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  1. You are going to need the Odyssey 7Q or 7Q+ with the RAW option. This will work with the Sony FS700 and will bring out the best image possible, and record the high frame rates! You can find the Odyssey 7Q+ on eBay. Also some are on Facebook groups from time to time. Broatch
  2. Is this test still happening? Broatch
  3. Looking forward to this duel! Broatch
  4. You can find that adjustment in the picture profiles. Select a picture profile ( you can find profiles on Ablecine website and how to load them) you can then go into the matrix on that page and select the white balance temp. Broatch
  5. Merry Christmas to all, and to all a good night
  6. I do luv that 1DC look. I can't risk buying a used one with a hot pixel issue! Spending $1700 - $2500 for a used Canon 1DC, and if you get unlucky with the hot pixel, you're stuck with it. I think I'm going to buy the Nikon D850 with an extended warranty. I think I'll be happy with that camera.
  7. The Zacuto does cost a few dollars, but you will be very glad to have spent the money when it comes to monitoring your image and keeping everything sharp, and well exposed. I use the Gratical HD it is a little large and powers from a Canon LP E6N for a long time, or when I"m working with an Anton Bauer system camera I use a D Tap. The features in the Gratical are many and you can customize the features you need. The plus with the Gratical HD versus the Gratical Eye is you can power the unit from one Canon LP E6N and also use SDI or HDMI to connect to your camera, the outputs also loop through
  8. Dogtown

    merry christmas

    Merry Christmas all! I hope everyone has a great 2019. EOSHD is pretty much my third website I visite everyday
  9. Ed, this is on par with Spinal Tap and Best In Show. You have a great sense of humor combined with an awful lot of creative talent! These tests are fun and informative.
  10. Stick with a good condition used or overhauled: Sachtler, OConnor, Vinten, Cartoni. Those fluid modules in these heads are worth the extra cash!
  11. Those Jem Ball units are a work of art! I like the adapter for the Joker 200. They still make the Jem Balls here in LA. I bought three Jem Balls last year. Come to think of it I also bought one of your old, well used Dedo 1x1 Led lights ( has your logo on it ) I Still use my Kino 4x4 and 2x2's a lot. I love my tungsten 150w Dedo lights. And I kept my old 400 and 200 Joker par's, for punch. I still burn my fingers once in a while on these hot lights?
  12. Oliver, what was your playback sync method? Did you use timecode for playback.
  13. Be sure to use one of the A or B top BNC outputs for the RGB 444 I don't think it comes out of the SDI BNC on the side of the F3.
  14. Dogtown

    C300 vs F3

    I thought we all covered this Sony F3 and Canon 100-300 pretty intensely on the last redimp thread?
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