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  1. Gah social media is messy. I have a strong dislike for RED's business practices. That said Emanuel is probably one of the least aggressive people on here.
  2. Easier to edit 1080p and I really dislike having to downscale stuff simply for the sake of editing as its just another step. I never really rescale stuff and output in 1080p regardless. Color is more my concern than resolution.
  3. Its too bad you can't do BRAW 1080 without cropping
  4. Yeah it seems iPhones are the go to for Drone's. I got a Parrot Anafi for cheap as the owner said it wouldn't connect to his phone. I immediately assumed he probably had an android and I was right, my iphone worked perfect. I agree this drone is definitely crippled but its also only $399. I don't need 4k but 4k tends to have less moire and such on these type of cameras for whatever reason and that counts big time.
  5. There is definitely a very practical side to RAW.
  6. Its due to the difficulty he's having with the aces workflow for the Pocket as well as the brown cast.
  7. I think by organic he just means natural colors and no in camera processing (noise reduction).
  8. Does it have cinelike? Log seems a bit useless on a tiny sensor like that. No manual controls is stupid though. Kind of a killer. I just got the Mavic Air and I think I'll be happy with it for now. Tech is not a limitation with drones, its just market segmentation. All DJI's drones should have 200mbps 10 bit imho. That said I am not as worried about color with drones, usually not dealing with skintones so you can get away with a lot more.
  9. Yeah the GH5 can be had for dang cheap used. If you don't need the bump in high ISO performance it might be the way to go. IBIS is incredible for family stuff imho
  10. If you have a lens with a smooth aperture ring or a variable ND filter you can get a smooth exposure change. But yeah I agree auto exposure is ideal for the type of stuff you do. I hate to say but an EOS R or A73 might be your best bet. Good AF and auto exposure, decent image quality(more so A73).
  11. Is anyone else very disappointed by the micro HDMI port. Especially since it doesn't seem to have a tilting screen, making a monitor kind of necessary.
  12. I've always manually exposed so the XT3 is easy for me, even for run and gun. The XT3 auto focus is also pretty darn good for my uses. Not on par with Sony yet unfortunately.
  13. I'd like to see it against the Sigma FP and Nikon with 12 bit RAW.
  14. True, the only issue I have with monitors is they are bigger than the camera itself, which makes for an awkward setup. Honestly I'd prefer something like a BM Pocket 4k, with the 5 inch screen only a tilting one and brighter. Still the issue of the sucky battery life.
  15. Thats crazy, they should just call it internal recording at that point. This makes this camera much more attractive. Really no excuse for the S1H not to have this.
  16. Yeah I also am interested in the Pocket 6k, but I don't love the idea of 6k RAW, much rather deal with 1080p or 4k. Blackmagic only offers full sensor 6k though. Also the EF mount sucks. So you need an atomos inferno to record 12 bit DNG?
  17. This might be my next camera. Would of course be amazing if they can get a compressed RAW in there to save on file sizes. 4:1 would be awesome and 8:1 even better.
  18. Yeah auto exposure doesn't look pretty. I've never used auto exposure in my life though. I can see it being useful for a indoor to outdoor shot or something. I suppose it could be useful for event work. The S1H tops the XT3 but its way more expensive. The S1 is nice too but its 8 bit 4k 60p and not even full frame.
  19. Is an external recorder needed for 12bit RAW? Or you just plug an SSD directly into the camera via USB-C?
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