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  1. Overheating along with unreliable auto focus, unreliable IBIS, and Log having serious macro blocking issues.
  2. I’ll get the EOS R if this is true, maybe
  3. Alright you win. Pretty standard for Canon. Is the 1.8 cropped 4k on the EOS R better ?
  4. Yeah I am not sure about these specific examples but I've uploaded youtube videos in 4k and lost skin texture. It was present in the original video but YouTube destroyed it. I've seen stuff from Blackmagic that looks terrible on youtube that I am sure looked great prior.
  5. You I don't know if you understand how bad youtube compression kills things, even at 4k.
  6. Sounds like the A7S3 could be outstanding. If it can somehow get around overheating it will be the camera to buy for video. Low light should be incredible. What gimbal/lens were you using?
  7. Dynamic range is a big deal to me. If the R6 has worse dynamic range than an XT3 I would never buy one. I was kind of concerned about Codecs but I've found H265 edits well in HD or 2k, so that is a workaround considering I don't need 4k.
  8. Samyang does make a f2.8 and f2 12mm which are both completely different lenses.
  9. Not sure about the 12mm 2.8 but the 12mm f2 is really really nice.
  10. I love the 18-55 fuji lens for family stuff. AF is just nice sometimes, get those pin sharp eyes without even thinking about it.
  11. of course although people report micro hdmi's breaking even with these precautions. I've heard this type of cable plus the locking pins could be a winner. This takes the stress off of the micro HDMI port even more than just an adapter where the port is still receiver direct stress. Its still worrisome.
  12. The simple answer is to buy a not shitty camera that has SDI or full hdmi's. However there are just so many good cheap options out there with this one downfall, micro HDMI. So my question is would there be a way to take apart a camera say XT3, Sigma FP or whatever camera it is, and reinforce the micro HDMI port so it doesn't break so easily. I have taken apart cameras before but I am not familiar enough with electronics to know if something like this would be possible without destroying the electronic board.
  13. Why Blackmagic didn't do this to begin with or Sigma I'll never know. My bigger gripe on the Sigma is micro HDMI.
  14. I am not a big fan of Cinema 5d's testings The perceived dynamic range is better as there is more NR in prores. You are losing highlight retention with prores. Just add noise reduction in post and you'll get the same thing with better highlights. I meant that lineskipping or pixel binning is fine, I just want the option
  15. Is there still flickering issues or was that just with N-log? The Z6 is still on my radar. Its a unique option at its price point to get Full Frame RAW. The Sigma FP is as well but it has micro HDMI out and the internal RAW is uncompressed, not the most practical storage wise. Right now I'd be tempted to go with an S1 plus external recorder, full frame prores up to 4k 60p or do 4k to 1080p and get beautiful edit ready 1080p prores. For around $2400 thats a great deal. Or a Z6 plus external recorder. 12 bit RAW full frame 4k 24fps or 1080p up to 60p. For around $2000 that is a great deal. With an adapter you get Nikon lenses with decent video auto focus. That is a huge plus. I'd rather get a BM Pocket 6k but I simply don't want 6k. It would upset my PC and I don't want to shoot cropped 2k BRAW as a 1.6 crop is already pushing it. Yes you can shoot prores but than you lose dynamic range and that sucks. Blackmagic needs to let us shoot 2k BRAW with no crop, lineskipping or whatever is fine just make it a damn option.
  16. 4K 120p may have less dynamic range than other profiles.
  17. I think you'll be happy with it as long as you don't rely on AF too much.
  18. Yeah I mean if you are missing the 5D look than getting a Canon seems like the logical choice. EOS RP, M50 with speedbooster, or EOS R.
  19. Wish they'd go all out with video. Prores RAW in the Z6 is compelling but its had so many issues and you have to send it in for an upgrade. Nikon needs to at least match Fuji's internal video specs and they should throw in RAW like in the Sigma FP with a USB-C out. Priced at around $2000 that would be a compelling option for video. They also need to get their AF in order. It's not the greatest on the Z6 and its a mess on the Z50. Autofocus in while shooting in N-LOG is also a must.
  20. I don't agree with his Vegan views but yeah he is a cool guy.
  21. Well to be fair the 12k ursa isn't out. Maybe they don't want to take a bunch of calls for a product that isn't even making them any money yet.
  22. So renting is useless? Camera rental is very common in the industry. Waste of who's time exactly? Its simply camera news and many are interested and excited about the new tech.
  23. and how do you know this??? I'll be using an FX9 on an upcoming production which is a 10k camera. I am sure there are a lot of other people on this forum that do a lot more video work than me. 10k isn't even very expensive for a production camera. Still unsure why you are upset that other people are excited about a camera announcement??
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