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  1. @kye yes, for sure! I totally appreciate that asking for 'just' solid AF in low-light is a huge ask, in reality. Maybe the best, most cost-effective option is to stick with the Coolpix A and introduce sedatives into my kid's diet! 😅 I'll see if I can find anywhere with a good returns policy to try them out. The X100F is totally the one I love in terms of stills IQ, how I expect it to handle, and the look of the thing. Been trying to convince myself it's the one, but looking at the dimensions, it's likely juuuuust too big for what I'd really like. Damn, when will manufacturer's wake up to my needs and make a credit card sized full-frame fixed lens f1.8 camera with lightning fast AF?!? 😤
  2. @Trek of Joy @kye - thanks guys. You both make good points about whether or not the smaller, pocketable gear is 'good enough'. It was actually @Mattias Burling's videos on youtube that turned me on to the idea of tiny cameras. One of his vids compelled me to pick up a Nikon Coolpix A. The size is great, really small, despite it having an APS-C sensor. I'd be happy with it, but the autofocus and video are really bad. (The high ISO isn't the best either, but given the cost and age of the thing, that's nit-picking) After coming back from a family holiday, the pictures selected to share were determined by the (relatively few) ones in focus. Regarding focal length, really anything around the 28-35mm range if a prime / fixed lens camera is the way to go. 'Thankfully' it's pretty cold were I live 😉 - so I'll be wearing a jacket with decent-sized pockets for the next few months!
  3. Hey, thanks for chiming in @noone @Snowfun @MrSMW - unanimous votes for the RX100 V so far! And great to it's low-light isn't so bad against the other APS-C ones. I'd miss those top dials, for sure, but if the Fujifilm AF can't keep up on these older cameras, they'd be no good to me!
  4. Hey everyone, I was hoping for any advice / recommendations on a compact camera for casual use. I know this forum is focused on a lot of pro video discussion, but I value the opinions the discerning crowd here! Some context: I own an Xt-3 and love the image quality and handling (manual dials). I'm looking for something that is as small and lightweight as possible that will fit into a jacket pocket that I can take everywhere for pics for the family album, and will be significantly better than smartphones images and video. I've got a little kid who's getting faster and faster, so good autofocus is important. So far I'm deciding between: The Fujifilm X70, the Sony RX100 V, and the Fujifilm X100F as an outlier. Here are my thoughts on them at present: X70 - like that it has the manual dials and colour profiles I like from using Fujifilm. Nice and small. But video is so-so, and apparently autofocus (stills and video) is unimpressive. RX100 V - Seems to have very good autofocus, and video quality looks great for the size of camera. Very small. But suffers from the Sony colour science of yesteryear. High ISO isn't so great (stills), and would rather a larger sensor than 1". Might not be that much better than a good smartphones in quality. Fiddly looking handling. X100F - Again, Love the image quality and potentially the Fujifilm handling. Big sensor and fast lens. Video not so impressive though. And it's larger size and weight means I may be less inclined to throw it in a jacket pocket. I know these 3 cameras all have quite different intended purposes, but they all seem to be the closest for what I'm after, and within budget. Would love to get any opinions, and if anyone has first hand experience with any of the above. Or if anyone has any recommendations, I'd love to hear them. Thanks for taking the time to read this!
  5. I've taken more and more photos on my phone, and fewer on 'proper' cameras over the last year. I've also spent some time playing around with a few different phones, assessing their cameras. Coming from the Google Pixel 3, I've found both Huawei and Samsung phones make skin tones far too pale, and insisted on smoothing skin tones (even with all beauty modes off). That's using the p30 pro and S10+ respectively. I even thought my P30 pro was faulty, and had the camera module replaced under warranty. Turned out it wasn't faulty at all! On the whole, I like the trend for manufacturers to add multiple cameras / focal lengths. It goes a long way to make a phone replace a dedicated camera. It's just a shame that they usually add sensors so much smaller than the main one - in so many cases a crop of the main sensor looks better than the image coming out of the tele lens. ... With that said, the competition to add an inordinate amount of (crap) cameras on the back of a phone is getting pretty silly!
