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  1. Will the R5 include Zebras? https://www.digitalcameraworld.com/news/canon-eos-r5-has-zebras-can-turn-8k-into-uber-4k
  2. This guy says (near the end of the video) that Final Cut Pro interprets the 5.5K RAW as CLog 2 footage.
  3. The omission of C-Logs 2-3 is perhaps a fair "cripple," on Canon's part.
  4. What's the 10 bit 1080p like? Is the 1080p oversampled like the 4K? The Canon white paper mentions that the 1080p "samples" from the full width of the sensor but I don't know if that means oversampled like you'd see from the C100.
  5. Lossless means what it says but just because something is called "lossless" doesn't in fact make it so. Mercer and Seek have used ML cameras as daily drivers or, if not, extensively, so there's probably something to the difference. A test would be good, nonetheless. I have a 5Diii and wouldn't mind testing out the difference and sharing the results here.
  6. Apparently you can record RAW to one CFExpress card and 4K 10 bit simultaneously to the other.
  7. https://www.canonrumors.com/canon-eos-1d-x-mark-iii-specifications/ No DPAF in 50/60p.
  8. Never had Danne's build freeze while shooting but I did think that my 5Diii RAW (14 bit lossless) looked slightly less detailed than my EOS M footage - albeit the 5Diii eliminates aliasing. I've never used the Nightly Build. What record setting did you use for it? (Full 14 bit RAW?)
  9. Hopefully something minor like 8-bit-only 1080p. The 1DXiii is already at a disadvantage over the "C" series without internal NDs, 3.5mm audio input only, no exposure tools, and no angle-adjusted screen. It'll probably have no more than 13 stops of DR.
  10. Latest 1DX Mark iii rumours: DPAF in 4K No crop in 4K External 5.9K RAW recording "still on the table"
  11. The 7-year old 1DC can shoot 4K with only a 1.3X crop. With a new sensor and dual DIGIC 9s, I'd back the 1DXiii to pull off full frame 4K at least in 24p.
  12. https://www.canonwatch.com/canon-to-deliver-24p-video-mode-to-select-cameras-via-firmware-update/amp/
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