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  1. Selling this BMMCC kit for $1000 USD. In great condition and includes SmallHD Focus which also serves as power supply and the One Little Remote v4 as well as a SmallRig cage. Love the image but for workflow reasons I’m moving to a multi Z Cam E2C set up as they allow integrated remote control and IP features. Will ship priority USPS in the US. Price excludes PayPal fees depending on how you pay. Thanks!
  2. Wow, it may sound sad but I’m excited about this. ? 24p was one of the main reasons I got an R over an RP (besides c-log). I might pick up an RP as a b-cam now. I didn’t see the new M6 mark ii mentioned but hoping it’s included.
  3. Ahh, so it DOES have 25p, but not 24p. I guess the 25p doesn't show for me because I have it set to NTSC. So that might an option to set it to PAL and get 25p. But still very odd to exclude 24p in 1080p 10-bit.
  4. @thebrothersthre3 @Vision well you get 10-bit 1080p in v-log BUT only down to 30p. So no 24 or 25p. Seems so Canon-like to remove those and I hope S1H doesn’t have that limitation.
  5. Don’t have my S1 in front of me but I’m pretty sure it doesn’t have 10-bit available in 1080p which was a big disappointment for me as 10-bit 4k h.264 doesn’t edit well in my MacBook. Hoping S1H doesn’t have this limitation.
  6. Interesting. I’m mainly an audio guy but wasn’t aware of that. That was my understanding too. It just takes two different exposures in quick succession thus the worse rolling shutter performance. Doesn’t RED do this too in their special WDR modes? As opposed to Arri where it seems that both exposures happen together.
  7. I’m curious why simultaneous dual gain sensor architectures a la the Alexa Alev III aren’t more common in smaller cameras. This allows a low and high ISO signal to be combined for one HDR image. It seems that in ten years most cameras still can’t match the Alexa for sheer video dynamic range, yet CMOS sensor technology has obviously evolved in many ways. Is there a limiting factor like size/heat, a patent, or maybe otherwise? Perhaps it’s just that the average consumer is more interested in increased resolution? We now are seeing the switchable dual gain architecture used more, but I’m not aware of lower end cameras using simultaneous dual gain. Related info: https://www.arri.com/en/learn-help/technology/alev-sensors
  8. Good question. I believe it was also noted in the Newshooter S1H article when he referred to the “highlight bleed” in the blue channel.
  9. I thought part of the advantage of having full v-gamut was to avoid things like this. ?
  10. Amen. A lot of people rave about sharpness, but that is the exact opposite of what I look for in an image. It’s one reason I’ve enjoyed shooting on Canon over Sony (despite the disappointing lack of features in their lower tier cameras).
  11. That’s great. I hope it goes better than the Z6 has ?
  12. @deezid nice. I’ve never shot on a Varicam but I feel like the S1 v-log gets in the realm of that creaminess which i love so much in Varicam samples I’ve seen.
  13. @funkyou86 thanks for posting that! I have the S1 but not the Pocket. Which camera is on the left? That frame grab seemed to have a little more highlight info and/or smoother roll off in the window.
  14. Curious to see this too. Closest comparison I could find was S1 to EVA1.
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