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  1. I've seen a clip at 12,800 iso it had bad fixed noise pattern. Kinda like what I see from the URSA 4.6K. Need to see more reasonable tests at 3200 and 6400. But its not a good sign. Will need to see some actual dynamic range tests but at $6000 it better give more than say the Pocket 6k at $2000. That's just me though. I use to obsess over rolling shutter but as long as its reasonable I don't really notice unless for very specific shots. If the AF is really good that will be a big deal.
  2. Global shutter is cool but as long as the RS isn't too bad I'd rather have high ISO performance and dynamic range.
  3. You'll have a tough time finding an S1 for $1500 used. Maybe $1650 at the cheapest. The Pocket 4k is swag, but no IBIS. Might as well get a Fuji at that point and save $400. You can find GH5's cheap if you look around. Good camera but falls apart after 3200 iso. The Nikon Z6 is probably the best camera with IBIS at the $1500 mark.
  4. Looks like an external recorder is a good solution for the NR issue, plus you get 12 bit color etc.. Guessing no 120p 12 bit prores RAW though.
  5. I am not seeing much noise difference in that comparison shot.
  6. Does prores RAW not have noise reduction?
  7. Appeal to vloggers and avoid competing with the FX9. Plus for the people who will use it as a hybrid.
  8. If the S5 is around the $1300 price point and can do internal 10 bit 30p that would be killer.
  9. I've used the Z6 before. Isn't that updated firmware though? My point was upon release not firmware updates. Camera companies release unfinished cameras and then people complain about bad reviews. Nikon is definitely on my radar, just not atm when its lacking internal 10 bit. They did fuck up pretty bad IMO saying the camera would do RAW and then discovering you have to send in the body to them to get it installed.
  10. Kind of Nikon's fault though. It had some AF issues up front which got it a bad rep from the start. I am not sure why companies release stuff that isn't finished yet. If it had Prores RAW from the start that would have been huge.
  11. bruh he literally has "who am I" followed by an IMDB page in his sig
  12. Full sensor 4K shouldn't really lack in detail. Unless you are blowing it up on a big screen maybe or cropping heavily in post, I find it hard to believe you'd see a difference between it and downsampled 6k. I was just talking to a producer on a feature I shot last year, he said they were adding diffusion and blur in post as the image was too detailed for many shots. That was all shot on the Pocket 4k. I feel like soft looking shots are more likely due to very shallow depth of field where almost nothing is in focus or a truly out of focus shot. Youtube compression also ruins everything. I remember watching a comparison to the P4K and P6K and half the shots were out of focus making the comparison useless haha. I guess that is where Sony's auto focus comes in, what good is detail if your shot isn't even in focus. Alas I just bought a Panasonic S1, guess I'll be stopping down more.
  13. Extended ISO on other cameras results in loss of dynamic range, guessing its the same here. I would assume SLOG works the same exposure wise as before. The difference now is you'll get more usable shadows with 10 bit and not have to worry as much about underexposing.
  14. Yeah hopefully Sony puts out something APSC that matches up or surpasses the XT3. I was really puzzled when they put out all those different APSC cameras that were all pretty much the samething with different firmware. Sony autofocus is better that is really the only advantage to sticking with them IMO. But yeah waiting is never a bad idea.
  15. Well there are different codec options, may depend what any given user posting footage recorded in I guess. All-I vs longGop and all that or H265 vs H264 and which datarate as well.
  16. True but I don't think the FX9 is using noise reduction like the A7s3. Also yes I think noise reduction could be it. I guess the other two factors are color and motion cadence. I've never noticed motion cadence myself, though its a thing according to many people. I am also color blind haha.
  17. Interesting. Yeah the higher frame rates were kind of a bummer from the S1H. I just tested my S1 against my URSA 4.6K and the S1 was very very close in the highlights. It also won out in the shadows.
  18. I really want them to find a way to crank more dynamic range out of their sensors. Maybe they just need RAW recording. Although I have to say I think the S1/S1H/Z6 type sensor seems to be the way to go. Just compared my S1 to my URSA 4.6k DNG and their dynamic range is about the same, or very very close. Where the S1 definitely came out ahead was the shadows. The noise on the URSA gets really ugly.
  19. I would say NR would ruin an organic looking image.
  20. Yeah understandable probably just disappointing. A downsampled 120p HD rather than lineskipped would have been cool too.
  21. The 18-105 f4 is a boring lens, kind of cheaply built. But its very versatile. Great all around lens, though obviously not the fastest. Great for running and gunning as its very light. The 18-35 1.8 is the best of all time. But its heavy AF. Super sharp wide open. I honestly think the Fuji XT3 is one of the best options out there right now. The 18-55 2.8-4 is great too. The IS is fantastic and of course the Fuji image is great overall. 4k 60p and HD 120p are fantastic. 10 bit and the RAW stills and Jpegs are really amazing.
  22. I mean it should be one of the best photo cameras with 16 bit color, dynamic range, and noise performance. As long as you don't print large.
  23. I was disappointed when I found my S1 won't go below 0 with sharpening or NR. Panasonic is good with firmware updates though.
  24. 17-55 is more versatile. IS, more focal range, lighter. The sigma is faster, sharper, longer focus throw, honestly its a really high end piece of glass. Kind of a holy grail for APSC. Some don't like that its too perfect to the point of being a bit clinical looking.
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