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  1. well i did a quick test setting zebra to 100% then going to the limit of the 100 using the nd filter and then ETTR. did the same with 95 and 90% but got more details in the shade with 100 and i keep the highlights ok, so as highlights are not clipped in resolve and got details in the shadows i think i am gonna work like that for the next projects.
  2. doesn't know if it fits the xt3 but the design is clearly not the same
  3. do you think the button needs 2 or 3 connectors ?
  4. i think this could be good too https://www.amazon.fr/JJC-Déclencheur-Connexion-Fujifilm-Appareils/dp/B07KBB288K/ref=sr_1_9?__mk_fr_FR=ÅMÅŽÕÑ&keywords=JJC+Fujifilm+X-T3&qid=1564667023&s=gateway&sr=8-9
  5. thanks man well the think with the wireless is that you need the receiver, so it would take more room than just a simple cable coming from the handle. for the tilta, it was for the nucleus nano, ordered the lanc cable but doesn't work i think this will be my next job to have this #"*#~& nucleus nano work with the fuji but i think it is way more complicated as the nano has his own connectors. thanks will check that
  6. looks like it. sorry for the bad tip anyway i got 157 cube luts now. wonder if a cube file can have a virus in it
  7. well no it doesn't really help. i am more in the need of infos about powering or not. the link provided by adam doesn't help me much as i am not sure fuji acts like canon.
  8. guys i need your help i saw this video and want to do the same for my xt3. thing is the guy doens't give any technical informations about how he does it. finding the handle, the cable and the start stop button is not difficult, drilling i have the equipment. but what i don't know is how it works. i mean does it need power ? do i have to include a battery somewhere or just need to weld the wires to the button ? i think @androidlad and @BTM_Pix you are the most skilled ones to answer my questions, maybe...
  9. no but over 150 luts for 5 bucks.. c'mon interresting i'll check if my credit card hasn't a million dollard debt then ?
  10. https://www.newsshooter.com/2019/08/01/z-cam-e2c-worlds-smallest-interchangeable-lens-mount-4k-10-bit-color-cinema-camera-for-799/
  11. https://www.coloristlibrary.com/store/ found this, only for 24h. for 5 bucks i took it even if i don't really use luts and don't find any real infos about this site. but seems promising. wanted to share, it could be usefull for some of you.
  12. so they released the new metabones. 0,71x and 649$, compatibility list is not that great, for exemple my tamron 24-70 G2 is not in the list https://www.metabones.com/products/details/MB_SPEF-m43-BT8?fbclid=IwAR3qROyW0UVq-_hXX6lEnayqQUNM7zkf57ZJE8YA4hk_p3cwN4gjaKZZ9sQ
  13. there's also the aputure adapter / speedbooster that people tend to forget. really cheap
  14. thephoenix

    Davinci Resolve 16

    i think i will be getting this soon https://kognat.com/higher-resolution-masks-demo/
  15. thephoenix


    i have the canon 85 1.4 is lens and never ever use it with my xt3. actually i never used it i think, sold my 85 1.2 to get it, maybe it wasn't a smart move. well i will test it some day but yes the long focals are not my favorites
  16. as long as they keep stucked with their marketing / commercial policy saying this camera cannot do that because the more expensive does it they will keep falling. i don't feel sorry for them, had canon for years but they just do either shitty cameras that are really expensive for what they really are either good cameras that cost a ton. competitors aren't waiting.
  17. you can also control your 4K 60 settings with the xt3, it makes a real difference to me
  18. thephoenix


    funny that he doesn't have the most famous one, the 50 3.5, swirly bokeh and front aperture selection
  19. thephoenix

    Davinci Resolve 16

    well it wasn't final. beta 7 is up
  20. @BTM_Pix had something on paper but seems to be on hold at the moment
  21. thephoenix


    depends on the stretch but yes it goes wider for sure, vigneting is an issue so got to be carefull with it
  22. the red minimag dropped prices are just a joke ?
  23. ? funny, question seems familiar, you should have copied paste my question how do you guys expose with the XT3 for hlg ? any of you use ETTR ? if yes how do you work ? zebras or histogram ? how should zebras be set ?
  24. how do you guys expose with the XT3 for hlg ? any of you use ETTR ? if yes how do you work ? zebras or histogram ? how should zebras be set ?
  25. the kind of director i'll punch in the face just to relax and i would call him smashed face for the camera, well as long he and his people are happy...
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