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  1. Yeah T-shirts are too dense. Bouncing is probably the easiest way you just need negative fill.
  2. The XT2 is not a bad video camera, definitely superior to the A6300 besides the auto focus. Much lower rolling shutter, good 1080p up to 120fps, very nice 4k with moderate rolling shutter(way better than the A6 sony series), nice color profiles, decent low light performance. Though I'd definitely get a used XT3 over the XT2, as they are going for like $900 these days, which is super cheap IMO. Waiting on Viltrox to put out there 1.4 primes which I think will make the Fuji an unbeatable option. 23 1.4, 33 1.4, and 56 1.4 at $250 a piece will be an incredible value.
  3. automatic HDR can be wacky but if its a RAW image you can adjust it to be amazing
  4. Triple exposure HDR is awesome though you can always bring highlights and shadows up or down to get whatever look you want. What I have on my phone is also RAW dng which I think contributes to how nice the files are. That Sony sensor looks awesome tho, they should put it in a body like the Zcam
  5. Yeah HDR using 3 different photos shot at three different exposures. Most sensors now can do 10 stops of dynamic range easily. If you combined three photos at three different exposures you'd have something with more dynamic range than an Alexa I'd say. I'd imagine its just a matter of a processor/sensor that can take three photos at the same time, if thats possible.
  6. I mean even double exposure video is great. Implemented on a M43 sensor at 2k you'd have a ton of highlight and shadow information. Wish there was more a push for this technology.
  7. I know RED as well as Z-cam has implemented this. Z-cam's implementation doesn't work with a lot of motion, not sure about RED. Lightroom mobile enables DNG Triple exposure photos on my old Iphone, its amazing how nice the pictures look. I want to see Triple exposure video, even if its just 1080p. People are saying M43 is outdated but I'd be all over it if they did something like that.
  8. Too late for me, just got the URSA lol
  9. I've seen some testing done on the 18-35 and the conclusion was mounting it on the A73 it depended on the adapter used. Some adapters it was parfocal others it was slightly off. With a speedbooster you are able to adjust the glass to get it perfect, but thats not possible with most adapters. Now if you have an URSA you can shim the mount to adjust it so its not a worry. Thats not an option on every camera.
  10. Roger Deacons spoke highly of the LF image in comparison to Super 35. Although that was a video shot by Arri so take it with a grain of salt maybe.
  11. Not sure that the Oscar nominees are a good reference for the entire industry. Also not sure how it relates to anyone in the market for a sub 2k camera.
  12. Pretty sure many of the Marvel films which are all big budget SFX heavy were shot on Alexas which don't even do 6k. Not sure what using an M43 camera now has to do with not keeping up with the future. Its not like you are putting all your life savings into a 1k camera lol All of these consumer cameras will be irrelevant 10 years from now. I am also pretty sure the reason most people aren't using film nowadays is because its not convenient, not due to the lesser image quality. Everyone I know would use film over digital if it was as easy/cheap as shooting digital. An 8k camera
  13. Not sure how well those speedboosters perform in comparison to all the options you have on the pocket, very little information about them.
  14. Great idea actually. The C100 1080p is also pretty darn good
  15. Interesting, the tests I've seen against the pocket 4k indicate more dynamic range, I thought 800 was native on the Ursa. I should test my URSA against the 4k and 6k my friends have. I was pretty pleased with it today shooting against a window, completely backlit. I tried underexposing to retain more highlight detail as well as exposing for the face. Turned out it looked the best when I just exposed for the face to begin with, highlight recovery was able to take care of the blown out parts.
  16. man no focusing past 4 feet sucks, maybe I'll leave mine alone than. The Nikon 35mm 1.4 AI is not nearly as nice
  17. That would mean the Pocket 4k out performs it in highlight retention?
  18. dang I wonder why. Its like the best 35mm lens out there though, at least in its price bracket.
  19. If you ever get around to doing the Ursa mini I'd be interested how many stops above middle grey it has.
  20. The S1 is amazing as well and auto focuses better(until they get that firmware update for the S1H). Both are more expensive than a used EOS R tho
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