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  1. plucas

    R5 vs R6

    Curious to know if "EOS Cinema Original" does provide colours equivalent to the 1DC as the manual says. Another user on here commented that the R5 does so remarkably well.
  2. Does C-Log capture colours differently than the other Canon profiles? When I owned and used a C100i, the colours easily achieved with C-Log and the Canon-provided LUT looked much nicer than EOS Standard - it wasn't merely the extra dynamic range. I also liked the "C-Log colours" (i.e. C-Log + BT709-WideDR LUT) over those in the WideDR profile, which surprised me as I thought WideDR essentially produced a BT709 "Canon look." I'd like to replace my M50 with something like an R6 to achieve a similar kind of look that the C100 produced in C-Log with the Canon provided LUT, only with the
  3. plucas

    R5 vs R6

    You're right about IQ. Besides the limitations of CLog1, the oversampled 4K has an image that can, under some conditions, easily rival the C70 and C500 to my eye.
  4. plucas

    R5 vs R6

    I like that in 2021 there's a time and place for professionals to use AWB, autofocus, and auto ISO (i.e. with the C70). There's some talk that the "Canon colors" on the R6 (and more recent models) depart from the look of the C300, C100, and 1DC. Do you find that the R6's color in C-Log, be it with Cinema EOS Original or Neutral, does justice to "Canon colors" if that look is something you want?
  5. plucas

    R5 vs R6

    Can you eliminate the yellow-cast with a grey card and custom white balance? I realise the process for that is cumbersome but that should eliminate the warm tint, shouldn't it?
  6. 5.1K Canon RAW Light would be welcome for the crop mode, especially in 50/60p.
  7. Has anyone shot with both the 1DC (or other 8-bit Canons) as well as the new R5? I've heard once or twice that "Canon colors" might have changed in the more recent cameras. Possibly, the advent of 10-bit CLog in the newer mirrorless models means that fewer "Canon colors" are baked in, with preference given to more accurate colors that can then be graded according to preference. (This might be true of the C70 colors too.)
  8. Not in the low quality 4K mode, nor in the APSC cropped 4K mode. Overheating free. No overheating in any mode (8K included) in ambient temperatures 60F/16C degrees too.
  9. When they add the lower bitrate Canon RAW Lite to the R5, it would be great if they added it for the APSC mode (5.1K) and up to 60p.
  10. Unfortunately yes, regarding the price of the C line. The C300iii goes for $11,000; this C70 reportedly sports the same DGO sensor, is 10 bit 4:2:2, and shares a number of other C300 features (besides RAW). They won't drop it below $6,299.
  11. Canon Rumors thinks it's the 10 bit 4:2:2 camera priced at $6,299. There's another rumoured RF cine cam priced at $3,499 with C200 specs minus RAW and with only SD slots.
  12. Beware the next firmware update perhaps. Canon might give us 5 minutes extra recording time in 4K HQ, 4k 60, and 4K 120, but they might "fix" the HDMI recording length without cards.
  13. Apparently you can extend the external recording life in the 4K HQ mode (30fps) if you remove any cards from within the R5:
  14. Interesting call from Tony Northrup: the standard 4K from the R6 is "about the same" as the 4K HQ on the R5 (wait until 5min 10sec in for that comparison).
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