  6. Thanks @Andrew Reid - great to have a detailed comparison between the 3. Shame none of them are as good as native options. Maybe I'll pick up the 50mm f2 as you suggest @MrSMW - the reviews I've seen give it really high praise
  7. Hey everyone, After much deliberation, I decided to go with the x-t3. It came through last week, and whilst I haven't had enough of a chance to play with it as much as I'd like, I really like it so far. The 120p footage looks great, as does the eterna profile. I was hoping for some input on lenses (or adapters more specifically). Ultimately I'm after a fast(ish) prime, something around the 50 - 90mm full frame equivalent range. I already own the Tamron 45mm f1.8 VC (Canon mount) which fits the bill (albeit a bit bigger than ideal), plus it has stabilisation, but I'm wondering if anyone knows what video AF is like with adapted lenses? The following adapters have come up on my radar so far: Fringer EF-FX Pro II (which can be had from around £300 but looks like they all need to be imported) Kipon Baveyes (similar price to Fringer, but with speed-boosting optics, although they seem to create artefacts. Also needs to be imported) Viltrox make both speed-boosted and regular adapters that can be had for around half the price of either of the above. Would really appreciate any input / knowledge on AF performance, thanks!
  8. Hey folks, Thanks! Tons of really valuable opinions, really appreciate everyone chiming in! Yeah, lots to think about, still swaying between them a bit, but possibly leaning towards X-H1. I just toss and turn as it seems a shame to give up 10Bit / 4K 60p / decent 120p. Would be lovely if Fujifilm released a best-of-both X-H2!
  9. Hey everyone, I was hoping to get some advice - I'm toying between picking up either an x-t3 or an x-h1. I currently have an x-t2. It's by far my favourite camera to use out of everything I've ever owned, having toyed with most of the major manufacturer's systems. I thought the Fuji top-dials thing was nonsense / an unnecessary fuss until I tried it. I love that tactility. I've found pretty decent deals on both cameras that include the battery grip, at more or less the same price. I understand that in terms recording options and specs the x-t3 is much better than the x-h1, but IBIS is the one thing I wish my x-t2 had. Whilst I'd love to say I'm a film making auteur, the truth is most of it's use will be casual, walkaround stuff. I very occasionally use my camera for work (mostly studio stuff), and I plan to use it for some low-budget film making hopefully later this year. I own the fujifilm 10-24mm / 18-55mm / 55-200mm which are all stabilised. I I'm keen to get some fujifilm primes, and I love the idea of using them stabilised, hence my decision to make. I know the x-h1 can use Fuji's lenses (focus by wire) in a 'linear' mode. Does this make manual focussing comparative to focusing on conventional lenses? And is this feature in both x-h1 and x-t3? Would appreciate any opinions / steering in the right direction! Thanks!
  10. ThomHaig


    @BTM_Pix@thebrothersthre3 Thanks for those suggestions, guys. Yeah, thinking it might be my wisest bet to go for macro tubes with AF for now. I've not got any Fujifilm primes, but I've got the 10-24mm and 18-55mm zooms, both of which can get close enough to x1.0 magnification for me. I understand adding tubes will lose some light, but does it lose sharpness at all as well?
  11. ThomHaig


    Hey everyone - infrequent poster here looking for some lens advice, please! I own an X-T2 and I'm looking for a macro lens for 4K shooting. I was all set to by the Fujifilm 60mm f2.4 macro, but then I learnt it's closest focus distance only allows for 0.5x magnification, which doesn't seem idea considering I'm looking for something for dedicated macro use. Fujifilm do an 80mm OIS macro, but isn't really priced for mortals, so I'm looking at other options and considering adapting, be it a vintage or modern macro lens. I would rather keep things to a sane budget (up to around £300 ish) and would rather something relatively compact to match the smaller body size of the x-t2, but it's no deal-breaker. Would appreciate any opinions, thanks!
  12. Nice! Great looking footage, and a very intense teaser!
  13. Apparently the GH5 / GH5s & G9 are getting firmware updates that improve autofocus & stabilisation. Interested to see them work in pracitce https://***URL removed***/news/1701988268/leaked-panasonic-firmware-update-is-made-official
  14. Yeah, that stuttering motion is not nice at all! You'd almost think the footage was interpreted at an incorrect fps, but I highly doubt that's the case
  15. ... Well, hopefully won't intend on changing system any time soon, having just bailed from Sony for Micro 4/3! Damn though, guys. Just when I thought I knew where my money was going, and just needed to figure out if I was buying cine versions or not... A load more considerations to take into account now!
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