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  1. Dang that sucks. I believe the sandisk card I just bought works fine in my BMPCC
  2. Same dynamic range as Fuji XT3 video? Thats a bit disappointing.
  3. I like it a lot. A lot of people are dismissing it in the comments. I think in terms of glare being able to tilt is valuable. Monitors are cool but for certain applications the less bulk the better.
  4. HLG has smoother tonal transitions. Some claim it has more dynamic range as well. From what I've seen its a bit harder to grade than Vlog. However you can always use a transform LUT like the Leeming Lut One. Its definitely a good option if you'd rather not pay for Vlog.
  5. I don't think you can torrent a subscription based program. They are making money either way.
  6. That is pretty sweet! I wish more cameras had better inputs and outputs like the pocket.
  7. If you know a teacher or college student as well 🤑😲
  8. Unless you use the electronic shutter. Fuji is doing 30fps RAW on the XT30 with very minimal rolling shutter issues. The sensor may be a bit better in low light and dynamic range but not enough for me to prefer it. Not when the Fuji kills it in video. The auto focus is nice tho.
  9. The only benefit of smaller sensors is really size. My XT-30 plus 18-55 is super small and I don't have to worry about over heating either. Of course at the moment full frame sensors, in the SLR world, haven't caught up to M43 or S35 in terms of capabilities. The Pana S1 does 4k 60p but only in 8 bit.
  10. 2k movie screens never looked bad to me 🤣 That's why I think the entire thing is pretty silly.
  11. Yeah you can also shoot in 6k though you are limited to 24p.
  12. Depends on how picky you are. My OG pocket is pretty similar and I got a monitor/external battery solution I am happy with for around $250. Subtract $150 if you don't need a monitor. If you are going the SSD route thats more expenses, but if you have sandisk cards lying around you may as well use them.
  13. If you need the lowlight capabilities definitely. I think the GH5S sensor yields slightly nicer color. That said the GH5 captures more detail with its 6k sensor and of course you get IBIS if they is your thing. I'd choose the Pocket 4k over either. But I am in love with prores and RAW output.
  14. Youtube is not a good way to compare 1080 to 4k.
  15. I got a 4k monitor thinking I'd be amazed, but I truly can't tell a difference between it and my 1080 monitor, its slightly larger than my 1080 monitor though.
  16. Yeah I am hoping with my setup I'll get over 4 hours.
  17. I can't really tell a difference unless cropping in. I never crop in so its pretty useless for me to be honest. Only makes a difference on youtube due to Youtube's weird compression. But you can just upscale your 1080 to 4k and it looks good.
  18. Battery life is always a huge concern for me. I hating changing batteries. My rig has 2 Sony F970 batteries on it. Its heavier but that's usually a good thing, less jittery.
  19. Yeah the OG Pocket has moire which is more apparent in RAW. Probably not as bad as the 5D, but its definitely there. The URSA mini 4.6k has it too.
  20. I think its just a publicity stunt.
  21. Resolve maybe not because they want people to use their own cameras. Would be kind of a bitch move though. Though I'd be cool recording in Prores RAW and transcoding to regular prores in post. It would still be beneficial especially if you transcode to prores 444.
  22. I'd be pretty shocked if Premiere didn't make it usable in their program at some point.
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