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  1. True, I plan to snag an A7iii this month and if the FX6 is full frame then I wont have to buy an A7siii. I'll just sell my fs5 and upgrade to the FX6.
  2. When a new gopro drops its always super enticing. However it seems people will buy them, use them once or twice then never use them again.
  3. They should have killed off the F5 and F55 via giving the FX9 4K 120fps. That would've been a given for 4K 60. Although now there is no reason Sony cant put the FS7 specs and capabilities inside of an FS5 body (in 2019/2020) do that + that class leading A9 video autofocus and it will sell like hot cakes.
  4. If anyone wants a good laugh, Nikon made an OEM case for their new Meme 58mm F/0.95 lens. Preorder it now for $899! https://www.bhphotovideo.com/c/product/1511319-REG/nikon_4234_ct_101_trunk_case.html
  5. I believe there was a source that was spot on for specs and release date with the FX9 said the fx6 will be full frame.
  6. seem to be following Sony as the a6400 release video was also skaters not really doing tricks lol
  7. Jello/RS - Its nothing to do with the sensor, thats how fast the processor can read it.
  8. Atleast they are following amd sticking with a single lens mount. Thats the smart play imo.
  9. Kinda true.. When the 90d press releases dropped all of a sudden the main canon shooters here said they dont even shoot 24fps. Funny how that works.
  10. ahahahahahahaha so it was true they removed 24p as an intentional cripple
  11. When it got the update for AI autofocus with real time tracking and eye autofocus in video...
  12. This a9ii and the 1dxmkii actually arnt that different when it comes to video. Neither have flat profiles or log. 1DXmkii offers 4K 60, and a really high bitrate. A9mkii has ibis, evf, and better video autofocus.
  13. Yes id like to see how it holds up with a longer lens shooting fast action sports.
  14. You arn't wrong. Its kinda funny that before the Sony A7 line camera to camera upgrades used to be 4 years apart.
  15. Mako Sports

    fave shots...

    For me as a sports shooter its any NFL Films shot that's a super tight ball track and is perfectly in focus. My draw drops every time. They have a montage of what i'm talking about from 6:17 - 6:33. All 100% skill with manual focus. Mind you these guys get zero do overs so if they miss focus they are in the hot seat. https://youtu.be/4jcPjNEePgw?t=377
  16. A lot of the Marvel shows/tv shows are shite. But the Netlfix Punisher series was good as fuck.
  17. Its a running joke in my photo/Video discord server. Its targeted towards Nikon and their new larger Z mount. "Beeeeeg mount"
  18. I'm rather simple when it comes to lenses. 70 - 300 G for sports/action 18 - 105 F4 for any other general video 70 - 210 if I am in the mood to manually focus for sports. Both are rather light, autofocus well, and have image stabilization. I prefer to shoot around around F4 - F5.6 for things anyways. I plan on upgrading the 70 - 300 to either the new 200 - 600mm or the 100 - 400mm G master. And to the 24 105 G from the 18 - 105 if I switch to a full frame body.
  19. Now $300 for a few configurations Standard 5'' LCD - https://amzn.to/2oMK3DA OLED SDI 5'' - https://amzn.to/2pCWAcW
  20. I agree. I bought an fs5 a few months ago, I love good AF but I dont think I would give up for the internal ND, XLR inputs with amazing pre amps. I usually shoot on a tripod so ibis is negligible for me.
  21. I think they are going to pull a Canon and go for the upsell, FX6 will be what we want in the a7siii
  22. maybe it will keep the 10 bit 240fps from the fs5
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