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  1. have no idea. and not sure it would be as accurate as a real soft made for it. stiil looking for the soft
  2. worth cjecking i guess when you see the prices. could be a great alternative to be the bmpcc6K
  3. only the 4.6k or the 4k has it too ? the ursa mini is only 300€ more expensive than the pocket 6k at the moment
  4. hi all i am on vacations and took my laptop which is out of age. tried to install dvr 16 but no way... error message at launch. thing is i shot quite a few clips since i am here and i just want ot check everything is ok and i don't need to reshoot some of them. is there any "light" soft that i could install to check with a histogram or scope etc...
  5. as far as i know she's still breathing
  6. talking about the tokina 17mm here is one still from the short i am shooting these days. no grading yet. shot with the XT3 internal h265
  7. skip changed his forum name ? ? since when do you need a license to have 24p in a camera ??
  8. you just need grading to get good colors with sony
  9. look at this, it could inspire you to integrate the button
  10. Count on It. In maybe 10 years if there isn't any settlement before. By then the z6 will be far forgoten
  11. it can even be integrated into the handle for you can trigger with the finger instead of the thumb doing one for my xt3 when i get back home
  12. when you sell a camera that price and you're panasonic you need to deliver fast. i think this is not gonna help sell the S1. i don't understand what's wrong with panasonic
  13. it seems that the stabilization of my canon 28mm 2.8 is not working with the fringer / xt3 i don't see any difference on the screen when i activate / deactivate the is. am i the only one having this ? don't really know how to be sure and test it as it is the only stabilized lens i took with me on vacation.
  14. seems to be exactly the same. see tom antos first review of the bmpcc6k
  15. depends, if you are a pro then vat doesn't matter as you get it back and basicaly pay non vat. to me it doesn't matter then but good to know that eu price includes vat
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