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  1. Yeah really needs to be Electronic ND so you can turn if off.
  2. ebay Also you can get a couple NPF batteries for like $20 and a SSD reader for under $10 and you can pretty much assign anything to buttons on the Fuji, without using dials. If you are used to using a Nikon that is one thing but that is beside the point. There is really no downside to a smaller body as you can buy grips and such to make them bigger while a bigger body you cannot make smaller. Regardless of the cost of the recorder it gives you an upgrade path. Only reason I'd consider getting a Z6 as it can do 10 bit 4k even though I wouldn't go out and buy a Ninja V right away. The A73 will never be able to do that.
  3. The companies don't seem to see much value in it besides Fuji. I guess Sony just put out 3-4 APSC cameras though and the new 2.8 zoom lens. That zoom combined with a better camera would have been nice. Fuji doesn't check all my boxes but it comes close. A little better AF and IBIS and it is there however. I am getting an S1 to compliment my two fuji cameras, but if I had to choose between the two it would be Fuji.
  4. Something truly affordable would be amazing. I'd love to see an external recording device that was pretty tiny with no monitor, just like a box with a light.
  5. The Fringer is much better overall, but you don't get the speedbooster aspect of course. Can't comment on if there is a fix for the issue you are having though.
  6. $600 for the Ninja V. You can pretty easily find an Assassin for $500 and a Flame for under $600 used as well. Or a Ninja 2 for about $200 if you only need 1080, which is what I have. With the price cuts and used market the Nikon Z6 is a great option imho. Has better 1080p than the S1 and the lens selection is a lot better. 12 bit prores RAW, which the S1 can't do only the S1H for $4000. That said it really should have had 10 bit internal.
  7. XT30 is the same price with 10 bit output.
  8. Pretty boring. Why doesn't it have 10 bit out at least, and what about 4k 60p. Why is Fuji the only one that is willing to do an interesting APSC camera
  9. Looks good, if it has log it could be great. Pretty high data rate. Really should have 10 bit and 4k 60p though. I am about to get an S1. The GH5 is still tempting but its low light abilities aren't as good. The GH5S is nice but too pricey and no IBIS. Olympus would definitely be on my radar with 10 bit. But low light abilities are lacking as well
  10. I like the idea. I'd like to see an external recorder that was more boxy and less flat. You could have this thing just sit on top of it. Imagine attaching a ninja V to this, would be really odd lol
  11. Haven't had any issues on my Ninja 2, the thing I am more worried about is the micro HDMI connection on my fuji. But yeah its pretty solid.
  12. What does that mean? An image is all looks, so if you say it looks good, has good color and dynamic range, what is left?
  13. How innovative of Canon to include 24p in a firmware update!
  14. Both are reliable systems. The Blackmagic's are brighter, Ninja V is more affordable though and seems plenty bright.
  15. If the look/color/ and dynamic range are good, what part of it makes it brittle?
  16. From everything I heard connections are the real benefit of going to school, of course the better the school the more useful the connections. If you are a socialite you can make connections without school though. It can definitely help motivate one to actually do work and learn, but if you can get a production job that accomplishes the same thing. For corporate type 9-5ish jobs having a masters on your application can definitely help, though in this visual land your work can also speak for itself.
  17. All the rumors about the A7S3 seem to actually have been for the FX9. There was also rumors about an A6700 that would be similar to the Fuji XT3, but of course we have just seen a whole slew of Sony APSC cameras being released with no A6700. I'd still rather get an A73 than any Canon camera but every new release since the A73 seems like a waste of time besides maybe the A6400.
  18. Really good fight, maybe the best indie fight scene I've seen. I think those shakes may have been intentional.
  19. Looks very nice! Hows the auto focus for you, if you've used it?
  20. Yeah you don't need to check your account every two minutes to be active on instagram. I really try not to check my social media much while on the job or even out with friends.
  21. I had the GH5 after the firmware update and it wasn't doing it for me. Definitely not bad but the XT3 is definitely superior, though even that isn't where I'd like it to be.
  22. Yeah the part where it fails is usually longer lens shots where you have a shallow DOF or backlit low lit situations.
  23. Unfortunately none yet, thinking of buying one though. I have heard great things about the adapter with older lenses though.
  24. I thought Punisher and Jessica Jones S1 were amazing too. I am not a huge Marvel fan but Guardians of the Galaxy 2 always hits home for me. Great movie imo
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