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  1. hey all i have to say vimeo is quite a pain when it comes to finding video i like. serach engine is pretty no use except for basic search and not alike youtube it doesn't propose you videos that are kinda like the ones you love or are watching. since then i've have the worst time finding what i like. so what are your favorites videos on vimeo ? (i have to say i have a preference for shorts ones 4min< but longs are good too) here are two videos i like, of course there are many others
  2. trying again, maybe i'll get more luck this time. still can't trigger the camera with my nucleus nano and my moza air 2, has anyone found a cable than can trigger the cam ?
  3. no ibis. sorry but i really don't get why a camera company puts ibis in a photo camera and take it off the video oriented camera. makes no sense to me.
  4. for sure is has to do with the shape of the front element
  5. hi all getting interested in anamorphic, i've read a few about it and i am still learning. first i thougt it was really anoying to shoot anamorphic, double focus, weight, rig ... then a friend showed me the optex adapter and then it gets interresting. but not perfect. the optex has no oval bokeh so need your help finding what could be best for my use and budget. as of now i have a fuji xt3, so apsc with no 4/3 mode yet 'maybe fuji will implement it in a future fw), but i am thinking about getting a bmcc in the future. i love to shoot hanheld, don't often shoot on a tripod. so i would love an adapter as convenient as the optex but with oval bokeh and the ability to use wide lenses, i love wide angles lenses. and of course nice flare. double focus, don't know it, neved used but i guess it would be a pain for me as i like to shoot handheld and in movement sometimes. so where do you think i should look at in terms of adapter(s) ? guess i am looking for what's everyone is looking for too ? thanks for the help
  6. after making a bit more research on the net i found it doesn't have the oval bokeh, too bad.
  7. hi can't find any subject about the optex adapter. is it any good ? is there a thread about it ? a friend showed it to me on it's gh5 and i like the simplicity of it, light, can be used handheld and no double focus. i am thinking about it for my xt3 but as i am a newbie with anamorphic i am taking all advices. thanks
  8. if you guys shop on amazon and want to be aware of the best prices i would highly recommand a simple browser extension that is called keepa. basicaly it is a price tracker. you can create alerts for deals or price drop, you have a graph of prices historic so you know if the actual price is high or low etc etc... and it works for all amazon countries, you set it up i've been using it for 1year+ and it saved me ton of money https://keepa.com
  9. lexar pro 64go 150 and 300 mb/s v60 and v90, they are fine for 4k60 dci
  10. thephoenix

    Davinci Resolve 16

    what i find pretty cool is the pace new updates get released. it's already beta 4 ?
  11. is it a long you're doing ? 'cause your taking your time ?
  12. thephoenix

    Davinci Resolve 16

    never had gpu errors. how did you get them ? had a couple of crashes though
  13. thephoenix

    Davinci Resolve 16

    and the best is taht update works. dvr told me the update was available and went direct to download it. hope next step will be an update within the software itself without having to download the zip file and go threw install process
  14. nice image. it's funny how popular the xt3 seem to be in india or close countries. i've seen many nice footages and tutorials and tests from those countries when i was looking for xt3 infos
  15. that's what i do. and then it gets a pain to update the backup of the backup ?
  16. thephoenix

    Davinci Resolve 16

    16b4 is out. enjoy guys
  17. got myself a new pc few monthes ago. 1920x and 2070. it performs quite well
  18. but when are we going to see moving images and not stills anymore
  19. to me the problem is not buying hdd but storing them. if you want to do things the right way you need a backup hdd and a backup of the backup in an other place in case of fire or flooding or anything else. and then it goes expensive
  20. cloud services are safe. the problem is bandwith to upload gigs and gigs of footages. oh, and maybe the price as well ?
  21. funny i was having diner with a member of my family that is a sound guy (don't know the exact term in english) he mixes audio. it was telling me about this saying it was pretty impressive for the price and explaining that even for the "dumb" it could be worked pretty easily in post.
  22. ? i don't have that red button ? i thought the recording time limit was old story.
  23. oups. makes more sense then
  24. hi also interrested in getting into anamorphic someday with my xt3. any news about your setup ? any tests already ?
  25. not that bad. too bad it won't work with my xt3 40mm is like 80 on 35mm ?
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