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  1. shot on S1H, not really impressed but I guess its youtube compression partly
  2. I would say you can easily rig a Pocket 4k/6k up for under $400 But yeah you can't rig up IBIS or auto focus or a small form factor.
  3. I've been shooting a feature using mostly just the internal batteries. We've used plug in power a few times when shooting inside. But overall it wasn't bad at all. For narrative I really wouldn't mind just going with internal batteries. That said we used a smallHD monitor the entire time and that was really helpful for shooting at different angles. In fact a small HD monitor (or andycine) can power the camera and monitor at the same time with Sony NPF batteries. Probably the best solution for quick shooting.
  4. The Pocket 4k is a huge jump from the Pocket OG. The body on the OG pocket just feels like a POS, the buttons and everything were crappy and the screen was terrible. The 5inch screen on the Pocket 4k is great, it just doesn't tilt. You can also punch in to focus with a tap of a button.
  5. Making a feature is easier than you might think these days. Wrapping one next Saturday at 11 days of shooting with a 5 man crew. I would probably give the Pocket 4k camera of the year, as it really gives a cinema quality image at a next to nothing price point and really all you need is a cheap monitor to get you a really usable relatively small camera. The 5D MK3 still gives a very unique image at a really love cost and of course 12 bit RAW. You'd probably like the Pocket 4k/6k mercer, though it would force you into a 4k/6k workflow if you want RAW without cropping. I think you'd prefer the Canon look though, at least over the Pocket 4k.
  6. Not saying the Pocket can't be used for run and gun. People have been running around with much heavier cameras and rigs. That said there is no question that the S1H is superior for run and gun IMHO. IBIS, plus longer battery life, plus tilt screen and evf. Of course its more expensive but if its your job its just another drop in the bucket, especially if it makes your job easier. I like to do more slow narrative work so I'd probably get a pocket. For something like a wedding it would be the S1H all day long, especially if i was a single shooter.
  7. RED is changing with the This is true and I'd love to have the Pocket 6k simply for the image quality. That said where the S1H really wins is usability. Small files sizes, amazing IBIS, good battery life, amazing low light, tons of frame rate and resolution options, versatile mount that you can put anything on. Having been able to use it the other day its just awesome. I've also been using the Pocket 4k for the past month. I love the menus, being able to record to SSD's. But the form factor of the camera is lacking and its definitely not as run and gun friendly. The S1H is really the king of versatility.
  8. The A9 has better auto focus, but no log profiles. Not having log is really not a big deal. However I'd save money and get an A73, maybe even a used one. Put more money towards fast glass.
  9. The XT3 isn't really different than the XT2 in low light overall. There are subtle improvements to it that makes it a big leap for me, someone who is obsessed with image quality. However if you are just looking at what gives you are cleaner noise free image they look the same. It focuses better in low light than the XT2 does though.
  10. Sony A73 although the NR is wonky at high ISO's. Not something most people notice though. A Nikon DSLR would beat out the Sony in photography but doesn't come even close for video. In terms of AF and low light performance nothing beats the Sony for video at this time unless you get a pro camera like the FX9 or C500 MK2
  11. Battery life isn't terrible for narrative stuff. We had like 8 batteries I think and that lasted a full day of shooting. If you are doing long continuous takes its a no go obviously.
  12. Get a full frame Nikon DSLR for low light action. I guess that really only covers photo tho
  13. You are saying Premiere causing banding in slog2? That probably makes up for like half the people who own an A73.
  14. Yeah the US price is staying at a steady $2500. I think the Pocket 4k is just such a good deal to begin while the Pocket 6k is a little less so.
  15. HLG seems to have less banding issues and artifacts, not sure why you'd use Log over it if you want the best in camera quality. Unless you are delivering to someone who expects Slog2.
  16. If his macbook worked fine for him he doesn't nessesarily need a big update. A used one that was a gen or two after his would work fine and probably save him a lot of cash.
  17. Great looking footage. The GH4 has a 2.3x crop in 4k
  18. According to reviews on B&H it works at 150mbps on the GH5. If shooting at 400mbps it'll record for about 20 seconds than shut off.
  19. Black and white is a big leap as it was a limitation of the time not a creative choice. Not that it can't be used creatively. I definitely usually prefer color. I love old music though ?
  20. https://www.eoshd.com/2018/10/dynamic-range-test-eos-r-x-t3-z7-a7-iii-gh5s-who-has-the-best-log/ Seems pretty decent in Andrews test. I forgot though that you can't use continuous auto focus with Nlog. 10 bit in the flat profile is probably really nice though. There is an S1 on ebay right now for under $1600 from the UK. A guy on the DVXuser forum was going to sell me one for $1600, but I ended up staying with my fuji.
  21. The Nikon Z6 seems to be the best option right now for 10 bit and auto focus, of course you need an atomos which is a pain in the ass. Until the new Canon DX comes out, though it'll be a lot of money I am sure. Of course there is Fuji if you aren't set on full frame.
  22. The F3 is definitely shining here. Though the difference in lenses is probably playing a big role.
  23. The last firmware I believe. I recall watching videos on it. For whatever reason they didn't do the S1H fix at the same time.
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