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  1. I feel you. Social networks are pushing their agenda. Biology isn't valuable science anymore. Youtube is watching an ad by an influencer undercut with another ad from another brand pushing to mass consumerism. I got banned for several days from FB after I posted a comedy sketch about the coronavirus and it got flagged by a fact checker. It wasn't some conspiracy bullshit. It was comedy, by actors. Isis beheadings? no problem, ok to FB standards White Pride hate groups? no problem, ok to FB standards Fake news and conspiracies? no problem, ok to Youtube standards.
  2. Honestly, why don't you get a RX100 VII, sure it will hurt the bank, but you'll have the best compact and the best AF in a small body available. From the cameras you suggest, personally, I'd go for the RX100 V, as it's still the best performing one out of the 3.
  3. Damn, that sounds even worse than it already did. Also, is it just me or does the image look a lot worse than the three year old Panasonic GH5?
  4. exactly, I'm not talking about one brand, just youtube in general is just an ad platform that is hidden under a thin layer of "content"
  5. Sometimes I think you come off a bit negative, but I do get your reasoning. Sony has a ton of fan boys that will buy anything they drop. Also, where I strongly agree with you, youtube is basically and advertising platform with influencers who all talk and sound the same when they receive that camera sponsor money.
  6. Glad I use final cut. Cost me less than 3 months of CC, and doesn't crash. Premiere seems to be adding new bugs every update.
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