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  1. this looks interresting too. bit more expensive but more versatile https://www.bhphotovideo.com/c/product/1007351-REG/ikan_bt_003_a_power_supply_system_for.html/pageID/accessory
  2. https://www.pugetsystems.com/labs/support-software/DaVinci-Resolve-15---Performance-loss-with-NVIDIA-418-419-driver-FIXED-1376/?fbclid=IwAR2n1CWWfxQa71Pxl6luh8c4C0M7qSoPeg5r03ItqPrjLW9x-o-f2e--WHk i noticed that you have two kinds of nvidia drivers. gamers and creators.
  3. i guess the other brands will have to follow. that's good news
  4. any shifting in hlg ? i record botj internal and external in hlg and same color, actualy maybe more about saturation, and exposure difference between internal and external
  5. i use a 20000mah pd powerbank for my xt3 and it is really great, especially for the price when you compare to v mount. mine cost me 25€, and it last almost all day long
  6. @Attila Bakos in your video you say it only affects fuji internal files, so no issue with ninja v files recorded from xt3 ?
  7. fringer pro yes viltrox has is issues
  8. it's good yes but there are still things to be done. hope they will update soon with more features
  9. thephoenix

    Davinci Resolve 16

    personaly i can't open resolve 16 it crashes right from the start... anyone opened a project that you started on dvr 15 and wanted to continue on 16 ? does it work ?
  10. new features guide http://fujifilm-dsc.com/en/manual/x-t3/x-t3_nfg_omw_en_s_f.pdf?_ga=2.225604121.2035496834.1555293190-2104643444.1554134359
  11. thephoenix

    Davinci Resolve 16

    seems that dvr16 is very picky with old gc
  12. to your cameras ready, set, go !! https://www.fujifilm.com/support/digital_cameras/software/firmware/x/xt3/index.html Strengthened the accuracy of face / eye detection AF performance The AF algorithm has been improved along with the accuracy of face / eye detection AF. The ability to detect faces in the distance has been enhanced by approximately 30% and AF tracking is now more stable, even when an obstacle appears in the way. The improvements in AF are applicable to both still photos and video recording. 2.New Face Select function The Face Select function has been introduced to provide priority auto-focus, tracking and exposure on a selected subject when multiple faces have been detected. The priority face can be selected by using the touch screen or focus lever. 3.Faster AF speed for subjects at a distance A Double Tap Setting and Touch Function has been added to the touch screen settings*. The two settings must be set to OFF to provide a better touch screen response. These new settings allow a more intuitive touch operation when shooting, AF and focus area select. 4.Intuitive operation of touch screen A Double Tap Setting and Touch Function has been added to the touch screen settings(*1). The two settings must be set to OFF to provide a better touch screen response. These new settings allow a more intuitive touch operation when shooting, AF and focus area select. *1:By default, Touch Screen Setting, Double Tap Setting and Touch Function are set to all OFF. Touch Screen Setting must be set to ON to use the touch screen function. 5.Focus frame when EYE DETECTION SETTING When using EYE DETECTION SETTING, only focus frame on eye is displayed. 6.Improvement of AF/AE area tracking when using EVF When using the EVF, tracking function for AF/AE area movement by touch screen is improved. 7.Push function of the Focus stick when INTERVAL TIMER SHOOTING The push function is disabled when INTERVAL TIMER SHOOTING. 8.FLICKER REDUCTION function The options are changed from ON/OFF to ALL FRAMES/FIRST FRAME/OFF. And when choosing FIRST FRAME, the speed of CH countinuous shooting is imroved. 9.Message when IMAGE TRANSFER ORDER If there is no image of TRANSFER ORDER when turing on a camera, no message appears. 10.Fix of slight defects.
  13. yep that's what i am afraid of. i think i will try to clean everything from adobe on my computer first with a good unistaller. if you have any advice i am listening then will go for the fresh install
  14. hi i have a little problem. i use to have premiere but don't want to pay anymore. so i deactivated my plan a month ago. since then i had a new computer and wanted to do a last project in premiere before using resolve. so i installed a new trial of premiere using another email adress. i did my project using an old version of premiere i had a license but stupidily did the update last week to the mew premiere. problem is that i went all the way the 7 days trial and had to save my project for the new version. so i cannot load my last version of my project with my old premiere so i need to open it and finish it in the last version of premiere. wanted to test for a week using another email adress but they ask for a credit card number. sure i don't want to give them my cc number as i don't want to be billed after the 7 days and without giving a credit card number no download... so do you know where i could download a trial version of premiere (or creative cloud so i can dowload premiere with it) and bypass the credit card thing
  15. thephoenix

    Davinci Resolve 16

    mocha is pretty good
  16. thephoenix

    Davinci Resolve 16

    didn't know. what i know is that when you use ultra key in premiere it doesn't import in resolve
  17. thephoenix

    Davinci Resolve 16

    it's gonna take a little while untill we can use the object removal i guess
  18. power banks are enough for xt3 only. mine did last 5h and wasn't empty
  19. here's my setup icannot say you are making a bad choice. there are a few drawbacks like the fact that if you keep the evf / screen automatic swith you have a black frame on the recorder. also i find it really annoying the fact that when you are in play mode and go back to filming the ninja v won't record unless you have switched back to record. problem is sometimes you are on a rush and forget to hit the record button to get back to record mode. thanks to my xt3 it has the sd cards for backup so at least i have the take on the sd but i wish it automaticaly starts to record when you trigger the camera despite of the mode you are into. you want to keep the sd cards for backup files just in case
  20. took the xt3 outside yesterday
  21. well still not play in vlc after the codecs install and the weird thing is that it doesn't play smoothly in resolve. my computer is brand new so shouldn't be a cpu or gc issue
  22. i think he meant natively, if you add motorized follow focus then add the moza air 2
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