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  1. like @BTM_Pix some guys work on getting us af for non af cameras. i kinda like this one too as it will work with any lense even the non af ones. but you gotta get a nucleus nano ( i already have one) looks promissing too
  2. wow how can panasonic release a camera with such an issue ? hope they can fix it with a new fw otherwise this camera is living dead
  3. tamron 24-70 g2 with the xt3. frames form my next short
  4. sure they are, h265 is a nightmare for ressources. transcode the files or do some proxies files. but the ninja v are supposed to be better anyway 422 vs 420 nice image. anamorphic i guess frames from my next one too, these were my first images with the xt3.
  5. 15 700€, ouch. but it looks good. ibis is a killer feature
  6. got it thanks now i gotta redo all i've done in the past 3 days on my last film ? btw, do you need any conversion lut to rec709 when selecting flog as input ?
  7. i am not sure the free resolve does it. i think you need the paid version to handle h265. last time i checked it didn't but it was few monthes ago
  8. shutter encoder is just a gui that works with ffmpeg. i have to see if it does change the matrix but i know i can change colorspace to rec 709 must be my eyes because i don't see fujifilm flog as input in resolve rcm ? i think i will install 16b2 i am in final 16 at the moment
  9. what are your rcm settings as input ? i am wondering if i do it right. my workflow is that i shoot h265 internally then transcode to dnxhr using shutter encoder. importing transcoded files in resolve. so wonder if it still as to be interpreted as a fuji file ? doing this for both flog and hlg. same with ninja v usng dnxhr.
  10. i am totaly lost now on settings to use with hlg in rcm how do you do ? i am using rec 2100 hlg as input rec 709 gamma 2.4 for timeline and output
  11. i use zebra and ettr but i am shooting hlg, not sure i would do the same if i was shooting non log
  12. i disagree andrew, sometimes on hfr you want to get a bit of movement blur and you can set the shutter to a slower speed than the 180 degres rule or higher if you need to. so yes i do think about the result i want like for 60fps you go 1/100 or 1/96 instead of 1/120 if i follow your thinking all cameras should be automatic, are reds, arri and others automatic ?
  13. well the image you show is when you under expose 5 stops ang bring back to 0, so that is partialy dr, i wish they did the same test with +5 stops
  14. no, they prefer log for grading, hlg is the kinda the same in that perspective
  15. i have documentation but in french ? not sure you do read french but maybe google translate can help ( i doubt it on technical stuff) https://artfx.school/profondeur-de-champ-capteurs-numeriques/
  16. https://***URL not allowed***/blackmagic-pocket-cinema-camera-6k-lab-test-dynamic-range-latitude-rolling-shutter-more/ slightly worst than the bmpcc4k for rolling shutter but slightly better for dr
  17. to me it is the main wickness of this camera, you cannot claim it is a cinema camera and not let fully control the settings
  18. pffffff they'll never sort it out ? so disappointing
  19. circle of confusion yes but also the photosite size has a real impact on dof. dof on digital is not the same as on film
  20. guys, please. i'm joking. does anyone has a bit of a sense of humor here ? ? i won't sell a kidney for real, maybe an eye, after all i need only one for evf
  21. you just compare 2 things that are not the same. sorry it's just the way it is. crop factor does exists. so in your test you're not compairing 2x 70mm but a 70mm a 2.8 and a 140mm at 5.6 he prefers hlg so you should try it
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