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  1. Ok, I was about to go tomorrow morning to return the replacement camera as it showed the above red blue pixels on the lcd screen and the below 6-7 white pixels on the photos. After several hours of shooting tests it seems that both the pixels on the lcd screen and on the photos have - for the moment- disappeared. How is that possible?
  2. Got the replacement and it has more dead pixels on the sensor. Additionally the lcd has also dead pixels. What would you do?
  3. thanks scotch tape. got them to replace it. The only downside is since these are old cameras they both had completely depleted batteries.
  4. I purchased yesterday a brand new Sony A73 for an upcoming event. Today I checked the photos and I discovered a bright white dot on exactly the same place. Two of the photos I uploaded have been cropped, but the place is exactly the same on all of them. Is that a dead pixel? If yes, will they give me a new camera or will I have to wait for the shop to send it for repair/service? The shop is the official Sony retailer in my country. Thanks
  5. What about the Panasonic eva1? Could use my canon ef lenses, have internal NDs, XLR inputs, good color science. Price is much less than the c70 and the fx6, almost the same as A7siii and SH1.
  6. yiomo

    Sony A7S III

    Is there a feature similar to canon's face only AF, so that the background does not come to focus when a person exits the frame?
  7. it is a desktop hard drive, powered through the mains with a dc adapter. I requested a replacement from Amazon. Not 100% sure if it is faulty, but I don't like the sound of it.
  8. My brand new G- Technology 4TB drive makes a single clicking sound every 3-4 seconds. Is that normal? It does not sound very reassuring. Should I return it to the online retailer - Amazon? First one - a 10 year G-Technology 1TB firewire desktop drive. Still running strong. You can only hear the spinning. https://streamable.com/udt3p4 Second one - the drive in question. A brand new G-Technology 4TB usb3 desktop drive. Click repeats rythmically every 3-4 seconds. https://streamable.com/r28lrx Please advise !!! I hate to pay for the postage to send to Amazon, but perhaps it is worth to change the drive. edit: no drive was being accessed by the computer. Just powered on.
  9. Hey. Yes. that did the trick. How stupid of me. I haven't used the custom modes for a long time. It works perfect now. thanks!
  10. The R5 settings sounds fantastic. I wish I had this! Although I prefer the video mode because I get the audio levels and the 16:9 crop that helps with composition, I'll try the custom modes. Perhaps it will do the trick and it is something I desperately need.
  11. wow. that sounds very convenient. Damn, and I thought I was done thinking about the S1h.
  12. when I change the shutter speed for still purposes in M mode and go back to video mode, it doesn't change on my camera. It always carries the shutter speed that was used last.
  13. Is there any hybrid camera that lets you quickly change between photo and video settings by storing the different settings on memory? I remember when it was first introduced the gh4 was marketed this way?Perhaps I am wrong, but then again one would still have to shoot with the same shutter/setting - not different settings for each mode. I have been using an A7s for both video and photography for a client and have difficulty every time I need to change the mode because of the 1/50 shutter rule. So when I switch to photo (M), I need to adjust the shutter and then adjust the iso or the variable ND. Not to speak about not being able to film and take pictures at the same time by pressing the shutter button. Also sometimes I take photos with 1/125 and then I shoot the video with this shutter. Just wondering if anyone had/has this need and if they have found a good solution and with what camera they do that? thanks
  14. I think I have watched all the c70 vs a7siii comparisons. My heart wants Canon but my mind says Sony ! The ergonomics,nds,xlrs,colors of the C70 vs the Sony AF.
  15. The Fx6 seems the perfect camera for me, something to aim for in the future. For now I am most probably leaning towards the a7siii, although I dislike the form factor/ergonomics/etc.
  16. In my case, I didn't care for 4k when the first A7s was marketed as such, (which was of course a fat lie, as it required an external recorder) and for personal projects I don't see the need. Perhaps only for punching into a closer frame for talking heads. As one man everything, I do need a good AF. It doesn't have to be stellar. Just good and reliable so trying to find this fine line. In Greece the C70 will cost me 500 euros more than an A7siii + a 24-105, so I think I am torn between those two. This reviewer said good things about the c70 autofocus. Or perhaps save 2000 euros and get the A7iii, but not sure about it's video AF. Of course I loose the ergonomics and XLRs but as I said earlier, I think a 32bit float recorder might be better for my needs. Also I am not so sure about the preamps in the c70. This audio review has a lot of hiss when he is switching recorders. Mixpre-3 sound so much cleaner.
  17. Thanks for the suggestion. It never crossed my mind. Don't know it. Looking online but cannot find it in Europe to check used prices. If I go this way why not The C100 mark ii? Is it because of the codec?
  18. This too, but I believe the 32 bit will help people like me who have to juggle many responsibilities in one role.
  19. Ok. So I just found out that both these cameras can record proxies at the same time as the full res file. This seems to solve the problems with the computer.
  20. What about the XF-AVC ? Is it as tough? Is the Sony Xavc the lightest from all of these? This could also be a deciding factor as I cannot upgrade my computer now.
  21. As a side note, is the hevc more heavy on the computer than the XAVC? This is another consideration I have to take into account. My 2015 MacBook Pro.
  22. The thing that annoys me with the fx3 is that I loose the evf and instead I am getting this external XLR module. If I am going external, I'd rather spend the difference for a mixpre-3 with the the 32 bit float. Where I am located I can get An A7s+ 24-105 G for €5000 (still have my doubts about using ef lenses on the Sony. Have been doing that with my A7s but it is very very annoying) an fx3 - camera only - no lens - at €5200 a C70 + 071x adapter for €6200 I will do some research about the used c100 mk ii options. thanks.
  23. I am adding things up and seeing that after adding XLRs inputs, a cage, nd filters and a good lens, I am getting very close to c70 budget territory. Perhaps not immediately, but soon. To be fair I think that for a one man band the 32 bit float recording is a must, so if going the a7siii route I would opt for a Mixpre-3. On the other hand if going the c70 route I wouldn't be able to justify an extra cost for audio input. So between those two is there a general consensus about which is better? To be honest if The C100 mark ii did 4k, even with those old codecs, I would go for it. I am still thinking about it, but I am afraid I will regret it if I spend 3000 for an HD only camera.
  24. thanks. that looks like it does the trick. I'll ponder a bit. The C100 mark ii and C70 are still options. Mostly because of ergonomics and color science.
  25. From the reviews online, most people can only use it successfully in photo mode. Could you please share links that show the mc11 working with EF lenses on A7siii on video mode?
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