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    @[email protected] Thanks for those suggestions, guys. Yeah, thinking it might be my wisest bet to go for macro tubes with AF for now. I've not got any Fujifilm primes, but I've got the 10-24mm and 18-55mm zooms, both of which can get close enough to x1.0 magnification for me. I understand adding tubes will lose some light, but does it lose sharpness at all as well?
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    Hey everyone - infrequent poster here looking for some lens advice, please! I own an X-T2 and I'm looking for a macro lens for 4K shooting. I was all set to by the Fujifilm 60mm f2.4 macro, but then I learnt it's closest focus distance only allows for 0.5x magnification, which doesn't seem idea considering I'm looking for something for dedicated macro use. Fujifilm do an 80mm OIS macro, but isn't really priced for mortals, so I'm looking at other options and considering adapting, be it a vintage or modern macro lens. I would rather keep things to a sane budget (up to around £300 ish) and would rather something relatively compact to match the smaller body size of the x-t2, but it's no deal-breaker. Would appreciate any opinions, thanks!
  3. Nice! Great looking footage, and a very intense teaser!
  4. Apparently the GH5 / GH5s & G9 are getting firmware updates that improve autofocus & stabilisation. Interested to see them work in pracitce https://www.dpreview.com/news/1701988268/leaked-panasonic-firmware-update-is-made-official
  5. Yeah, that stuttering motion is not nice at all! You'd almost think the footage was interpreted at an incorrect fps, but I highly doubt that's the case
  6. ... Well, hopefully won't intend on changing system any time soon, having just bailed from Sony for Micro 4/3! Damn though, guys. Just when I thought I knew where my money was going, and just needed to figure out if I was buying cine versions or not... A load more considerations to take into account now!
  7. Hey, think there might be a bit of a misunderstanding - I'm looking at the Samyang's line of lenses that are exclusively for mirrorless cameras. For example, they do a 35mm f1.4 for DSLRs that weighs 660g, and a 35mm f1.2 for mirrorless that weighs 420g. I'm looking at the latter. Big FF one: https://www.dpreview.com/products/samyang/lenses/samyang_35_1p4 Smaller Mirrorless one: https://www.dpreview.com/products/samyang/lenses/samyang_35_1p2_as_umc_cs Oh yeah, I heard on that one for it's nuts speed. How would you rate the sharpness wide open? Could be a good shout. Cheers
  8. Cheers very much for the advice & recommendations, guys. Totally get where you're coming from on this, and that buying Nikon / Canon mount would be a better long-term investment. That said, my weedy branch arms would probably be a bit challenged lugging around the Full frame glass & the adapter for long periods. I like how compact and lightweight the MFT lenses are on the body. yeah, that's why I'm looking to grab the samyangs - am I right in thinking by virtue of them being manual / no electronics that they'll not be fly-by-wire, right? I already have the Panasonic Leica 12-60mm as it came with the GH5 I picked up. It has a great long range, bit slower than I'd like, but great to have something with Dual IS2.
  9. Hey folks. I recently changed over from an a6500 to a GH5. The a6500 was decent, and nicely portable, but I can attest to all the caveats being a pain. It really felt like a deal with the devil / one of those clichéd genie-in-a-lamp stories that teaches us about greed! Either way, I've sold up everything Sony-related bit of gear I had and am enjoying getting my head around the GH5. I'm impressed with the ergonomics and how customizable it is. Also, Dual IS is brilliant. So now I'm planning on blowing some money on a little lens set for photo and video use. Having been back and forth a bit regarding native / boosted lenses, I'm quite drawn to the Samyang native MFT primes. I'm considering the 12mm / 21mm / 35mm / 50mm. (though maybe not all at once) Now here's my question: Most, or all of these seem to be available in photo and cine versions. I can't see myself using a follow-focus rig any time soon, and intend to use these mostly for hand-held video, and some casual photography. Would be great to get people's thoughts on if I should go for cine versions where possible. I've used the samyang 85mm f1.4 cine version before, and found pulling focus with the geared ring a little uncomfortable. Are the focus throws the same on the photo versions? Cheers for any help.
  10. This GH5 user has got clearly got his hands on an A73 and has done a few interesting tests between them. (he has a few other tests on his YT channel too)
  11. Cheers Phil, Really appreciate it. Been doing some digging on the Viltrox EF-M2 and got one ordered now. If the reviews are anything to go by it's the same quality as the Metabones Ultra and a fraction of the price, cheers for mentioning it in your post! Might make sense to use the cash saved on that to grab the Sigma 18-35mm and maybe get a small native prime if I can spring for it. I'm curious - how do you find manual focus on the Panasonic 25mm f1.4?
  12. Hey Phil, Cheers for getting back to me with that- looks like a decent option, and comparatively compact compared to the 18-35mm zoom - I don't suppose you know how the same lens fares on the metabones XL? Any idea if it vignettes beyond usability? Also, be great to hear what you make of the Viltrox - it's a fair bit cheaper than the Metabones Ultra, so if the image quality is decent I'd happily forego the XL for this. Cheers
  13. Hey Emanuel - cheers very much for the recommendation. Yeah, the sigma fast zooms seem to be a very popular option for the GH5 & Metabones. I'd definitely consider grabbing one if I find myself doing some more serious video work (or maybe just convince myself to give it a go either way!) - That said it's a bit larger and heavier than what I'd like out of a lens right now - I'd ideally like something a bit more portable, so more likely to be a prime. It could be that I'm asking for too much from a lens though! Would appreciate any more recommendations. Cheers.
  14. Hey guys, Can anyone help recommend a lens for me & my GH5 (right thread, I hope!) I'm looking for something fast, with a 35-50mm full frame equivalent. Whilst I don't yet own one, I'm considering getting my hands on a metabones XL (EF mount) so would consider something non-native also. So a native lens between 17-25mm, or something more like between 28-35mm if it were to be used on the metabones. Ideally after something that doesn't weigh a ton, will be able to render nice shallow DoF and have autofocus (for stills' sake, not expecting much for video) I know that's asking a lot, so maybe nothing out there that ticks all those boxes, but would really appreciate any recommendations. Right now I'm considering the Canon 35mm F2 IS on the metabones XL (thought the lens' IS would be somewhat redundant I'm guessing) Thanks for any input
  15. Hey, I was wondering if anyone could tell me how the video quality differs on the GH5 between VFR frame rates? The quality of 120fps is great, and it's 180fps isn't so great. For example, if I set the camera PAL,/ 25fps, I get an option for 100fps, which presumably is the same quality as 120fps. The next increment is 125fps. Would the quality drop to that of 180fps, or be equivocal to shooting 120fps. Hope that makes sense. Appreciate any help!
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