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  1. buggz

    DJI Announcing Something New On The 28th

    @Parker How is the focusing? I read it is difficult via the tiny LCD. Can you use your phone to focus it? I have android phone, Samsung S7.
  2. Saving pennies for Thunderbolt 3 RAID enclosure. Anyone have a working one they recommend? Seems like QNAP systems are working good.
  3. Seems to be working. I got a Dell Business Thunderbolt 3 Dock - TB16 from IT at werke to use over the weekend. All is working okay, monitor ports, etc... Cool.
  4. Thunderbolt can be used for a LOT of things. Thunderbolt 3 is 40GB/s data stream. Yo9u can daisy chain devices.
  5. Wanting a mega RAID 10 NAS. Testing a new to me PC build with windoze10 pro. Luckily, my Resolve Studio dongle is legit, it works coming from the older Win7Pro station. ASRock Z370 Killer SLI/ac - 8700K - Zotec 2080 - only 16GB right now... ASRock Thunderbolt 3 AIC is at the PO, I missed the delivery today. I've read many other forums this combo works, even with Hackingtosh builds. Wanting a cheap way to test the communications protocol first...
  6. Not knowing where to post this, so, I thought I'd try here. Before I buy expen$ive Thunderbolt 3 devices, what would be a cheap way to test the Thunderbolt 3 connection?
  7. Everyone needs to do this. Though, the gamma problem with video levels needs to fixed in Atomos.
  8. buggz

    I’m at CES 2019. What do you want to see?

    I want 5g released products and services now! And NOT the lies AT&T are giving, nor their ridiculous pricing and data caps.
  9. buggz

    The Resolve / Colour Grading resource thread

    Hi kye, I appreciate the detailed reply! I think my biggest problem with Resolve workflow, is that I don't have the proper time to truly learn and use it. My personal time is limited due to a high pressure fulltime+ job, sigh... I only get to use Resolve sporadically, and often forget what I did during the last session.
  10. buggz

    Vintage lens color cast

    I remember just leaving all my "radiated" element lenses in the sun, that temporarily "cures" it. I think UV lamps also work for the yellowish color.
  11. buggz

    The Resolve / Colour Grading resource thread

    Hello everyone, Is there anything inherently wrong with generating/saving a new DB per project? I was thinking of copying the data from the camera to the internal stripped SSD drives, and creating all the project directories using these drive paths. This way, I only have to copy the backed up project data back to the SSds and not get the dreaded media offline errors. Wanting to use the fastest drives, while not getting the media offline errors when the project isn't on the current external drive.
  12. buggz

    merry christmas

    Merry Christmas to everyone! We enjoyed a great Merry Christmas! Wishing everyone happiness!
  13. buggz

    8K is still 4 years out