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  1. some lenses are pretty slow with af, i had both the 50 and 85 1.2L from canon, nightmare autofocus, so slow. i sold them since i didn't used them much and bought the 85 1.4 stabilized, much faster af and stabilized which is good with non is cameras
  2. the issue at the moment seems to find a recorder that can handle the [email protected] with best image quality, tom antos says he has dropped frames on his samsung ssd. i guess a 970 in a case should do it
  3. or buy a camera and resell it
  4. that was my point. it's like every camera is good with this kind of grading, i guess he could have shot it with a gopro or an osmo pocket it still would be good
  5. too bad it's only 1080, i guess the 4k is not as good ? some footage look really good, but with such a good grading i wonder if any camera footage wouldn't look as good
  6. and is the price including VAT ? that could be the answer
  7. so easy to gather a bad footage from a camera and compare it with another good one from another camera. anybody can do shit with the best tools, i can find some terrible footage with an arri alexa i am pretty sure. but anyway appart from poluting this thread i don't really see what' your point. anyway its a while since i don't really read you posts anymore
  8. the 4k is no longer on bm products cameras page ?
  9. actualy he slightly prefers the 6k in low light
  10. the good point with lucadapter is that it should protect the sensor form dust once in place.
  11. Just to be sure this Is this camera ? Because that's à pitty to wright such an article and not add any pic of It
  12. sony is about to announce 2 new aps c cameras. what a year
  13. at 5'17" looks like a bit small to me, i like cameras that have a little weight, it helps to be steady when handheld. well we'll see if it is a gamer changer or not. so far the disruptive company is bmd and i thank them for that
  14. I find the fp far from being an ergonomic masterpiece. No touch screen for the menu for exemple.
  15. the funny part is that many of the 4k screen owners still buy dvd's ?
  16. i only have the lensregain that i wanted to use on the bmpcc4k that i was planning to buy late september, guess i won't be needing it anymore, so i actually never tested one. but on the few tests i've watched they all looked very soft( not to say unusable) when getting that "extra" stop they claim to provide
  17. not much difference indeed excpet the size i thnk we're all here movies lovers and watching a movie on a small screen is kinda weired to me i like watching movies and shows on a large screen, the bigger the better so i wouldn't imagine watching all my movies on a small screen, it's a shame
  18. problem with speedboosters is that it gets really soft when you open full so to me you don't really get a stop af has never been a subject for bmpcc4k so why should it be with 6k ? i am also all good with mf anyway this camera is not meant for sport or kind of film where you need af, just like the pros cameras.
  19. the first lucky guy. weired to see resolve 15 flyer i would have thought they do16
  20. call it whatever you want, just shocks me when i see people saying it "makes it ff". it just doesn't
  21. it doesn't make it fullframe, please it doesn't changes the sensor as far as i know
  22. in 8k you don't need a lot of room to watch, just a wall big enough and i guess many have a wall that can fit 85"
  23. pretty sure there will be a few speedboosters coming for the bmpcc6k
  24. depends on the speedbooster / adapter you use with vintage lenses you don't need contacts so why pay for it
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