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  1. @DaveAltizer I just watched your video earlier too and enjoyed the rant ha. I picked up an EOS-R, A7III, X-T3, and just now a Z6 just to compare for myself. And I’ll be damned if EOS-R doesn’t have some mojo. It doesn’t make any sense on paper but as you, @DBounce and others have said, there is something satisfying about the image. And it’s not just color as I’m shooting monochrome video. It just somehow looks closer to vision I have my head. Even the X-T3 I found to look nice, but somehow more sterile and less vibey ha ha. And that was with both F-log and Acros and trying to match the rich monochrome look I can get out of the Canon. Still I’m very interested to see what the raw Z6 image will look like.
  2. Re: ProRes RAW adoption, Jeromy at Atomos seemed to indicate that part of the slow adoption was that they hadn’t built the SDK needed for 3rd party implementations yet. Apparently that is being worked on now though so I’m hoping it gets wider adoption soon.
  3. Well, really I think 24 will be fine so I’m good with the limitation. I never use 30/29.98 but was just really surprised you couldn’t use the 23.98. It just seemed rather arbitrary, but as I’ve used Sony’s and Panasonic’s I know every camera has sometimes baffling quirks that you just have to accept as part of their personality Yeah, agree it’s a shame on the FHD 8-bit. My intention was to record direct to a LUT on the Ninja V for extra quick turn around on YouTube or short social media stuff where I didn’t want to drop it into an NLE. One thing the EOS R DOES do that the A7 III and Z6 don’t, is you can record to HDMI while still having full face tracking AF and remote controlling the camera via Wi-Fi. The A7 III comes close, but disables face tracking, and the Z6 just flat out won’t allow remote control with HDMI output. I have a hunch the S1 might allow this combination too, but need to verify.
  4. So I just got an EOS R and can confirm that, as ridiculous as it sounds, when you hook up HDMI to a Ninja V, and have the EOS R set to 1080p, the frame rate stays locked at 59.94 FPS no matter what you set it to internally. The one exception is if you enable 24 FPS which does change the HDMI output. Note that this is true 24 FPS and not 23.98. 4K doesn’t have this limitation and I can’t understand why FHD does. 🤦‍♂️
  5. A user on Dvxuser stated that the EOS R only would 60i or p in 1080p over HDMI. Can someone confirm if that’s true? Seems rather odd. http://www.dvxuser.com/V6/showthread.php?362586-Canon-EOS-R-no-23-98-HD-from-HDMI-Out
  6. What is puzzling me is why no 24p in 1080? They have it in 4K but specs only list 25p for 1080. Edit: Actually I’m confused because the spec list on their site only lists 30p and 60p under frame rates but then in continuous recording time it shows 25p. Probably a typo.
  7. I’m curios about the crop factor since it’s raw data and therefore I don’t believe it can be super sampled since it’s a 1:1 pixel read. Unless they can do 6k. Jeromy did say they were shooting at 4K and higher so it’d be great to get more resolution if only to retain the same crop factor. Although not sure what kind of processing power you’d need for 5-6k. I second the 4K Ninja Star! Would love a smaller form factor recorder with no monitor.
  8. Ha ha true. The fact they were aware of it makes me feel like they won’t address it. Maybe if enough people complain they will try (assuming it’s technically possible to improve). Did anyone notice this interesting note on the last Z6 1.03 firmware notes? Wondering if this would improve AF.
  9. So this bums me out, but looks like Nikon expects this decreased AF performance in N-log. Per the N-log documentation on their support site: http://download.nikonimglib.com/archive3/ZKTLs00cUoBu03O1M0g85H1FxC74/Z7_TG_N-Log_(En)01.pdf So it sounds more doubtful they will attempt to address this in future firmware. Let’s hope Prores Raw doesn’t have this behavior as was said earlier.
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