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  1. A few more FD stills. The internal codec shows its limitations pretty quickly, though (artifacts). Next stop: ProRes 422 external.
  2. By the way, would anybody here have a copy of the firware 1.4, by any chance?
  3. Thanks mate! Congrats on your Video Assist, I'm looking forward to see images 🙂 I don't have that much to show as these were my very first tests and I basically toyed around with focus and stuff but I managed to salvage a few stills that show the texture of the combo. Canon FDs S(S)C 135 and 28mm. Slog internal codec. About 6 sec. per shot in Resolve. Really, this footage grades so easily it's cheating! I like that smooth and dry feel.
  4. I had just received some FD lenses yesterday when it started to snow so I took the F3 for a first stroll.
  5. Hi, I'm learning the F3 and I can't find a better way to set the white balance to a desired value than using auto white balance and hope that it somewhat works. Am I missing something here? Thanks for your help!
  6. This is what struck my attention. I've always liked the F35/F65 organic look but was unaware that the F3 shared so many similarities with these cameras. The camcorder feel of it is both a bit awckward (it reminds me of my first Video8 cameras) and fun.
  7. Thanks for reminding me that tip! I used to do that with a tripod a long time ago.
  8. Haha - that’s not my intention! I just found an EasyRig-ish suspension system for a good price locally, let’s see how it goes.
  9. Hi everyone, Thanks for posting so much beauty from this camera (the classical challenge shots are amazing!!). I got mine yesterday and plan to use it along with LOMO primes. I know that Ceico7 makes adapters for these, so that's the next step. A few questions: - Do you have any recommendations in terms of adapters? I know and trust Ceico7 stuff but have no clue about MTF, Photodiox, etc. ? - I like it pretty run & gun/minimal/compact but how do you stabilize your shots? I don't want to go gimbal (artificially smooth) but some sort of support would be great. Are you guys using EasyRigs or something similar? As I'm pretty tall, I can't really put cameras on my shoulder or everything will have that downwards look. I usually shoot at chest/waist level. I'm looking forward to posting some stuff soonish 🙂
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