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  1. It was in RAW, many thanks! Still handy to have the extra zoom at times for stills.
  2. Hi there, I thought that this function worked before on my GX80, but currently cannot find a way to change the Ex. Tele Conv. setting from the greyed out "off" to "on". I can adjust the function on movie but not on photo, using standard Lumix lenses like the 14-140 - in any mode setting. Is another setting elsewhere blocking this? Any input appreciated!
  3. thanks for your responses, Thailand does not allow batteries to be mailed here, via ebay or Amazon. The batteries I am talking about are both in camera stores that sell Lumix cameras as well. Everything just costs about 25% more and in the original battery's case, double!
  4. Hi there, I am in Thailand and cannot get spare batteries sent here via Amazon. To buy locally are very expensive, about $90 for an original Panasonic battery for a GX85 (BLG10E). I can however, get a no name battery that has slightly less storage capacity than the genuine brand. But the model I can get for about $25 is BLE9 PP which has been replaced now by the BLE9. Just wondering if anyone else has had any experience with BLE9 PP, how long it lasts, any issues? Also wondering if there is any word of an updated version of the GX85 coming out any time soon? Such a great camera, looking forward to any tweaks on it.
  5. thanks for posting this, intriguing possibilities to reflect upon. At least its worth a try without too much to lose, given its cheap price.
  6. I have a GX80 too and a Came tv3 way gimbel, but am looking at getting rid of it as I travel alot and it is tiresome to take through airport check-ins and its big plastic case. Even if I take it out in its foam and put it in my backback it adds up to more weight and space. I am looking at alternatives of either a smaller gimbal or these kind of DYI gadgets. How do you find the Movo with regard to minimisation of side to side walking movement when locked in the shoulder mode?
  7. thanks got it working, it was GX80 not 85, duh.
  8. What is the optimum setup for filming using 4K 24p. I guess everyone has different preferences, I would be interested in hearing them and if it is worth getting CineD. thanks!
  9. It seems more compact and portable than the Came TV and much lighter. The Came TV one is double the price of the Zhiyun! I have tried to find comparison reviews of both but no luck. Would be grateful if anyone can find a review. Thanks for your explanation, good to know, I will hang on to the gimbal for a good while yet then!
  10. Thanks for this, good hint - I will have to experiment a bit more and keep an eye out for pistol grips - any suggestions on brands anyone?
  11. Hello, I am wondering if the development of in-body stabilisation technology will eventually supercede gimbals? The reason I ask is that I have bought a Came TV 3-axis gimbal which works very well and opens up new ways of video which tripods do not allow. Although it is relatively light, it is awkward to travel with alot because it comes in a big plastic case like a large tool box. Even though the gimbal is relatively light, the whole box is alot to lug around when flying constantly. I have removed it from the box and just kept it in its foam padding in a suitcase but this also has its risks. So in my bid to travel lighter with less gear, I wonder how a pistol grip under a GH5 is going to stack up against any of the leading 3 axis gimbals? I have a GX85 with 5 axis stabilisation and noticed that hand held pans were not that great. Is that because I may not have optimised settings that well, or lens combination? I am pretty new to all this so any feedback would be appreciated.
  12. Hi there, was wondering if anyone has used this lens on a GX80, GH3, 4 etc - for video? I have just played in a store with it on my GX80 body and it seems superb. (A bit more versatile than the Lumix 12 mm 1.4.) I was just wondering if there are any technical things to watch out for?
  13. Answering my own question here - it seems that the only way to turn off 4K is on the touch screen, not in the menu. Sorted now.
  14. Hi there, quick question as I have a short window of shooting time to sort out settings in my new GX80. I cannot find in the manual or camera menu how to activate "picture size" and "quality" - they are both greyed out. So all the stills I am taking at the moment are set to 4K burst which is a pain - but I also cannot find a way to deactivate that either. Am I missing something really simple here or is there something wrong with the camera? Or is some other setting preventing these settings from being visible? The menu stays the same regardless of whether the dial is set to PASM IA etc. Thanks for your attention!
  15. recently acquired the GX80 on Amazon Germany - however, no English manual was sent - only 4 euro languages. Anyone know where I can download the manual?
  16. thanks Maximizer, very helpful information! Amazon Germany was the best choice, their prices were a little cheaper on some items than Amazon UK, plus they have an English option https://www.amazon.de/gp/switch-language/homepage.html?ie=UTF8&language=en_GB&ref_=cs_switchlang cheers!
