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  1. I agree but have you noticed how every other camera has it too? Professional cameras still have it and doing a scene like that on a C200 is horrible. Yeah it has half less but it's still visually easy to spot and if do a real bourne style fight scene with any of these cams you will have to change your settings to something that rolls less. So yeah, you could do that with an EOS R but you have to drop the resolution. But you have to drop it with every other cam too, especially FF ones. I shot a lot of that style of shit back in the day with a Canon 7d in 720p. Dropping the resolution is always an option and it works so these scenes are not out of the question.
  2. Hey everybody, what's up here in the world of cameras? Did a little fighty thingy when I had the GH5 for a sec. Threw in some curves, tested the 10bit 4k and the 180fps and and... I think I didn't touch the vlog as the weather was greyish so no need for more dynamic range. Had some kind off a speedbooster on top of it. I don't even have an opinion on it. It worked? Didn't notice anything weird yet. You could probably happily shoot a film with the GH5 (just get a monitor for it).
  3. Thanks! The woman wasn't a martial artist, we trained her for a couple of hours and then shot. I think the shoot was one day.
  4. That's just like only four manufacturers. You need to own at least seven and at least three different models from each. And did you say "owned"? So you don't actually own them anymore? Don't be a n00b, you need to get down to business bro! Take out your wallet and go get some new models!
  5. There is this sony fanboy in a finnish facebook forum (man I hate this modern facebook crap) who has been spouting the gospel of Sony for about six years. That's a long ass time. I remember his posts from the times of the Sony Nex-7. Now he is strongly on the A7 bandwagon. The thing is though... he doesn't really shoot anything that looks that great. Neither do I but there is a disconnect when I see postings where somebody gushes about a camera but never shows anything he has shot with it and when he does, it looks like shit. This isn't a Sony thing necessarily but that guy was.
  6. So the RS is not an issue with another manufacturer but is an issue when it's a Canon? Interesting logic. I get it in the sense that your basically spec shooting. I don't get it in the sense that either it is a problem (then it is a problem with every camera that has it) or it is not.
  7. So it's still faster than the a6300 by about 20%. Funny. A7sII at 4k is also about 30ms.
  8. Another little action scene with the 5d raw. A couple of shots from the sony a6300 thrown in there for good measure too. All upscaled to 4k.
  9. I recently did a quick grade on a fast project. They shot it with a red dragon in 6k. I did some prores files from them and then did a quick grade on top of those. One shot was scaled in 140%. Looked good (we were in an HD timeline) but I decided to replace it with the original 6k file. Snapped it right there in the shot, now the scale was something along 30% so instead of scaling HD up, we scaled 6k down. And... it looked almost the same. I switched those two shots back and forth. Almost no difference in sharpness. Funny.
  10. Nothing you say is relevant to the OP.
  11. Shitty downscaling increases aliasing -> increases hard edges -> looks "sharper". Playing stuff in a browser usually means shitty downscaling. Youtube is played in a browser. Those edges of the buildings (and hard lines) will start flickering and aliasing when played in 4k with a 1080p screen.
  12. Yes, youtube does a shitty downscale that gives 10x more aliasing to 4k material when viewed under the 4k size. That's also a good reason why those 4k vids look so "sharp" when watched on a 1080p screen.
  13. Sure you can dislike anything you want. You can write a book about it too. It will still be weird.
  14. There are users like gelaxstudio whose entire forum post history (8 pages) is all about Canon. It's really weird. I don't think he actually even shoots with any camera.
  15. What? He is a youtuber who shoots cars in a parking lot for 5 minutes. Seriously, that whole video was a goddamn parking lot scene.
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