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  1. From everything I heard connections are the real benefit of going to school, of course the better the school the more useful the connections. If you are a socialite you can make connections without school though. It can definitely help motivate one to actually do work and learn, but if you can get a production job that accomplishes the same thing. For corporate type 9-5ish jobs having a masters on your application can definitely help, though in this visual land your work can also speak for itself.
  2. All the rumors about the A7S3 seem to actually have been for the FX9. There was also rumors about an A6700 that would be similar to the Fuji XT3, but of course we have just seen a whole slew of Sony APSC cameras being released with no A6700. I'd still rather get an A73 than any Canon camera but every new release since the A73 seems like a waste of time besides maybe the A6400.
  3. Really good fight, maybe the best indie fight scene I've seen. I think those shakes may have been intentional.
  4. Looks very nice! Hows the auto focus for you, if you've used it?
  5. Yeah you don't need to check your account every two minutes to be active on instagram. I really try not to check my social media much while on the job or even out with friends.
  6. I had the GH5 after the firmware update and it wasn't doing it for me. Definitely not bad but the XT3 is definitely superior, though even that isn't where I'd like it to be.
  7. Yeah the part where it fails is usually longer lens shots where you have a shallow DOF or backlit low lit situations.
  8. Unfortunately none yet, thinking of buying one though. I have heard great things about the adapter with older lenses though.
  9. If you use older Nikon glass its much less expensive tho
  10. I thought Punisher and Jessica Jones S1 were amazing too. I am not a huge Marvel fan but Guardians of the Galaxy 2 always hits home for me. Great movie imo
  11. Thats the impression I got as well. Although I think the S1H is pretty impressive in its own right. Also the P4K has pretty noticeable rolling shutter in 6K as well. I haven't heard of the S1H being too sharp though just that noise reduction is out of control. Hopefully they'll address the NR issue as they did with the GH5.
  12. If it can do 1080p 60p that is something the S1 doesn't do well. Sure you can shoot in 4k 60p which is arguably better, but its not full frame. And of course the internal 4k 60p is limited to 8 bit. That said even getting a really good deal on an S1 plus a black magic assist HD, still looking at $1800-$2000, which an S1 can be had for.
  13. Looks like you can do Nlog regardless of if using the Ninja V or not. Not confirmed 100% but it seems that way. Considering I can get a Ninja 2 for under $200 that makes a full frame 10 bit camera pretty dang cheap. How is the 1080p 60p coming out of the camera I wonder. I know the S1 HD is pretty sucky.
  14. Tempting camera, I wonder can you record Nlog to an older external recorder like a Ninja 2
  15. Yeah a tilting screen would have really been great.
  16. After having the convenience of SLR viewfinders and LCD's its hard to go to something where you need an external one. The OG pocket screen is just the worst.
  17. Yeah the E2-C sensor seems to be a lot like the GH4, but worse rolling shutter.
  18. Anyone know if the Pocket 4k still has the heavy spatial noise reduction going on that I am hearing about?
  19. Considering Panasonic has internal 10 bit full frame 4k and 4k 60p there is no reason Sony can't as well. That said if they refuse to make the body bigger that could be the limitation. We know they are severely holding back on the A6 line considering what the XT3 can do at the same size.
  20. Auto focus, cost, size, sharpness wide open, speed are all factors. I am waiting for Viltrox to release its Fuji 23mm 1.4, 33mm 1.4, and 56mm 1.4 in December and I'll probably get all three. I'll have the 18-55 2.8 for when I need a wider shots as well as my manual 17mm 3.5(with speedbooster) for something super wide. That should cover all my needs. I was thinking on getting the Sigma 18-35mm 1.8. Its a huge lens though and a bit pricey especially combined with the fringer adapter. I could use it to substitute the 23mm 1.4 as well as the 33mm 1.4, but its not as fast as either of those lenses. I've gotten used to shooting a lot with my 50mm 1.8 plus a speedbooster, which gives me a ton of light. APSC lenses always feel like a compromise. But 1.4 is pretty close in terms of the light gathering that a 50mm 1.8 with speedbooster gives me. Right now I have a Minolta 135mm 2.8, but I need something longer for weddings where the Church is big and they want me further in the back.
  21. If you don't need AF you can adapt almost anything to Fuji as well.
  22. I've found 3200 iso is very usable. I am seeing them easily had now on eBay for $1000
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