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  1. How do the G85 and GX85 differ? I need to google, as I want a decent camera for my niece to learn and use.
  2. +1 on the live recording focusing assist. I'd also like to see a usable HDMI signal out while shooting in 6k video mode on the GH5. Though, I'm guessing no more work will be done to the GH5...
  3. I like the 2x aspect. Here's hoping for an UW model, at least...
  4. My humble rig many years ago on the beach, STILL works great! GH5, Metabones 0.64XL Speedbooster, Minolta Rokkor 58/1.2, Rapido V2 clamp, B&H for Kowa 2X, Rapido front clamp, SLR Magic variable ND.
  5. This is bad, as I stay in "6K" HLG mode MOST of the time. Panasonic should really fix this, by offering a 4k, or smaller signal out to HDMI at the same time.
  6. >>>>NOTE: My Metabones doesn't AF with any of my lenses (that I recall). Why is this? Does it not work with the BMP4K?
  7. This is good to know, thanks for the information.
  8. buggz

    Meet the GimbalGun™

    "Let's make everything MORE heavy and MORE cumbersome than it already is." ©
  9. On my GH5 with the Metabones 0.67XL speedbooster, both the Sigma 18-35, and the Tokina 11-16 vignette a lot on the wide ends. Dunno how different the BM 4K Pocket would be...
  10. buggz


    Well, I am a long time stills guy, so I differ from your opinion. I LOVE ALL of my MF lens, I have even tried LF lenses on smaller bodies. I have experimented with a lot of different things, even using a back for my ol' Sinar F2, it's fun. I have had great success with the Mamiya MF lenses, 35, 55, 80/1.9, 120mm/f4 Macro. I even have the great 145mm Soft Focus. I love all of them, and with my tilt/shift Mirex adapter, makes even more interesting combinations. Thanks for this information. I will give up on APC UW zooms, as I already have two good ones. I will go with FF UW zooms.
  11. buggz


    How much is the 10-22 vignette on a GH5 with Metabones 0.67XL sppedbooster? I have been thinking of trying this, however... I use the Metabones 0.67XL speedbooster on my GH5, and both the EF APC mount Sigma 18-35 Art and EF APC mount Tokina AT-X Pro 16-28 vignette a lot at the widest settings. I was thinking of trying the fullframe ultra wide zooms, Sigma 12-24 Art, or Sigma 14-24 Art. While I dream of the Canon 11-24 FF...
  12. buggz

    GH5 to Alexa Conversion

    Probably, I however do not have such, and the output looks okay to me. Please let us know how you fare, eh? Thanks.
  13. buggz

    GH5 to Alexa Conversion

    I found this a long time ago on another forum, I have been using GH5 opengate mode almost exclusively since then. I like it. - In Project Settings, under Color Management, Change to Davinci Color Managed - Under Color Management select: -- Rec 2020 HLG ARIB STD-B67 for Input Color Space -- Rec 2020 HLG ARIB STD-B67 for Timeline Color Space -- Rec 709 HLG ARIB STD-B67 for Output Color Space
  14. Thanks for this information. A BM product manager says the OFX I use, Tiffen, which is now DFT, I still have both loaded, do not conform or meet the DR OFX spec fully?, and is the cause of major process time. I will have to relate this back to Tiffen, as this was a huge expense for me, and I'd like to continue to use them, as they have really good tools.
  15. Okay, after turning on the node caches for each node, and putting the deflicker node first, the playback speed jumped from 0.5-1.0 to 1-2, suggested in the Blackmagic Forum. Still very bad... And then much later... I went to dinner with the family, started watching a movie, and now tried playback again. The cache may have been generated, or something. Now playback is normal. Amazing! Ahh, I see the blue line, for cached files? There is still a little red at the end. Wow, this takes long of a time to build the cache files, for 4 minutes of video?
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