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  1. Better highlight retention or low light?
  2. Both internal and external on the A7s2 are better than the A73. NR is just way heavier.
  3. Good point. I am guessing the A7S2 with an external recorder would probably win though.
  4. Interesting, I had seen some people saying they believing the S1 had a dual ISO sensor as it seems to get cleaner when you bump from a lower ISO to a higher one (like 3200 cleaner than 1600 or something like that).
  5. Did the A6500 improve over the A6300? The A6300 was unbearably bad in 4k.
  6. I'd go with a Z6 or S1 for low light performance if you want a more modern camera. The A7S2 is the best performing camera at high ISO's though. Probably 1-2 stops better than the Z6 or S1.
  7. Yes EF!!! I’d prefer EF usually or something like it as it can be speedboosted or used with EF only cameras.
  8. The nice thing about redcode is all the different compression rates you can choose. That said I am sure Prores is easier on most CPUs. Plus shooting in HD or anything other than full res crops the sensor.
  9. The RED helium does seem to be on par with the Alexa from tests I've seen. Like it has been said more in the shadows less in the highlights. I've been unclear on this. The RED raw is 16 bit linear. While the Alexa is taking the 16 bit color information and mapping it into 12 bit 444 log or Arri Raw Log. When you open it up in resolve it maps it as 16 bit linear. From what I understand 12 bit log is equal to 16 bit linear. The Blackmagic URSA or actually all of the BM cameras with a Fairchild sensor do the same thing(other than the Pocket 4k/6k which have a sony sensor).
  10. I’d rather have the Komodo, but I’d the dragon is cheaper I’d get that
  11. That's true I was talking more photography than video in terms of being able to buy yourself in(shooting without a lot of talent). You are right expectations may be higher today than 10 or 20 years ago, due to how many people have access to pretty damn good gear, if used semi properly.
  12. Definitely if that is available. I tend to work low end stuff where a ton of effort isn't just expected. But if you can show value above your paygrade hopefully one can transition to higher end work. I honestly love preproduction. Having to completely improvise everything the day of sucks, but that is a skill unto itself I suppose. I don't have the equipment or resources to shoot something at the Detroit Opera House like the video production company I work for does though I suppose you can always rent out equipment.
  13. Some footage I took tonight with the Ursa in 2k 444. Really doesn't perform bad in low light. 1600 iso would actually be nice if it didn't have that damn fixed noise pattern. Switched to Arri color space, threw on the Log C REC709 lut in Resolve, and tweaked skintones slightly.
  14. That's true, my only other though that maybe its a heating issue on the smaller cameras? The Pocket 4k and 6k don't have dual gain readout like the older cameras and the Ursa's either. You may be right though, could be just the cripple hammer.
  15. Let us know how 6k is working, big reason to buy the camera IMHO especially if it gets a legit 12.8 stops in 6k.
  16. probably but seems unlike BM. Yeah I am just realizing it. Probably gonna shoot most stuff on 1080 or 2k 444 tbh
  17. Lord I hate RED, so gimmicky. That said there is nothing gimmicky about 16 stops(actually like 13.5/14) and a global shutter. Will it have usable 1600/3200 iso too? The great thing about this is it will drive the price of the EPIC dragon and all RED models down.
  18. Not really, camera manufactures like Blackmagic are very close to making something that really doesn't need anything additional besides like you said maybe a mic. One of Fuji's lower end cameras had a 1000 nit LCD, hopefully we'll see it in the XH2. The GH5 is nice of course, I've owned one twice before. No dual ISO though. The S1H is really close to being pretty much perfect. Once Panasonic gets internal RAW they will be on top in terms of usability, other than AF. But yeah I get it, no excuses, every option is pretty great nowadays.
  19. Curious does anyone know why none of Blackmagic's cameras besides the URSA can do Prores 444 Would be nice to have on the P6K to shoot in HD 444 and get an image that is similar to RAW without shooting cropped HD RAW. I am also aware how counterproductive it sounds to get a 6k camera and shoot in HD but what can I say 6k and even 4k is overkill for most of the stuff I do.
  20. David Sandberg is awesome, a huge inspiration for me. I also agree its better to stick to gear you know, or at least do a ton of testing on new gear prior to using on paid gigs. I've found out the hard way. Funny enough I just got the URSA he mentioned in the vid. No more updates suck but its a great camera. CDNG is better than BRAW in many ways (imho) and if I need something a bit less data heavy I can shoot HD 444.
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