd to put out a product that overheats. If it's a professional tool why can't it perform in professional settings. Is it meant to be a camera for hobbyists and niche users? On the other hand small cameras like these are unprecedented with such high resolutions. But I think its a legitimate thing to ask, "are these limitations due to technology limitations or because Canon doesn't want to put out the best product they can"? I'll
  9. Its unfortunate but not surprising. The S1H and S1 has no heat issues but they are much larger cameras, S1H having internal fans. The XT3, A6300, and A73 all have overheating issues. Not sure about the Nikon Z6. I understand the overheating more with the R5 but its more of a bummer with the R6. Its one of the reasons I love Panasonic and wish they'd get their AF together. I think the S1H and S1 will remain really solid choices unless Sony really pulls something out of their hat. Record limits under 20 minutes definitely make things less desirable for weddings or any liv
  10. Canon users will finally have a good video option for an affordable price. Full frame 4k 60p at 10 bit with Clog for $2500. That has been long awaited. If it has PDAF at 4k 60p I think it will be a really compelling option for anyone. External RAW would be nice though......
  11. Why not get the R5, thats what it's for. I am hoping the low MP on the R6 is for better low light performance.
  12. Yeah same, this is probably the most hype I've had for a camera release.
  13. Nikon is way better than the recent Sony offerings. However the Z6 was also introducing a new mount. I feel like most Nikon shooters are just sticking with the old DSLRs which have superior IQ and AF for stills. It wasn’t compelling enough for a new shooters to pick them over Sony or Canon Panasonic.
  14. Yeah that’s the issue with the ursa underexposed The ursa had a sigma lens vs a rokinon but it’s hard to say. I want to do more exact testing with my Xt3 as well, before I sell the ursa.
  15. I don’t think the noise pattern is subjective in this case. It’s unusable on the URSA. Do you not think the pocket is keeping the highlights better tho ? My face can pretty much be recovered with the P6k where it’s clipped to white on some parts with the URSA. I want to do another test on the URSA to see where the weird vertical lines start happening. I would agree the overall noise is slightly less. But those vertical lines just aren’t removable with NR. The pocket and ursa do better in shadows at 400 iso but I prefer highlight to shadow info usually.
  16. So like with the Pocket 6k it appears to be clipped but change the gamma and colorspace to rec2020 and all that information is there. Where as with the Ursa its still clipped white.
  17. I am slightly confused by latitude vs dynamic range. I'll get it eventually.
  18. https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/1PxAM3CzdQrwPsCqm2DWTIZiKxoC2Cy5J?usp=sharing Here are the RAW files.
  19. A Fuji XT30 or XT3 would be a good option, quite a bit cheaper than the A73. An A6300 might be a better match color wise though.
  20. We turned the light off and closed down the aperture to 5.6. The one lens was a sigma and the other a Rokinon so there could be a slight difference there but it would be super minimal. Got about 2 hours left on the upload to google drive. I was going to do a more structured test but I forgot to bring my light meter. The one issue is the underexposed images are probably too far gone. The Pocket 6k looks better still but its not really very usable haha.
  21. The info outside the window was because I pulled down the highlights on the Ursa CDNG footage. With the Pocket 6k BRAW there is no option for highlights so I left it alone. Its a very unscientific test. Both cameras were set at 800 iso, 180 degree, F2.8. Then I blasted a 300w LED directly at my face 7 feet away. The idea was just to dramatically over expose and see which could bring back more detail. Same deal with the under exposed image. Post adjustments were just using the exposure slider. I believe I brought down the over exposed image 5 stops and brought the under exposed imag
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