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  1. Purchased a Velbon monopod. This is the most fun monopod I’ve ever had…if you can say monopods are fun. It goes from fitting in my pocket to full length in seconds. I’m 6’1” and my camera is right at eye level.
  2. You would downsample the 8k to 4k first since no one has 8k TVs, then compare 4K to 4K….and see the mojo of the 1DC. 😉 Seriously, we are all amateurs here and not trying to create 8k masters to bring out in Hollywood 10 years from now. I think 8k is a joke right now. You really need to downsample to see how it compares to 4k recorded straight up. Maybe then, YOU MIGHT see finer and clearer 4k. I would like to see the comparison. And…don’t forget, the 1DC is 4:2:2 8-bit. It’s a really good 8-bit.
  3. I also have an irrational reverence of my 1DC. Was thinking about upgrading to an R5 because of the huge feature set improvements and auto focus with video. I don’t think I will sell the 1DC (can’t bring myself to doing it), but just purchase an R5 in addition. I think there was something with the analog to digital conversion back in 2012 that they just lost the recipe for after that. Curious to see if they’ve figured out how to replicate it with the R5 under EOS original. Funny how the 1DC has become the industry benchmark for matching Canon colors and 4K IQ and was made back in 2012.
  4. My 1DC just bricked. Infamous error 80, then complete lockup. Sent to Canon and they are fixing for free under limited warranty! What a company! I miss it already and it’s only been gone 6 days! I don’t think I will ever sell it.
  5. Interesting that he has stayed with the 1DC as his primary camera for scouting after all these years.
  6. Canon did it 8 years ago with the 1DC. It has a definite filmic look as Armando admits. I also believe it has to do with the analog to digital conversion back in the day.
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