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  1. Thanks for posting this a while back. Sorry I didn't see it earlier. I do appreciate your input. As for your final question: If 1 or 2 stops of higher iso performance and an stop of DR is more important to you than rolling shutter, reliability (battery, heat, dual memory, etc..) and ergonomic aspects of the camera, then why not stay with Sony? It's not quite that simple. Obviously, the GH5 seems to shine in many areas that the a6300 / a6500 is quirky. The sony is a frustrating camera. But it also works excellently as a STILLS camera. So that is wwat I REALLY want; a
  2. Yes, that is what I thought. I was pretty sure that Panasonic had an UWA lens.
  3. True. With my current setup I use my Sony 10-18 f/4 and it is certainly wide enough (both for videos and stills). I generally shoot RE interior video at around 20 to 24mm full frame equivalent, so for m43 format I would need (apparently) somewhere around 10 to 12mm lens.
  4. Thank you, Everyone, who has chimed in. I am just going to have to do some tests and make sure that I can get away with ISO 1600. I know that since the GH5 is m43 while the a6500 is APS-C, and that in real estate I WANTE more depth of field, I can use a larger aperture and still get the same DOF. So in thery, I could shoot at f/5.6 and ISO 1600 whereas with the a6500 I would have to shoot at f.8 and ISO 3200 to get the same DOF. I will look into the Leeming LUTs. Another question if I may: Now that you know my needs, Is there anything else by Panasonic (or someone else) th
  5. After discovering that gravity, concrete and a faulty ladder are bad for an a6300 (not to mention for an ankle) I am in need of a new camera. So of course I am looking at the GH5 because... well... it's a GH5. Or getting an a6500 For those with a GH5, how high of an ISO will you go before you really start NEEDING noise reduction software / plugins? How high will you go if you DO use plugins / NR software? And is the GH5 a good camera if you want to do MINIMAL post processing? I know that the ability to record in 10-bit is great for grading. But what if you want to avoid gra
  6. Because I don't always trust my eyes, I hope you can all help me out here confirming either way: - The a6500 looks to be the softest (unsurprisingly), right??? - The RX10 III looks to have the most noise, right???? -The GH5 and the Leica seem to be the sharpest??? - the a7S II colors are very... ummm... "Sony Green"??? Is this what other people are seeing too???
  7. Please elaborate when you have a moment. Thanks.
  8. Maybe I should start a new thread, but... A few people mentioned that it performs well in low light and has improved dynamic range. Can anyone compare the low-light and DR to that of the sony a6300 / a6500??? Since I shoot real estate videos, I would need MORE depth of field and low-light performance is critical, along with dynamic range. Thanks in advance.
  9. Thanks for the note. When you say the 4K is spectacular, do you feel that way once it is transcoded / exported as 1080p ? I would be using it primarily at Higher ISOs (1,200 to 6,400).
  10. Has anyone done much comparisons between the 4K footage of an a6300 AFTER it has been transcoded down to 1080p with that of the original a7s shot in 1080p? Is there really that much of a difference in terms of details and other image quality aspects? And I asking specifically for footage recorded in camera, not to an external recorder. Thanks in advance. (Still wishing that the D750 video had more detail... and that I didn't have to send it in to Nikon for a recall from the latest service advisory released yesterday.)
  11. For what it's worth, the autofocus on my Mirrorless a6300 is superior to the autofocus on my D750. There are some instances where the D750 will autofocus faster than the a6300, but when it does, it is almost always less accurate than the focus of the a6300. That is not to say that the AF on the D750 is bad, just that for my needs, the AF on the a6300 is better. By The Way: I am rooting for a Nikon Mirrorless as well (preferably APS-C size).
  12. You probably realized that you are asking for a lot of camera for not that much money... Most likely anything you want with 4K (or even just really good 1080p at 120fps) is going to be somewhat north of one grand. The a6300 has quite detailed 4K. With the latest firmware update (2), it shouldn't overheat as much (in theory). There aren't really any adapters with FUNTIONAL AF or image stabilization support for adapting your Tamron Nikon mount lens to a Sony a6300. However, you could possibly get the Sigma (for Canon) mount 17-50 OS and put it on an MC-11 adapter and then you woul
  13. I have not used any Samsung cameras. But I have an a6300 and I think it is supposed to be close enough to an a6500 that I feel confident in telling you that if you are looking for a camera to shoot 1080p in hot sunny days then there are several cameras better than an a6300. The 4K of the a6300 (and most likely a6500) is very detailed and the a6300 / a6500 have excellent low light performance. For 1080p 60fps the a6000 would have better image quality than the a6300 / a6500 until noise become problematic.
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