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  1. $1700 shipped open to offers Looking to sell my GH5(mint condition), with battery grip, along with a metabones speedbooster, and three Minolta lenses. Also comes with 4 batteries. The lenses are 24mm 2.8, 35mm 1.8, and 50mm 1.4 The Battery grip is a great addition, letting you record continuously for at least 3 hours straight. The image coming out of the GH5 is pretty amazing. Incredibly detailed image, free from moire and aliasing. The IBIS is amazing allowing you to shoot handheld without any shake. The speedbooster gives you a S35 field of view and an extra stop of light. Combined with the fast minolta glass you can get some really nice images at 3200 iso in low light. The minolta lenses give the image a cinematic feel. The 35mm 1.8 is especially nice being very sharp wide open. The GH5 allows you to crop in to get more reach out of the lenses too. Selling because I recently purchased an URSA mini and already have two Fuji cameras. This was my second time purchasing a GH5 and I'll probably be back to it at some point, but alas this one has to go for now. The GH5 is like the ultimate run and gun camera, at least for the price.
  2. The A7S has great 1080p. Color science is very meh but if you are good at grading then its not a worry. The A6000 1080p was nice too, low rolling shutter, low moire. Not great past 800 iso though and poor dynamic range due to the lack of log.
  3. The GH5 was the medium shot. Fuji was wide and close up
  4. I've done it on other lights. I plan on doing it on my Godox 200 tho
  5. The Godox SL60 used to have a noisy fan but recent versions do not. Also you can replace the fan, its actually really simple.
  6. Shot and edited this for an IndieGoGo campaign for a short I am the DOP and co producer on. Pretty happy with it. Used the Fuji XT3 with an 18-55 and a GH5 with a minolta 50mm and metabones.
  7. This is one of my dad's favorite films. A bit cheesy but well done. Is somewhat haunting and beautiful.
  8. you'd be looking for a color shift I assume? I could shoot it against a grey card
  9. I could test it for you, what would be the best way to test a quality of the light? I don't own the Godox 60w though. My LED's are all mixed haha, makes for lots of fun in post.
  10. I am hoping they do something about overheating, not sure what? The S1H went the crazy route with the fans but I guess it was what needed to be done. If you can handle the S1 rolling shutter I'd assume you can with the XT4 as it'll likely be the same if not better than the XT3.
  11. I'd love if there was a 10 bit H264 option so I don't have to always transcode files. Anywho though its not the body that matters as much as the lenses too me. Full frame bodies aren't usually a biggie, its those gigantic lenses.
  12. New godox lights are pretty nice. You can also replace the fans pretty easily. I am pretty impressed with the Godox 200w video light.
  13. Yeah its really just a platform to advertise merch. Hearing what those guys used to make I get it though, that wasn't sustainable.
  14. I'd probably go with the XT3 as you don't get the low light and auto focus advantage the A73 or A7R3 give you. Plus the smaller size is really nice. I was using a Nikon Z6 yesterday, which I highly recommend for video and stills, but I was missing my tiny fuji after holding it for a couple minutes lol. The IBIS is amazing on it though. The XH1 is a good option too. IBIS is nice as long as you aren't doing too much movement with it, like walking. Not as good auto focus as the XT3 and of course no 10 bit or 4k 60p, but you probably don't need that as much. You'll definitely save though, they are going for really cheap these days.
  15. You'd get knocked out doing that in some places lol. Sure its legal but yeah its definitely weird, especially his close up style. Of course his odd looks don't help. Do I give a damn, not at all. I do understand why Fuji pulled the ad of course. But anyways good for him
  16. I mean you can get fast lenses for the GH5 without needing a speedbooster. Depends on what you are shooting of course. If you do lowlight stuff having a speedbooster can be nice. Keep in mind 1600 iso is iffy on a GH4 where as with a GH5 3200 iso looks really nice. Starts to take away from M43 though when you throw a speedbooster with heavy glass on. Might as well just have a full frame camera. In terms of color matching HLG on both cameras is probably the closest thing or CineD. It will be different though and at that point it doesn't really matter what camera you get.
  17. You don't need a speedbooster for the GH5. You should be able to find one or a G9 under $1000. But yeah you can match any camera if you use a color checker.
  18. You can get a used GH5 really cheap these days. You could also get a G9 which also has 10 bit vlog.
  19. I hope the battery life is much improved over the XT3. I know its a bigger battery but the brighter screen and IBIS may end up making it the same life.
  20. If Panasonic can ever get their auto focus together 🤔
  21. I'll definitely be paying attention. A canon camera with the features a Panasonic S1 has would be unbeatable.
  22. No need for a mechanical shutter on the S1H IMHO, very few people are getting it who care a lot about photos. Fuji is super photo centered though, I'd image they'd keep it unless they continue with a video centered XH line.
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