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  1. Thanks Jip-Hop and Stephen. Continuous autofocus would have been great but 14 bit RAW for $150 was bound to have limitations like this.
  2. Perhaps a silly question from an about-to-be first time ML user: does the EOS M autofocus work with Magic Lantern?
  3. Sure. Some took that tweet as a cover of sorts. Who, for example, speaks about RAW photography in terms of "RAW recording"? Similarly, the 4:2:2 for the C200 was an independent rumor from Canon Rumors.
  4. If the EOS R RAW and C200 4:2:2 were coming at NAB, Canon would have announced them by now?
  5. What are the chances, do you think, that if CRAW or ProsRes RAW comes to the EOS R, that Canon will open up the full sensor (hence, remove the crop)? If image processing is the major reason for the crop, is it not technically possible for a RAW image over HDMI to free the EOS R from that limitation (i.e. the crop)?
  6. They could make EOS R owners slightly less mad if there was a decent firmware upgrade to a 1.5x crop in 4K (not like yesterday's firmware update). They may also limit 4K on the EOS RP to IPB compression, 120mbps.
  7. Hi Andrew. The rumours concerning 4K were, I thought, related to the (now) unreliable rumours concerning a 24MP camera. Canon Rumours thinks these relate to a future EOS-M model. I can't imagine that Canon would offer 4K (even cropped) from a full-frame camera for only $1500-$1600. It'll be 1080p :(.
  8. I'd like your best educated guess: Will the EOS RP have 4K or not?
  9. Given that rolling shutter in 4k is terrible, how well would Premiere CC's "Rolling Shutter Repair" work?
  10. Much like the M50 with a speedbooster. Perhaps they really did add the crop because the old sensor technology led to overheating. If they wanted to merely protect their 1DX/1DC and cinema line, they could have limited the crop to something like 1.3x and limited the negative press. Or even better, take out the crop from 24/24fps 4k and leave it in the 30fps like the A7iii. 1.7X, in my experience with the M50 + speedbooster in 4K, makes depth of field difficult.
  11. RF to EF speedbooster adaptor would be interesting in 4K.
  12. What is the 4K crop on the EOS R with the digital IS turned off?
  13. Hi, A few people have commented that Sony's codec makes 4k editing a bit tougher and longer than say Canon's on the M50. Matti Haapoja also commented that it made his post-production work a decent bit harder: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CmL19fSQCMA If I found editing the Canon M50's MP4 files not too bad (albeit a little tough) on a Microsoft Surface Book i7 (Intel[R] Core[TM] i7-8650U CPU @ 1.90GHz 2.11 Ghz with 8GB ram), how usable (or not) would the Sony A7iii's 4k codec be? Will the Sony A7Siii likely have the same codec? Kind regards, Paul
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