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  1. Can anyone advise the best downloadable app for converting RAW stills to JPEG files? Pixillion seems to work OK but wondering if there is anything else? Also, the codecs from Microsoft are for old versions of Windows, I need one for Win 10. Thanks!
  2. Answering my own question here as I was hoping against hope that somehow it was the right lens. A photo here of H-FSA that shows the model number clearly stamped on the barrel, so am returning the H-FS to Amazon who are issuing a refund. Here is a photo of the H-FSA box that the H-FS14-140 came in. Not a good experience of Amazon warehouse deals.
  3. I received the lens from Amazon UK - in the latest box marked H-FSA14-140, with the manual inside marked the same. But the lens inside is not the right one! It has the previous 2013 version code stamped on it and the lens hood: H-FS 14-140 - as per the photo attached. So I guess I will have to send it back. I spent alot of time trying to find photos of both versions on Amazon, Panasonic and B&H - and unfortunately there seems no way to distinguish them apart, they look identical with the writing on the outside and around the rim of the lens. There is no Version II that I can see stamped on the lens or photo of where the code is stamped. So I am still not sure if I have the right lens or it has been somehow swapped in the Amazon warehouse. It was bought second hand as a return from a previous customer. It is in immaculate condition but appears to be the previous version.
  4. thanks for your input everyone, I have taken a punt on the used Mark 11 version on Amazon UK for £504.
  5. see my post just now, it appears that there are three versions. Yes, saw the used one, tempting! 1st version: F4-5.6 H-VS014140 - the original, weighs twice as much and a bit slower. Used versions on B&H and Amazon. 2nd version: F3.5-5.6 H-FS14140E9K - Panasonic LUMIX G Vario 14-140mm Interchangeable Lens - Black. 3rd version: F3.5-5.6 H-FSA14140E - Panasonic LUMIX G Vario 14-140mm Interchangeable Lens. (Mark II)
  6. yes I used to have that one, so wondering if there has been two versions since then. Just answering my own question here, the two listed above are both 3.5-5.6, the original one is 4-5.6 - so there are three versions! From their site the H-FS14140E9K is the original one. https://panasonicdirect.store.panasonic.co.uk/p-5508-panasonic-h-fs14140e9k-h-fs14140e9k-panasonic-lumix-g-vario-14-140mm-interchangeable-lens-black.aspx?psn=15 And the H-FSA14140E is the MarkII version: https://panasonicdirect.store.panasonic.co.uk/p-5689-panasonic-h-fsa14140e-h-fsa14140e-panasonic-lumix-g-vario-14-140mm-interchangeable-lens.aspx?psn=12
  7. thanks for that much appreciated! There is still ambiguity in Amazon's advertising for the lens going for GBP515. It is GBP100 less than the other one at GBP619 and both are supplied by Amazon. It does not mention used or warehouse special and it is the F3.5 OIS etc (It says "1 new").: Panasonic 14-140 mm/F 3.5-5.6 LUMIX G VARIO POWER OIS ASPH(HFS1414) Lens. At the top of the GBP515 Amazon ad (https://www.amazon.co.uk/Panasonic-14-140-3-5-5-6-LUMIX-HFS1414/dp/B00NUZLFLU/ref=sr_1_5?crid=3FY4AKFI7QWYA&keywords=lumix+14-140mm&qid=1565014968&s=electronics&sprefix=lumix+14%2Celectronics%2C160&sr=1-5) , it says HFS1414, which differs from the bottom of the ad where it has H-FSA14140E-S (the mark II) - a typo where they just left off a letter and a number? And added an "S'. I am curious because there is GBP100 difference in price! I read on this forum that there were three versions of this lens, I always thought there was two. The cheaper one is grey and the more expensive one is black so I am wondering what the main difference is besides colour.
  8. Hi there, looking to buy the 14-140 mm, F3.5-5.6, ASPH/POWER O.I.S. - updated Lumix lens (new) and some confusion on Amazon UK website: 1. There are 4 different prices for this NEW updated lens, depending on what time of day you go in - see the attached screen shot. GBP: 495, 515, 529, 619. This is for NEW prices, and does not count some used versions of this updated lens, or used versions of the original 14-140. 2. These new lenses all SEEM to be the same lens - except for the letters following: E, EK, EKA, E9K etc. E=Europe? I notice on some lenses, the entire description is missing - like "ASPH/POWER O.I.S.". With the GBP495 lens (E9K), it says underneath "There is a newer model of this item: Panasonic H-FSA14140E LUMIX G VARIO 14-140mm / F3.5-5.6II ASPH. / POWER O.I.S. £619.99." So this must be the older original lens - o my knowledge there are only two versions." 3. Another problem is that when I put one lens in the shopping cart for GBP529, landing on the next page toward the shopping cart purchase, the price jumps to GBP551 and pretty much about 6% for other items, but there is no explanation for what this is. I would like to get this lens for a lot less than GBP619 but am not sure yet what is available here. Thanks for your attention!
  9. no dodgy hacks. will look into white balance, thanks!
  10. Hi there, I noticed on a recent visit to the Grand Canyon that a strong blue tint coloured the entire video, and still does in other video environments. I am using the 100 mbs setting on 4K/24 p (cinema). I checked all my other settings, various lenses and everything seems normal so am stumped as to what is causing this? thanks!
  11. It was in RAW, many thanks! Still handy to have the extra zoom at times for stills.
  12. Hi there, I thought that this function worked before on my GX80, but currently cannot find a way to change the Ex. Tele Conv. setting from the greyed out "off" to "on". I can adjust the function on movie but not on photo, using standard Lumix lenses like the 14-140 - in any mode setting. Is another setting elsewhere blocking this? Any input appreciated!
  13. thanks for your responses, Thailand does not allow batteries to be mailed here, via ebay or Amazon. The batteries I am talking about are both in camera stores that sell Lumix cameras as well. Everything just costs about 25% more and in the original battery's case, double!
  14. Hi there, I am in Thailand and cannot get spare batteries sent here via Amazon. To buy locally are very expensive, about $90 for an original Panasonic battery for a GX85 (BLG10E). I can however, get a no name battery that has slightly less storage capacity than the genuine brand. But the model I can get for about $25 is BLE9 PP which has been replaced now by the BLE9. Just wondering if anyone else has had any experience with BLE9 PP, how long it lasts, any issues? Also wondering if there is any word of an updated version of the GX85 coming out any time soon? Such a great camera, looking forward to any tweaks on it.
  15. thanks for posting this, intriguing possibilities to reflect upon. At least its worth a try without too much to lose, given its cheap price.
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