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  1. Youtube is not a good way to compare 1080 to 4k.
  2. I got a 4k monitor thinking I'd be amazed, but I truly can't tell a difference between it and my 1080 monitor, its slightly larger than my 1080 monitor though.
  3. Yeah I am hoping with my setup I'll get over 4 hours.
  4. I can't really tell a difference unless cropping in. I never crop in so its pretty useless for me to be honest. Only makes a difference on youtube due to Youtube's weird compression. But you can just upscale your 1080 to 4k and it looks good.
  5. Battery life is always a huge concern for me. I hating changing batteries. My rig has 2 Sony F970 batteries on it. Its heavier but that's usually a good thing, less jittery.
  6. Yeah the OG Pocket has moire which is more apparent in RAW. Probably not as bad as the 5D, but its definitely there. The URSA mini 4.6k has it too.
  7. I think its just a publicity stunt.
  8. Resolve maybe not because they want people to use their own cameras. Would be kind of a bitch move though. Though I'd be cool recording in Prores RAW and transcoding to regular prores in post. It would still be beneficial especially if you transcode to prores 444.
  9. I'd be pretty shocked if Premiere didn't make it usable in their program at some point.
  10. That could work on my Black magic pocket too, may have to try it once I get a few extra bucks.
  11. Looks amazing. They need to create a more inexpensive lightweight lens for vlogging.
  12. I don't know if its going broke or they are just raising prices because they know they are the go to system right now. I wouldn't have it unless I got the teacher discount.
  13. Only thing noticeable to me was the dynamic range difference.
  14. I think it would be selling better if they had included internal 4k 60p or 10 bit internal. At its price point it would really put itself ahead of Canon, Sony, and Panasonic.
  15. The lowlight performance would be vastly better than the pocket, but I get it. Its a lot of money. You could potentially get around the crop with a speedbooster though, which would also bring you into medium format territory when not shooting in cropped mode.
  16. can't complain for $150 bucks with lens tho
  17. Lots of people dislike Sony color, though HLG is kind of a work around you can use. An issue with Sony is it uses heavy noise reduction past 1600 iso that causes ghosting and soft mushy skin tones. Gh5 is very usable up to 3200 iso. However its going to have noise at 1600 iso and up. Its pretty pleasant noise at least up to 3200 iso, but its there. If you are one of those people that obsess over noise I'd definitely recommend the Nikon Z6, A7S2, or Pana S1. Just have to decide what system to invest in. The A73 is also great if you want the latest auto focus, just keep in mind the noise reduction issues it has(may not even be noticeable to you). I find the XT3 is a great inbetween full frame and M43. Its hard to beat its internal 10 bit recording at up to 400mbps as well as 4k 60p.
  18. The Z6 is a great leap forward for sure. People don't appreciate things once they come along there is always something else on the horizon.
  19. Do you notice a difference when not cropped?
  20. The prores does look like mush compared to RAW, though its barely noticeable when not zoomed in 400%, to me at least. That RAW is so sharp lol
  21. I only saw both movies in theaters, but didn't notice anything unusual. I did notice that in Captain Marvel a lot of scenes were really dimly lit to the point where it was annoying. Action scenes mainly.
  22. I've found out outside of theaters its better to have more contrasty shots in the dark. Otherwise compression and bad quality screens kind of ruins it.
  23. My sister complained about it. I don't watch the show so I don't know though. I do hate stuff that is difficult to see. Works for some situations but for action I like to see everything well.
  24. is it much worse than the micro?
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