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  1. you can use a speedbooster to use your lenses at their native focal so you minimize the crop factor so it could be usefull you mean an adapter to ef is not needed but you can use others adapters to use non ef lenses on ef mount
  2. not full frame at all, i don't think it changes the sensor inside the camera ? it just allows to use the full length of the lens, so crop factor is less obvious
  3. oh my i still have a 1080 kuro tv but i've seen oled screens and they are pretty good, much better than awfull leds, i thing it's gonna be tempting soon, but not 8k as there are almost no programs in 4k so i can imagine how long we'll have to wait for 8k shows. and also the need for ftth to get the program or download the massive files.
  4. that'a a nice lens. shot for the first time with it a couple of weeks ago and loved it.
  5. he wouldn't give me a discount to keep it orherwise i would have kept it. It needed more than fungus removal. As i said coating was party gone
  6. it's funny how so many people just spit on 6k as bm just relesaed the bmpcc6k wasn't so many haters when the S1 came out. so why ? 6k is the future, why complain, bm produces a camera that almost everyone can buy, why complain again ? as of 6k is over rated, i guess some said the same about 4k and some will always complain. 6k is usefull in amny many ways that had been stated many times, but one more example: if you shoot a commercial for a brand that, like so many now, needs to produce for so many medias like yt or instagram or electronic bilboards and so many differents f
  7. well you kinda answer to yourself saying the gh5 had issues as well when it came out. and still you love the gh5 now. so maybe you should wait a little and you will love the S1 as much as you love the gh5 (andhopefully they'll do something about the slowmo)
  8. a lot yes, goes so much faster
  9. many french stores will have it. a few each, starting monday
  10. depends on what you want / need on your rig, but personnaly i can use all i already have except that i need to buy a cage, so not major investment needed. the only thing i would buy is an evf as i really can't frame and focus with the screen, i just don't "feel" it using the screen.
  11. i guess the S1H will have it, if not then it is such a fail. i cannot imagine such a camera from panasonic and not being able to control your slow mo takes
  12. well since it had internal fungus i wasn't quite happy with it. it wasn't that bad on the image but it could only get worst as coating was gone in some internal areas. so i sent it back and got my money back too but from what i've seen it is quite good for the price. i wish i find another one but these babys are really rare got a sankor since, will get it end of august. another one of a kind since it is the "kowa clone" and there are not so many out there
  13. exactly from what i understood 16.1 as numerous changes mostly for multicam, a few also in grading tools
  14. good thing is the 6k as a isb_c port to charge / power it actually they do have some https://www.blackmagicdesign.com/products/blackmagicpocketcinemacamera/workflow?fbclid=IwAR0sgY7iPmAG3SHMnW4eAGXaRgwplf-ghSxSc5KvzvwecALbYBfvVEXJNN0
  15. 16 final release available 16.1 beta now
  16. metabone must be a little pissed at the moment ?
  17. How much hard drive space will It need ? And What about processing 6k in post... Will need a big computer. But i was going to buy the 4k and now the 6k aps-c is really tempting
  18. guess it depends on many things to answer your question. dr you will need, speed, many colors ot render or not and so on what i usually do is the higher i can go i go, better safe than sorry . i only shoot 400 as i like like security but i have many cards as they are not expensive and h265 doesn't take much space.
  19. did a quick test setting zebra to 100% then going to the limit of the 100 using the nd filter and then ETTR. did the same with 95 and 90% but got more details in the shade with 100 and i keep the highlights ok, so as highlights are not clipped in resolve and got details in the shadows i think i am gonna work like that for the next projects.
  20. well the site says it works in fusion
  21. works now i have to order the handle and drill
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