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  1. hi i need to change my pc so i can work with 4k and da vinci resolve. what's the best processor and config for that ? think ryzen are a good deal especially the 2700x but as i am working on photoshop as well so need some advices hard drive i have. need to buy processor, ram, motherboard, gc
  2. any good cage and accessories somewhere guys ?
  3. up to you but i wouldn't do it, especialy with light bodies like that
  4. bought it in the us market, shipped on the 9th they say
  5. xt3 has no internal stabilization so it's gonna be shaky with lenses that are not stabilized.
  6. manage to order this morning. at this price it is worth the try
  7. another well made site not the same for me, i can add some more products my cart goes empty each time. the bad news is that it is gonna be out of stock in europe and will remain that way i think, the good news is that they are probably working on a new one that might be out soon, but at this price it is a bargain for sure
  8. yes thanks but as i said it is impossible for me to buy from us store, each time i want to checkout my cart goes emty am i the only one ?
  9. am i the only one that can add it to my cart but each time i want to check out my cart goes empty
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