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  1. Hi! There is a BIG offer of the Sigma 18-35 (all mounts) till tomorrow in Adorama (38% off) https://www.adorama.com/sg1835dceos.html Hurry! Better price than used!
  2. Well, well... https://www.metabones.com/article/of/SpeedBooster_for_BMPCC_4K?fbclid=IwAR1cX0wTLMDww7q6-fhs513CYCDMg7Hf1QA2AcbA8oZjyZnR5jBsmNYCdn4
  3. It is in half spanish but its very interesting...
  4. Hi, Anybody know about this things? I can´t find it info: 1080p raw? dci 4k prores? prores recording external to usb-c? Thanks!!
  5. The "mojo" of any Blackmagic (including the pocket) is unique. The film texture unmatchable, there is no Sony, Panasonic or even Canon at that price point. We must wait until see the real footage of this one, and the posible problems of hardware (hope none) And wait until the A7s mark 3 specs (2,5 times the cost of this) What do you think about the BMPCC4K against the A7III? ($ 700 more) Regards!
  6. Hi guys! I was thinking with all this madness with the bmppc 4k about the prores proxy of it (or every other Blackmagic camera) Is it really usable? how bad or good is it against the h264 from Canon and Sony? (and against the XAVC-S) How much weigth per minute? Thanks!! Regards from Uruguay!
  7. Today it will be announced. Without 4k confirmed .. It can be the future 90d? It's the only one left (for 4k) Wait until the a7 III is announced Regards from Uruguay!
  8. the gh5 sensor is already 2x crop, what are you telling me?
  9. I never said that are bad cameras, it is like Iphone and Samsung cameras, The samsung cameras ( S6, s7, s8) are better in many things over than the iphone´s, but to me there are over sharper and over saturated (to my taste) I like the iphone`s camera "mojo" (even softer) more than the Galaxy´s. It about taste and what you like. Just saying that, i know perfectly what are capable the ghx´s I will buy a new camera soon (now i have a t2i) and i saw a lot of videos from all cameras below 3.000 usd
  10. Only few can make this with a GHx from what I've seen (and knowing a lot of color grading) , there are other cameras that can reach easily for me ( i don`t know much color grading) the "mojo" that i want like Blackmagic, canon and even sony. That´s my point. Why people always complain about the video ish look of the GHx?
  11. It is not about the mount (BMPCC is very cinematic), I think it is about the GHx ¨mojo"
  12. HI! This year i´m going to buy a new camera (upgrade from my beloved t2i) i was waiting to the full specs of the gh5 and it´s a beast, but i expected a better dynamic range in the new sensor. the other option that i´m thinking is the new Sony a6500 which has better dynamic range, a fullframe look with a speedbooster for less money and better low light. In one side I have the gh5 which has a lot of better things than the 6500 in terms of usability, video options and all in one package, and for other side the 6500 with various flaws to work with (buy a cage, extra bateries, some overheating, etc) but with a better image to me. What do you guys think than i must priorize? The final image or an easy way to work (the gh5 video quiality seems to be outstanding but the 6500 has better dynamic range and i think this is very important) Thank you!
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