  17. Hello, I have recently relocated to Portugal and half the items I had in my Amazon UK shopping cart dropped out after a few days - including one seller who was supplying the Lumix GX85 for instance. Now a long wait for stock of 1-2 months. I tried Amazon Spain but nothing there. Amazon Italy can supply and I have brought other items from them before, although its a bit of a pain using Google Translate to check everything. Can anyone recommend anything better? Amazon Germany or Netherlands for instance? It would be helpful in English of course but most Amazon branches seem to stick with their native tongue. I tried B&H in NYC but they will not ship overseas anything with lithium batteries. I left Ebay years ago due to some security issues, am I going to waste time doing business with them again? I see that my item is available on UK Ebay, the supplier is in Italy, but can post to Portugal. At a very good price. Wondering also if I have to pay VAT or import duty here? Any advice appreciated!
  18. oh that's good to know because I am getting the GX85!
  19. You could have a point, I noticed a used one online for 220 GBP ...
  20. Hello, there seems to be some confusion on Amazon.co.uk about prices and models for this lens. I want to get the latest 14-140mm 3.5-5.6 to replace my old 14-140 mm 4-5.6. Apparently Panasonic say the 3.5-5.6 is twice improved over the original. On Amazon.co.uk there is one for £639 - the review for it says it came off a GX8. Neither does the advert for the lens give the specs for the aperture, just H-FS14140. https://www.amazon.co.uk/gp/product/B010Q5EHDY/ref=ox_sc_act_title_1?ie=UTF8&psc=1&smid=AOPGMFY61H3JC I speculated that because the price was more expensive for this first item that it was the latest model lens. But another seller lists the lens here as: H-FS14140E-K 14-140mm F3.5-5.6 ASPH Compact and Stylish High Zoom Digital Interchangeable Lens --- for £449. https://www.amazon.co.uk/gp/product/B00CJAP9D2/ref=ox_sc_act_title_2?ie=UTF8&psc=1&smid=A19GAJANPYW40K However, underneath this ad, there is another small advert that says: "There is a newer model of this item: Panasonic Lumix H-FS14140 - zoom lens - 14 mm - 140 mm. £639.53. (1) In stock." - so it takes you back to the first link that is provided above - a bit confusing! Thanks!
  21. yes, super bright torch or super loud devices ...
  22. Yes I had heard some years ago that they used to pump gas through the refrigeration vents of motorhomes to make sure no one wakes up while they rob it. It could have happened to me when inside the van but I did not feel anything when I woke up. I wonder what sort of drug or chemical they would spray? There's a good doco theme here, lol!
  23. Thanks one and all for your feedback, I will follow up on some of your tips. I think I resigned myself in the first ten minutes that I would never see all the gear again. To answer one question, yes I think there are highly organised gangs in France that know how to target people. I may have even been followed as a lone driver when driving my motorhome from Italy to Portugal through southern France. I stopped for the night at a truck stop and was robbed while I was fast asleep in the middle of the night. I kid you not, they broke into the camper through the passenger door by forcing the lock and must have had a torch. I am usually a fairly light sleeper, I did not hear a thing probably because I was exhausted from driving the day before. They got credit cards, passport and cash as well. One would not think to take precautions when "safely" locked in the van but people are becoming more devious and desperate these days, so all travelers have to be prepared "as if". I usually hide my camera bag under a storage seat but left it in my wardrobe that night. I left my wallet and passport in my shorts on the seat, they should have been taken out and hidden away. Even experienced travelers like myself for the past 20 years can get caught out by letting your guard down for a moment. Now I strap up my front doors with rubber straps, so even if they forced the locks, it would be impossible to open the doors. If I had woken up and disturbed them, who knows what might have happened if they were armed so I figure I got off lightly.
  24. Hello there, Thought I would try a long shot by reporting a theft near Montpelier, France of all my (uninsured) gear on June 6 recently. Two bodies GH2 and GH3. Lumix lenses: 7-14 mm, 12-24 mm, 14-140 mm, Leica 25 mm, several memory cards, camera bag etc. Passports, credit cards. I guess the GH5 might be a new option, but I really loved the other two cameras. Perhaps I will try the gear sale section here. Thanks...
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