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  1. I want to see I definitely see a difference in sharpness at 2.5k compared to 8k and the difference is pretty prominent by the time you get to 1k. Without seeing side by side it would be hard indeed though.
  2. You definitely see the difference.
  3. Looking forward to more from Jonah Hill
  4. The F6 seems hard to beat with that variable ND. The S1H is nice but this has internal RAW(probably prores as well), internal ND's (depending on the mount you use I assume), and 4k 120fps.
  5. I think its just very dependent on the type of stuff you shoot. There is definitely a market for SLR videos, where one handed gimbals and such are a necessity.
  6. You create a reputation by consistently putting out good products tho. Gotta start somewhere. With the FX9 and FX6 it would make perfect sense.
  7. that's bizarre, I'd consider getting a ninja star or ninka 2 at that point
  8. To me you can simply compare it against other camera companies like Blackmagic and you see the difference. No company has an obligation to be open about their technology in a way that say Zcam is, but lying about it is a completely different matter. Of course lying happens all the time in many different businesses. If there is a more honest company I can support I certainly would though.
  9. There's definitely going to be a market for better AF cinema glass. Not sure if this is it but it'll happen sooner or later. Sony and Canon aren't putting auto focus in their higher end cameras for no reason.
  10. On the plus side there would be so many great HD options for her that wouldn't break the bank while also being a huge upgrade.
  11. Its pretty easy to get shallow DOF on close shots like that. The 50mm f2 or 35 f2 should be great. The 35mm 1.4 would be fine too if you are cool with manual focus. You can control focus with the Ronin SC so it shouldn't be too hard.
  12. Does it really mean shit anymore with Sony's latest tech? If Sony releases a half decent A74 or A7S3 I would see no reason to go for Canon. They still have the market when it comes to lenses but still
  13. Yeah the Ronin SC now can do manual focus and stop/start recording for the XT3.
  14. Sometimes the smaller the better if you are a one man band.
  15. Probably a toss between the C500 MK2 and the Sony FX9 But edge goes to Canon with the C300 MK2 as a B cam. with the 24-70 2.8 and 70-200 2.8 Sigma 24, 50, and 85 cine lenses Flowtech 75 legs Tilta Wireless Follow focus kit Ninja V monitor 4x Aputure 300d ii 4x QUASAR rgb lights 2x mombo combos That's a start 😂🤣 I do very low budget films, weddings, events, and corporate videos. The C500 mk2 is kind of a no brainer. Built in ND's, good codec, 2k 120p and PDAF, the C300 MK2 isn't far behind. I like Zoom lenses for their convenience. Sigma Primes for critical manual focus situations. I could go on for a long time about lighting but the 300d's are on my wish list right now along with Quasars. Honestly don't care about the aputure brand. Any of the 1500w equivalent LED's out right now look good.
  16. Compressed 10 bit RAW would be much more enticing than uncompressed 8 bit CDNG IMHO
  17. They need to add an double exposure HDR mode in their next Osmo, like they have in the action cam. 10 bit H265 should also be in the next one. Might buy it if that happens.
  18. I was kind of thinking they'll just put it in the A73. However I think they'll have to make the body larger to handle 4k 60p which makes me think an A7S3 might happen. I predict there will be no 10 bit out though and probably no 10bit HD either.
  19. Seems like limiting it to 8 bit and having none of the pro outputs/inputs would be enough to not cannibalize their cine line. Who knows with Canon
  20. Whats your experience with the Fringer adapter? Tempted to buy one with an 18-35 sigma.
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