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  1. Did they remove the yellow-cast for the mark 2?
  2. Thanks for the prompt to check. The "Recharge performance" (in the menus) is "Moderate" on one battery and "Maximum" on the other but both LP-E4Ns rated only two lights on the battery performance indicator on the charger. The camera came with a third battery (which I haven't used) for which the charger gave three lights on the battery performance indicator, so I'll give that one a shot. The manual says the camera will last over an hour in movie shooting mode "with a fully-charged Battery Pack LP-E4N and 4K shooting."
  3. Hi Matthias, Off topic but how long can you record 4K for on your 1DC? My 1DC records for around 25 minutes per LP-E4N battery. Is that right? I can record for longer in 4K on my Canon M50 with a little LP-E12.
  4. plucas

    R5 vs R6

    @Django From 2:55 onwards: https://youtu.be/09Ry5cvUc74
  5. plucas

    R5 vs R6

    Unless you bring a small fan apparently (see Cruisn Canada's video for reference). I don't know how professional that looks, however, or if it's reassuring for the client.
  6. I'd be interested to know if it continues to work well and reliably. The Kingston cards are super cheap even up to 256GB. The maker says they're suitable for 4K video capture too.
  7. plucas

    R5 vs R6

    From Canon Rumors (CR3 rating): "I have been told that the new features firmware for the Canon EOS R5, Canon EOS R6 and Canon EOS-1D X Mark III is “done” and will be released in the next couple of weeks." "The EOS R5, EOS R6 and EOS-1D X Mark III will all get C-Log 3 and new compression for 4K video." "The EOS R5 and EOS-1D X Mark III will get a Cinema RAW Light option." https://www.canonrumors.com/new-feature-firmware-coming-to-the-eos-r5-eos-r6-and-eos-1d-x-mark-iii-in-the-next-couple-of-weeks-cr3/
  8. plucas

    R5 vs R6

    So AWB-White in EOS Standard and Neutral matrix for CLog or does AWB-White also work for CLog?
  9. plucas

    R5 vs R6

    Somehow the warm cast on my old C100i looked pleasing whereas the yellow cast on the R6 looks like a problem to solve.
  10. plucas

    R5 vs R6

    It looks like the yellow cast remains even with a custom white balance.
  11. The 1DXiii uses the same sensor as the R6 - does it have the same yellow cast? I haven't heard others mention it but it does show up in some comparison tests online.
  12. Canon are known to recycle old chips, as seen with the EOS R (5Div sensor), RP (6Dii sensor), and the upcoming C50 (C200 sensor), so why not an RC that pairs the 1DC sensor and a Digic X processor, shoots oversampled 4K 60, and adds peaking and pixel remapping - sub-$15K?
  13. Every time I look at R5/R6 footage, it looks "different" to the 1DC. Perhaps the aim is no longer to replicate the rougher or "textured" look of analogue film to quite the same extent. I thought I read somewhere on these boards that the 1DC used an outmoded Rec601 colour space too?
  14. plucas

    R5 vs R6

    Curious to know if "EOS Cinema Original" does provide colours equivalent to the 1DC as the manual says. Another user on here commented that the R5 does so remarkably well.
  15. Does C-Log capture colours differently than the other Canon profiles? When I owned and used a C100i, the colours easily achieved with C-Log and the Canon-provided LUT looked much nicer than EOS Standard - it wasn't merely the extra dynamic range. I also liked the "C-Log colours" (i.e. C-Log + BT709-WideDR LUT) over those in the WideDR profile, which surprised me as I thought WideDR essentially produced a BT709 "Canon look." I'd like to replace my M50 with something like an R6 to achieve a similar kind of look that the C100 produced in C-Log with the Canon provided LUT, only with the sharpness and detail that the original C100 lacked. Any help on the question above is appreciated.
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