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  1. Not in the low quality 4K mode, nor in the APSC cropped 4K mode. Overheating free. No overheating in any mode (8K included) in ambient temperatures 60F/16C degrees too.
  2. When they add the lower bitrate Canon RAW Lite to the R5, it would be great if they added it for the APSC mode (5.1K) and up to 60p.
  3. No possibility for RAW on the C50's SD cards.
  4. Unfortunately yes, regarding the price of the C line. The C300iii goes for $11,000; this C70 reportedly sports the same DGO sensor, is 10 bit 4:2:2, and shares a number of other C300 features (besides RAW). They won't drop it below $6,299.
  5. Canon Rumors thinks it's the 10 bit 4:2:2 camera priced at $6,299. There's another rumoured RF cine cam priced at $3,499 with C200 specs minus RAW and with only SD slots.
  6. Beware the next firmware update perhaps. Canon might give us 5 minutes extra recording time in 4K HQ, 4k 60, and 4K 120, but they might "fix" the HDMI recording length without cards.
  7. Apparently you can extend the external recording life in the 4K HQ mode (30fps) if you remove any cards from within the R5:
  8. Interesting call from Tony Northrup: the standard 4K from the R6 is "about the same" as the 4K HQ on the R5 (wait until 5min 10sec in for that comparison).
  9. I apologise. I thought I read about the design in terms of a new passive dissipation method (much like the rumour about the A7Siii) but I can't find what I thought I read.
  10. What's the issue with the R6 overheating? The 1DXiii shoots oversampled 4K without a heating limit. The R6 sports a new heat dissipation system, so I suspect it's the IBIS? (Or the smaller body?) If the former, perhaps they could add a function to turn it off.
  11. Is it 100% confirmed that 24/25p modes suffer from the same heat issues? The chart only mentions 30p.
  12. Will the R5 include Zebras? https://www.digitalcameraworld.com/news/canon-eos-r5-has-zebras-can-turn-8k-into-uber-4k
  13. This guy says (near the end of the video) that Final Cut Pro interprets the 5.5K RAW as CLog 2 footage.
  14. The omission of C-Logs 2-3 is perhaps a fair "cripple," on Canon's part.
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