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  1. It's hardly cheating. I can't stand it when other film makers put themselves up on a pedestal, gloating about how they are better cause they don't shoot slow mo and those that do are cheating. It's a tool, it's a stylistic choice. Is a gimbal cheating? Is using 4K over HD cheating? Nope. You can chose to capture a subject however the hell you want. Besides, I'm not out to impress you - if my clients like it then that's all that matters.
  2. Hi there, For years now I have been involved in filming and editing a large dance event involving 50+ schools from around the region. The event is every two years and in that time there is obviously a big jump in not only equipment that I film and edit with, but the problem I am having is with finding a solution to publish it on. DVD has always been the answer but sales have been slowly declining every year (still not too bad though) but it has got to the point where I can no longer run DVD Studio Pro as it is no longer supported on any of my Macs so I need to find another solution. Here's my requirements: I want to include all 50+ school dance performances on one "disk" that parents then purchase. It needs to have chapters so they can either play from start to finish or skip to their chosen school. Some sort of protection - the non-profit that runs the event heavily relies on DVD sales. I'm afraid if I put it on USB or something it will just be copied and will lose profit. Cheap - DVD's are very cheap to make. Professional look - DVD studio was great, custom designed menus and buttons, sub menus, slideshows etc. Such a great piece of software. Any ideas? Is there an online publishing equivalent? Is there any DVD authoring tools out there that still work and provide the above? How are you guys publishing things these days that you sell?
  3. So, who's done it? Any tips? Looking to get some shots cityscape video shots using either my a7iii or GH5. What is the best way to keep things steady? Will the handheld + IBIS + post stabilisation be enough? Will a gimbal work (I have heard the motion of a helicopter can throw them off)? I would appreciate any tips or advice!
  4. Yes but in 3 years smaller sensor cameras like the GHx will be for 4k 120p, 12bit, maybe even raw, and 960fps in 1080. Spec-wise I think they'll always be a step ahead. I believe the smaller sensor/m43 will always win for adaptability, IBIS, slow motion, higher bit rates etc, not to mention the gap closing on low light performance - all it takes is an optical focal reducer like a speedbooster to get a kick arse full frame (ish) camera, or use natives and instantly get incredible telephoto reach without breaking your back. This is how I currently work and its a dream. I'm a huge advocate for the m43 system despite being a Canon 5D shooter all my life and now even with an a7iii.
  5. I don't think Panasonic should jump on the FF bandwagon. I think their smaller sensor is their unique selling point. The GH5s sensor has proven you can squeeze high iso/low noise performance out of a smaller sensor and this is only the beginning really. I think the smaller sensor allows them to push video tech faster - like the GH5 have 4k60p, who knows what is capable in the GH6 but I think the FF cameras will always be playing catch up to the smaller sensors cameras in that regard simply because they can process that information faster. Chuck a speedbooster on and problem solved. I'm shooting with a GH5/speedbooster XL and a new A7iii with mc-11 - both using my canon L glass. Much prefer the GH5 for video. that 10bit is amazing. What Panasonic should be doing is keeping their m43 mount cause there is some amazing compact glass for it but do what JVC did and chuck a Super 35 sensor in there. Imagine that with a speedbooster. All the benefits of a faster, smaller sensor but full frame look.
  6. Thoughts? I've been sold on the GH5s for video but worried about it's photo capabilities. Does anyone have an experience with it? I know it has a low megapixel count but how much do we REALLY need? Does the extra sensitivity and newer tech make it for better images than say a GH5? Are there any other limitations with the photo side of things?
  7. 64mulford

    Gear list

    Amazing! Auto focus nice and snappy too.
  8. 64mulford

    Gear list

    UPDATE - I'm now a few months into this job. Here's the gear I settled on... Camera: Went with a GH5 in the end as it offered the best of both photo and video in my mind am loving it but soon after I got it the EVA came out so am starting to wonder 'what if..." Lenses: Canons - 70-200mm f2.8, 85mm f1.4, 50mm, f1.2, - Sigma, 35mm f1.4, 14mm f1.8 - all mounted with Metabones XL Native Lenses - Loawa 7.5mm, Lumix 100-400mm Other gear: Came TV Prophet, Phantom 4 Pro, GoPro 6 plus a bunch of other accessories.
  9. 64mulford

    Gear list

    6 months down the track since this topic was posted. This is now a reality! Any changes to the above opinions or anything to add? Camera-wise there have been some new introductions and whispers of what is to come. Just wondering where to spend this budget!
  10. Each to their own. I'm a long time slog2 grader and when I had the GH4 I would have agreed with you about Slog having better colours and DR but with the GH5 I'm getting amazing results and pushing it so much more. As for the crop, yes I realise that it essentially gives you a m43 crop, but that's not my point. The quality sucks and that fact you have say a 50mm lens on that instantly becomes a 100mm if you switch to 120fps is terrible for run and gun shooting, or any shooting for that matter. Plus I use speedbooster xl on the gh5 anyway, so getting 180fps, better quality than the 120fps on the sony at close to full frame without the hassle.
  11. Easy. Nothing that hasn't been said before really, but after using the a7sii last weekend I just found it so awkward to use. But if you want me to spell it out, I think the GH5's advantages (from my extensive experience of using both) over the a7sii are... Better battery, better colors, MUCH better menus, 10bit, NO CROP IN SLOW MO (compared to the painful2 x crop on the a7sii), feature rich (like built in timelapse etc), MUCH better EVF/LCD, dual sd. I could go on. Yes, the Sony is amazing in low light but ad the expense of colour and dynamic range.
  12. What do I think 6 months on? LOVE IT. As a former user of an A7sii, I have come to learn that the GH5 is so much better in almost every way. However, I do find the native lenses don't give me the look I want but am getting amazing results from speedboosting some EF mount Sigma's and some old vintage Nikons. Shooting almost exclusively V-Log too and finding the low light is good up to 3200, which is perfect for most uses. Colours are so much better than GH4, V-log easier to grade and doesn't break or have wired colour/noise issues. Slow mo is great, IBIS is great. Thumbs up all around.
  13. I'm getting similar results from the 100-300 mkii on the GH5. Almost unusable handheld at 300mm, but then again, it is 300mm. Even so, 100mm is bad enough.
  14. 64mulford

    Gear list

    Imagine this - you have landed a job on your cities tourism board as their content creator, filming/photographing, marketing material to promote tourism and business etc. The content will be shown anywhere from web, social media, billboard, cinema, TV, trade show presentations etc. If they then gave you a budget of $30K to get what you needed, what would you get? By the way, this isn't necessarily an imaginary situation.... exciting times! Keep in mind, I want to be nimble, so a small set up is important, shoot with the absolute best quality possible within the budget, and shoot photos and video. Here's what I'm thinking... Camera: Not sure about this, everything else is easy. GH5? 1D? A7sii? Lenses: Thinking the full set of Sigma Arts - 14mm, 24mm, 35mm, 50mm, 85mm and maybe a 70-200mm Drone: Phantom 4 pro? Moving the camera: Gimbal (Crane or Came TV), slider Audio: Rode shotgun, lavs and Zoom recorder Accessories: ND's, batteries, tripod (a good one), SD cards, bags, flash, GoPro 5, go pro mounts etc
  15. I am super interested in this but no idea how to get this onto my Panasonic. Any ideas?
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