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  1. i don't really understand why this app is for android systems as most of editors works on computers when it comes to video. i don't use my phone to grade. or maybe this is aiming the instagram / social networks community ?
  2. didn't know there was the same issue with hlg. well i use the ninja with the xt3 so internal files are only here as backup files. so to fix my issue i have 2 options, 1 is convert all my files 2 buy your lut package
  3. well i re watched the video and ok it is clear when you apply the lut, but my concern is that you don't use rcm. it's funny how few people use rcm when you know how powerfull and usefull it is. i think i understood anyway why my test still had the color issue. i didn't checked the conversion to 709 in shutter encoder. i could use ffmpeg yes but 1 i have over 100 files to convert so i don't have 2 days to spare to conversion 2 shutter encoder does use ffmpeg good news is now problem is fixed in 16b3 and i shoot hlg so no issue with it
  4. https://www.newsshooter.com/2019/06/02/vazen-1-8x-anamorphic-for-m43-cameras/
  5. not cheap but not that expensive either https://www.newsshooter.com/2019/06/02/vazen-1-8x-anamorphic-for-m43-cameras/
  6. well in that case then they have the worst marketing team ever. when you release a product you wannna sell as much as possible right from the start and not "wait" for the competitors to launch a new product before selling your product i just don't get why so many are excited about flippy screen. we're gonna have 6k vloging, wowwww, now i am excited
  7. thephoenix

    Atomos Neon

  8. at least seems like there is much more room for mistakes ?
  9. that is the moment you find all these little things like labels, naming, metadata (and you name it) are getting so usefull i guess. never did long project but always been curious how they do it. sure it's hours if not days of organizing things right. i am sure you have good tutorials on youtube
  10. sounds a bit simple but it looks like it. if it works that well the uses are endless ? for a reasonable price i find. looks like perfect for itw as it is tiny. don't know if it can be put under a camera cage. but sure accessories will come soon
  11. yep. i am nt a sound person but it sounds quite amazing. and it's tiny
  12. did that. xt3 is such a great camera, and for very resonable price. maybe you want to keep some canon lenses that are pretty good in general. but fuji lenses are great too, just canon lenses have adaptaters to all brands so if you change in the future you can keep canon lenses when it might be difficult to keep the fuji
  13. and why not hlg you seemmed to be prefering it to flog by far
  14. or the end. R is really bad for it"s price and Z is gonna cost a ton to nikon for recall. the others brands won't wait for them. and if canon keep it's policy of "you're gonna pay the high price for something that could be good but sorry we couldn't give you that because the other camera that is even more expensive does it" they are going straight into the wall
  15. the camera is for pro market so the mount is not really an issue. it's like saying in the old days the pentax 6x7 will never sell because of it's specific mount. same for most mf. he probably said in an episode that ff is the way to go and M43 is dead, that is why the bmcc4k isn't selling ? these guys just don't know what to do and say to get an audience and a new youtube episode anyway, some brands don't share the same opinion https://www.fujirumors.com/alpa-announces-a-new-range-of-products-for-fujifilm-gfx-100/
  16. thephoenix

    Davinci Resolve 16

    Think It is machine learning based so will improve in time
  17. thephoenix

    Davinci Resolve 16

    i wish but full version only and don't have the full. from what i've seen it seems easier to use than mocha which is kinda tricky for newbies like i am
  18. don't know the lenses you have but i know some canon lenses can have bad af. sold my 50mm and 85mm both 1.2 because the af were such a pain. got the 100mm 2.8 macro who's af is not that great too but at least it is really sharp and has is. Is is also why i bought the 85 1.4 but never used it yet ? will do some day but the crop factor with the fringer makes it too long for me i guess. but i am sure its af is pretty good too as it is a really recent build lense.
  19. Well i am more of a manual focus person when It comes to video. But when i tried my Tamron af with the fringer It was really good to me. And It was prior to fw 3.0 The Tamron Is quite new. so is the af It uses. maybe that Is the beginning of an answer. Make also sure your fringer fw is up to date Will test the 85mm 1.4 from canon too but will be in 2 weeks as I am on a trip at the moment.
  20. depends on lense af and motors. it is pretty good on my tamron 24-70 and my 28mm 2.8. i mean when i compare to the same lenses on a canon body. i also have canon 85mm 1.4 but didn't tried it yet on the fuji to me the problem is not the adapter but the lense's af itself.
  21. this video is old and it was using one of the first firmware if not the first
  22. ok, but i never found a clear workflow for rcm. and the more i read the more i get confused. to me the real question is "will it still be there after transcoding to prores or dnxhr" because you don't want to work with h265 files directly in resolve. or you have to create proxy files. did a test and i had a clear difference in red
  23. thephoenix

    Davinci Resolve 16

    getting better https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCzeMiTNdFUzcSgjUEuCw6gw
  24. speaking of ninja, got my cage today, pretty cool
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