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  1. Yes but f4 or 5.6 is far from what we are seeing so often now. I think its a little ridiculous to think the audience is going to be concentrating on a backdrop, if that's the case the storytelling is probably very lacking. Maybe a more creative use of it would be if you want the character to feel boxed in as that is essentially what you are doing to the audience. Anyways that's just my little rant as I really hate the overuse of it in a lot of films I see. Not so much low budget stuff as they are often trying to work around non existent set design, but in hollywood stuff.
  2. That is really awesome dude! What did he think of the netflix adaption of his material. That top frame is btw How do you think it did?
  3. Just got the Godox 200w I used this as a guide to help me decide. Wasn't quite ready to shell out the dough for a nicefoto lamp(though you can get them for $530 if you buy on ebay from China). The Godox seemed to be the brightest of the bunch at $330(used on b&h).
  4. The over done shallow DOF is tedious though.
  5. I don't know, steadicams are still superior to gimbals, let alone IBIS. Dolly's are superior to all of them.
  6. This brand looks very interesting. Though from reviews it seems the 300 light is closer to a aperture 120d rather than the 300
  7. You can just use filters or blur the image so it looks low res.
  8. The S1 gives pretty much the same image if you don't need 4k 60p in 10 bit and gives you $2000 to invest in a lens which you'll need if you want to shoot stills. Here is one for $1699, thats $2300 more for lenses or rent ? https://www.amazon.com/Panasonic-Mirrorless-Resolution-L-Mount-Compatible/dp/B07W1H5DSZ/ref=sr_1_3?keywords=panasonic+s1&qid=1577066155&sr=8-3
  9. You think its the software rather than the image? That would make sense as given the sensor a RAW image should have plenty of information to work with.
  10. Yeah the high end of the low circuit looks terrible.
  11. Different sensors of course so there could be more of a difference with the Z6. That said it won't be over a stop. Again I think its more the higher color depth that is important for some at least.
  12. Yeah I doubt it. It will really be about the extra color information which should yield better skintones etc. I like the form factor of the Pocket cameras more and the 6k image quality is pretty unbeatable. That said you get the better low light performance and auto focus. Though you may not get auto focus with prores raw considering you can't with LOG?
  13. The reason I dislike it is because it doesn't make any sense and people don't do things that make no sense. If he wanted to send someone a lens for free he'd just send it. Why go through Amazon and than refund?
  14. I've seen users on forums for years scam people. But if you trust him why not do it.
  15. Sony doesn't get 15 stops even in 14 bit RAW. Previous Nikon cameras had outstanding dynamic range in RAW 14 bit. The Z6 isn't as good as their DSLR's. Also the RAW output is 12 bit prores RAW, not the same as the RAW you get in stills. The FS5 can do prores RAW but only got like a half stop dynamic range difference compared to 8 bit H264. I'd guess the dynamic range will be similar to the Sigma FP's RAW as the sensors are probably similar.
  16. Considering the price point I am guessing it will be similar to the Pocket 6k, which is rather good. Not on par with RED's more expensive offerings tho
  17. Definitely nice. Full frame 12bit at around 2k is crazy good. I have a feeling black magic is going to put out an affordable full frame camera soon.
  18. I feel like you get a nice image as long as you white balance right. Switching from my GH5 back to Fuji and back to GH5 again the color difference is very noticeable.
  19. With the right vari ND sharpness doesn't really get reduced, not noticeably at least. It can mess with the look of skin though as well as color shifting, but for run and gun its a must, unless you don't care about getting an exact Fstop.
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