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  1. @Andrew Reid Hi mate, is the autofocus at 120fps of the RX100IV & RX100V really as bad as this forum member has described? In your review of the RX100IV you mentioned "The great thing about 120fps is you can do a very quick AF lock onto a moving subject then hit record straight away". Thanks, Joel.
  2. Thanks @Andrew Reid your advice is appreciated Most of what you and others had mentioned i'd already learnt from regularly reading your posts and forum members feedback from the forums over this last year or so, i've learnt so much in a short space of time and it's been invaluable really. Gonna stick with my plan, save up the pennies and run with the Sony A7s in crop mode and eventually get a speedbooster when the budget allows. Haha you are like the 'Annoying Orange' mate! I'l be sure to be extra specific next time, keep the peace yeww Thanks
  3. @j_one couldn't have said it better, bang on! I'm still gonna stick with the A7s and wait for a price drop. Cheers mate.
  4. Thanks @fuzzynormal great advice mate cheers. I agree the gear isn't always important, it's what you do with what you have. I really dig the LUMIX M4/3 cams, the GX7 is a beast of a little camera. I owned a G7 with speedbooster and it got some awesome results, achieved even better results with the G85, both cheap cams and clients have been really satisfied with the results. That said however the super 35mm look is perfect for commercial/corporate shoots but I want a full frame for weddings/fashion etc. I'm gonna wait it out and keep saving the pennies for an A7s, but plenty great suggest
  5. @Leon Wu I wish I had the cash to throw down on a GH5, footage looks killer so far!
  6. Hey @mercer the previous A6300 1080p is soft, aliasing and rolling shutter arent great at all either. I see the A6300 as a great 4K and low light performer at a fraction of the price of the A7sii however it's HD is mediocre, not sure if the updated A6500 fixed these issues either... I will have to look into this. Either way the A6500 will cost about $1800-$2000 and i'd still need to buy a focal reducer. Too expensive. Thanks everyone who has made suggestions but looks like original A7s is unbeaten in terms of HD image quality and price for a full frame camera. I'l wait for a price dr
  7. Cheers mate but the whole post is about finding an affordable full frame camera or APSC camera with focal reducer to achieve a full frame look.
  8. Hey Geoff, cheers for the suggestion, already considered, but a used D750 nearly costs as much as a new A7s here in Australia. Hoping to find something cheaper, closer to the $1000 price point if a camera even exists at this price... Agreed about the 1080p output. There's such good value even in the cheapest cam's like the Panasonic G7/G85 packed full of killer features with a beautiful 4K image, and once downscaled to 1080 look amazing... the menus, image stabilisation, focus peaking, ease of use, everything is unreal in these cams. Yet camera companies still can't produce an entry l
  9. So talking Full Frame cameras only or APSC with focal reducer. Been on the lookout for sometime now for an affordable option but no luck. - Full Frame (or APSC with focal reducer) - Great 1080 50/60p slowmo - Focus peaking For my needs i've narrowed it down to the awesome and still very capable Sony A7s however it is still too expensive (over $2000 in Australia dollar currency). In my opinion at it's price point it produces one of the nicest 1080p images and still class leading in light gathering capabilities, the 1080 50/60p in full frame mode is a tad soft but sti
  10. @Mattias Burling Hey mate any reason you sold yours?
  11. Price could be lower for sure mate however you have discounted one major feature... HFR. There isn't many cameras or any for that matter that can perform such high frame rates at this price. This camera obviously apeals to the compact camera market but it's not as if people are buying this camera and getting HFR as a bonus, this camera is for the HFR market, many shooters wanting HFR will happily pay this premium, especially with the increased shooting time now in the mark v. As @Andrew Reid this camera shoots perfect 120fps with minimal rolling shutter and aliasing. And the the 24
  12. Panasonic G7 + Metabones Speedbooster XL + Sigma 18-35 f1.8 EF + Canon 50mm f1.8 STM + Rokinon 12mm f2 MFT + Zhiyun Crane + Aputure AL-M9 video light. Natural Picture Profile, Noise Reduction -5, Sharpness -3, Contrast -3, Saturation 0, Highlight -1, Shadow +1.
  13. Hey @jonpais right on there, I'm hoping this won't be too big an issue with this Rokinon lens, it has great reviews, I guess only time will tell once I get out in the field and shoot some more with it against bright light. Cheers for the link to your blog mate.
  14. I planned to use my G7 and Metabones Speedbooster XL with the Tokina 11-16 f2.8 however I have found a cheaper and lighter lens combo that still allows me to achieve decent low light performance and won't place any long term stress on the gimbal motors with a heavy load! There is no doubt the Crane can handle these moderately heavy loads, but this is a killer little combo for a gimbal of this size or smaller. The lens I ordered was the Rokinon/Samyang 12mm F2.0 lens MFT mount. I've found it well constructed, very lightweight at just 270g and has little to no distortion or chroma, also tak
  15. @Thpriest Hey mate I havent pushed the ISO past 1600, haven't needed to yet, I mostly shoot with the Metabones Speedbooster XL .64 and Sigma 18-35 f1.8 and that combo often keeps me at ISO 1600 or lower, 3200 rarely. Despite this, I occasionally have issues maintaining accurate exposure and colour with the G7 too, however I'm a pretty inexperienced videographer. To light the dance floor and cake cutting I used a small Metz Mecalight 320 on a light stand, the G7 also falls apart if pushed past ISO 1600 in low light scenes like this. Definitely rather have a speedbooster and portable lighti
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