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  1. thephoenix

    Davinci Resolve 16

    was exporting with vimeo presets just to check grading but for final export i will have to go custom settings. what are best settings for vimeo ? will export in 2k since i cannot get higher so it should be 2048*1080
  2. thephoenix

    Davinci Resolve 16

    i have this project i shot 4k dci with my xt3 in my timeline settings i cannot set it to 4096*2160, can only go to 2048*1080dci. is it full version only ? also when i export for vimeo i got the black bars, is there a tweak to get rid of them ?
  3. my second film ever. mostly shot it with my xt3. not perfect, still learning videography.
  4. no as i don't have the full version but i am using a technique that look about the same
  5. not an xt3 but this could give you ideas
  6. I am surprised on how few films seem to be made with the Xt3. Here Is one i like. Nice colors.
  7. I would go for external pd battery bank. I have one It is great. Smallrig has a bank holder on pre sale. Here Is my shoulder rig
  8. I get It It would tale about the same time To change It in the timeline no ?
  9. look on the right side. middle of the screen
  10. you can do that in dvr16, there is a volume cursor
  11. thephoenix

    Davinci Resolve 16

    just by stopping being stupid ? all timeline tracks means getting as many audio tracks as there are on the timeline. just keep the default settings and everything is allright
  12. to use old glasses you need adapter, not so sure there are many out there at this time
  13. thephoenix

    Davinci Resolve 16

    having a problem. when exporting i only have 1 audio track that is exported out of 2. both work in dvr16 but only one is finaly on the export. anyone having the same issue ? i have set the audio export setting to "all timeline tracks"
  14. the guy says he really liked the af, always used manual but only used af during his trip to scotland. sounds weired to me from a guy that says he always uses manual focus. he has a gh5 so he is supposed to be familiar with panasonic af so why never use the gh5 af and love the s1 af ? anyway he really loves the camera and says it is almost too good for his skills. he was complaining about 10bit long gop and ends up saying i just have to get better at grading since the camera's image is really good just complains a bit about rolling shutter and loved the stab well it is tempting. bmpcc4k, pana s1 competition is getting tough
  15. did a short with my xt3 and the tokina 24-70 2.6 2.8
  16. thephoenix

    Davinci Resolve 16

    good news for me DVR16b2 finaly works on my pc
  17. https://www.newsshooter.com/2019/05/08/bmpcc-4k-modified-to-add-articulating-flip-screen/?fbclid=IwAR29TNEX54bjbiU6bcjHXiOv6LHbo8KFidgTfzP2xBbLA1LoSfssYy2KpzU
  18. thephoenix

    Davinci Resolve 16

    There are some packs but compared to première packs it's nothing. Hope offre will raise with the attract of 16 and the rising price of adobe's products
  19. it has nothing to do with video but still i am asking when shooting photo with a strobe i set my aperture to let's say f11. the thing is that when the aperture is set to 11 i don't see sh..t in the screen. is there a mode that allows to have the screen full aperture and yet set the aperture to Fwhatever when you shoot ?
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