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  1. I have the Xperia 1 and it does overheat in 4k. Specially if you have some other apps open too. I use it for quick b-rolls so haven't had those issues. But hey, what's that Sony bashing I hear? Atleast the 1 ii can do RAW stills capture from all three lenses. Name one manufacturer that lets you do that?
  2. Well yeah, I had the original a7s and hated its colors. Sony does a clever thing with its cheaper cameras, eventhough the specs are nice they have those blocks of missing colors that you dont notice until you grade. A7sIII looks great though so lets see.
  3. ACES workflow is pretty much for matching CGI shots and composites to shot material. It works great. Except maybe in AE where it can break some effects. The point is that if you can match cameras to one another with ACES (and other workflows) then your point about "different looks that can't be changed ever" is kinda wrong.
  4. How about another one with the EOS R in 4k?
  5. People composite cgi into all kinds of curvatures and aberrations all the time, matching the look of the shot plate. It's not magic.
  6. Try the tricking community in your area or just post a "looking for stunt guys for fight scene (NOT PAID)" and wait for people to respond. Surprisingly many do. I was in LA for a holiday last year and I posted something like that just for fun on a board where people usually post work related stuff and I got over 100 responses in five hours + everyone had head shots etc of themselves. It was nuts. And awesome!
  7. Jesus wtf is going on here. Dudes looking at macroblocking in youtube videos and another dude was looking at a graded youtube clip complaining about dr. Like what? None of those things make sense, just stop it. Makes me nauseous. If you do those things you need to go back to facebook groups.
  8. I shot it all in 4k with a 10-18mm ef-s lens. Clog internal, just a quick little toning nothing specific.
  9. 5D Raw is still my favorite. Dont really care for resolution that much. My movie collection is also starting to fill up with old vhs films and those b movies from the eighties still look "great" 🙂
  10. Wow thanks! I got used to shooting with a horrid rs while using the a6300. A lot of what helps is using a 180 degree shutter. I have the eos lens adapter with the nd filter. Awesome for outside shootings. Also what helps is cropping out the top and bottom to 2.35:1 (wont see that much of a wobble) plus having things to follow with the cam. And a bit of a wide angle. I used to be a huge advocate for global shutter. Still am but nowadays dont care as much.
  11. Decided to film action training with the Canon EOS R. People like to complain about the RS but it's still usable in highspeed stuff.
  12. Of course you did. Forums are full of people talking about things they haven't tried.
  13. Sony a73 shot for 5 minutes in 4k? Beautiful.
  14. You could use the 4k30p mode then that doesn't overheat. Why shoot interviews in 4k120? 🙂
  15. Dayuuum,that 4k 120fps downloaded looks beastly. My cpu is also at 75% (10-core) just playing it back in mpc haha. Time to swap the eos r to the r5.
  16. You could use the CFExpress cards instead, they are way more robust than the SD ones.
  17. Cameras are tools for making images / stories. Reviews of tools are different from reviews of consumable items. These are not luxury phones of a 1000 dollar price. A hammer is a hammer and the review of said hammer needs to address the point of that specific tool. Everyone here seems to act as if cameras exist solely to be reviewed and analysed and then put on the shelf until another product appears. "Look at this amount of megapixels, my goodness the dr is so huge! You can't use this, the rolling shutter is huge!" The reviews of youtube people tend to come at cameras from a very consumer oriented standpoint. Philip Blooms review - in the case of FX9 for example - is made for people that are professionals in the field and who actually would use an FX9 to create something. They are not really meant for the EOSHD / Youtube crowd. They are meant more for one man documentary use cases (as that is Blooms background and he reviews cameras based on that). Professionals already know would an FX9 be good for them before they even look at Blooms review but if they are thinking about the FX9 the review may address some issues. A 15-year old thinking about the next 900 dollar dslr it is not. Sales people are bad? Everytime you go out and try to figure out if a certain camera is yours or not, you will have to use your brain. Good sales people give you options, bad sales people sell you a specific tool not caring if it's for you or not. But guess what, random people on the internet review forums (who have no money involved) do the exact same thing because they might have no actual use for the camera they parrot. What is more "honest advertising" for you, a 60 second ad before a youtube video of a new Full Frame FX9 (with a bunch of buzzwords) or a "review" done in the style of Bloom (one hour, loads of different info) which is disclosed as being from Sony. I would always prefer the latter but they are also way more rare. When people here call marketing "trickery" or even evil, it kinda makes me wonder what do you guys do with your camera? If the marketing tricked you into buying something that doesn't do it's job, what are you doing with that tool? If I would be buying a 10 grand camera I would most likely ask about it from people that I know first, people who have actually used it for a specific purpose (for example, documentaries). I guess that could be construed as a personal relationship except without the internet. Internet reviews would only be used to gauge technical specs about the camera and it's suitability for certain jobs. Philip Blooms review would be helpful in taking a look at certain things coming from an fs7 user. But it wouldn't be the only review I watch but usability wise it would give out a lot of info. After a certain pricepoint, professionals don't really care what the internet says and that's one of the reasons the Alexa is more popular then Red for filmmaking.
  18. I'm only behind the camera and stay away from those so my alcohol drinking only leads to some floaty camera movements to give it that handheld edge(tm).
  19. Uh ah well. It was vappu here in Finland (1st of May, Walpurgis night or something which means party time). Corona had taken it's toll so we figured to go 100km north and just shoot some shit with a minimal crew. Had really no idea except 1vs1 with pyrotechnics and then figured it out on the spot (with a couple of beers). At the beginning of the shoot we took a lot of angles but nearer the end we cut that shit down and just took one or two per gag as the light was going down and we needed to start drinking more. Then our pyrotechnic made his own video with stuff on it to his own channel in finnish and I just posted the short and a couple of bts clips. All shot in 1080p60 on the eos r, edited to 25fps as we are in europe. Slapped on a LUT look like a youtube superpro. EDIT: Oh yeah, a couple of shots from an old sony rx10 ii there also. First version was actually edited that same night haha. I guess that's it? Relatively simple.
  20. hmcindie

    Tractor Fight

    Playing with pyrotechnics (camera was eos r):
  21. What would help is trying to tell a story. If you're just looking for mood or tone, it just won't work in the long run. But telling stories will. And then the other things (like knowing how to get a mood) will be in service of the story. It doesn't have to be a mindblowing story, it can be very simple too.
  22. How does that fit into you? You're not producing that content anyways. You claim that people around you are doing great looking content with cameras I don't care about. So what? I'm not gonna buy a GH5 because some ENG dude is using it somewhere. I read all your posts and I don't understand what you are arguing about. Just yelling shit.
  23. Are you serious? Public tv and their cam ops shooting reality. Now that means quality.
  24. hmcindie

    Mad Mike case

    He apparently more than likely used the Flat Earth as an excuse to get more money and be more public. He was more of a daredevil than a flat earther. He tried raising money for the rocket and couldn't get any before he realized to use "flat earth" as a ploy. And it worked.
  25. When you are recording RAW on the 1dx you probably will hit another limit before that 30mins is up
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