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  1. Curious to see this too. Closest comparison I could find was S1 to EVA1.
  2. @mercer @crevice I'm getting a little over 3 hours of power with the large NPF batteries running through the SmallHD Focus, One Little Remote v4, and the Micro with a Metabones Super16 Speedbooster attached. Not sure what actual record time will be like, but that's pretty impressive.
  3. Camera maxes out at 1600 ISO. I've only shot a couple test clips so far, but the noise seemed lower than I expected and very fine and pleasing in RAW format. Haven't tried noise reduction yet. @BenEricson "glossy" is actually the perfect description for most of the modern 4k cameras. I like how the older Blackmagic cameras with the Fairchild sensors have a characterful imperfection to them. To me they look a little more vintage vs modern.
  4. Will do! The seller told me he got a couple hours on the larger batteries. They actually designed the micro HDMI port in a clever way. It’s recessed at a diagonal angle in the bottom corner with support walls on either side of the inlet that seem to be custom fit to the cable connector so that the plug is secured and is prevented from getting stressed at the actual connection. Pretty cool.
  5. Just got my Micro rig and powering via SmallHD Focus works perfectly with the DC coupler dummy battery.
  6. Ok good to know. Might stick with the Sigma for now then. Curious to compare the 3:1 to lossless raw. Couldn’t find many comparisons online.
  7. Interesting. I thought Alicia Robbins said it would. But of course hers wasn’t a final model too so a lot of features may be TBD.
  8. Will do! Yeah, I’m excited to try it out. I might end using the CineEye instead of the Focus so I can remotely monitor and control from the OLR app. I picked up a speedbooster but thinking the Lumix 12-35 might be nice for having OIS as none of my Canon primes have any.
  9. Yeah, apparently. I didn’t realize that either. Look at pic 6. https://rover.ebay.com/rover/0/0/0?mpre=https%3A%2F%2Fwww.ebay.com%2Fulk%2Fitm%2F323866768893 I confirmed with the seller as well.
  10. Thanks. I just checked Amazon and it seems that my 2016 Sandisk card is supported but the 2017 one I bought has the SDSDXXG prefix. Can’t physically tell them apart so guess I’ll just have to test. The rig I bought has a SmallHD Focus that apparently can power the camera from the monitor’s NPF, but I may end up getting that adapter too. Thanks for the tip!
  11. Okay @crevice I just pulled the trigger on a Micro rig with the One Little Remote on eBay. I’m blaming you 😂😝
  12. Thanks! I’m eyeing one on eBay with the One Little Remote v1 😁
  13. @socs @crevice Sorry just had to chime and I say agree with you both. Have almost picked up a Micro so many times but I’m afraid the usability would slow me down. Just wish for an updated camera with that same sensor. 😕
  14. Although they also just added custom LUTs with the new firmware which was the only other feature I really wanted that it was missing. Hmmmm
  15. I heard on the Facebook group they had to abandon Cineform raw so I’m wondering if this is uncompressed. Worried the workflow will be cumbersome having to transcode in their custom app. The prospect of smaller, easy to edit BRAW and ProRes RAW are more enticing to me at the moment.
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