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  1. I still use Capture One to do this...
  2. I like it, a LOT easier on the old eyes, thanks!
  3. I can't stand it anymore, I see how Andrew is soo sick of all the lying and deceitful people.
  4. Same arrogance as adobe with perpetual licenses. And the recent corruption in kodak. kodak mis-management should hanged, seriously.
  5. This one? It is dated 2013 ? https://www.amazon.com/Color-Correction-Handbook-Professional-Techniques/dp/0321929667/ref=sr_1_1?dchild=1&keywords=Colour+Correction+Handbook+-+Second+Edition+by+Alexis+Van+Hurkman&qid=1597804794&sr=8-1 Color Correction Handbook: Professional Techniques for Video and Cinema (Digital Video & Audio Editing Courses) Nov 18, 2013 Color Correction Handbook, The: Professional Techniques for Video and Cinema Nov 15, 2010
  6. Sadly, I haven't actually used the ol' GH5 in a long time now. I need to get it out and shoot, perhaps even try to capture the comet? And no, I don't have an external recorder, always wanted one... Also sadly, I haven't actually performed any video work in quite a while now. Captures, nor editing. I used to use the GH5 to capture my neice's school events. This year was graduation for us, and due to the pandemic, not many events have taken place, and rightable so. I will break out this gear today...
  7. Cool, I will have to try this, as I always shoot in anamorphic opengate mode on my GH5.
  8. I'd like know if there is a GH6 planed to be released? I'd also like to know if it would be possible on the GH6 to have an HDMI output while recording internal anamorphic opengate mode. This would be really usefully for focusing. I LOVE my GH5!
  9. The Morricone Duel - The Most Dangerous Concert Ever - Live - The Danish National Symphony Orchestra and Sarah Hicks
  10. I hope for the GH6 that there is an outout during internal anamorphic opengate mode recording. Just for focusing. This is a real drag on the GH5, NOT having a visible output in this mode.
  11. Still waiting on a sale for the GF110 f2....
  12. Hi Andrew, I was just wondering how they got 5.8K out via HDMI of the Z-CAM? This has to be from Z-CAM, not necessarily Atomos? So it might be possible to have an opengate HDMI out of the GH6? I guess I don't understand the HDMI limitations, nor possibilities?
  13. Though, I see this head line in multiple places: I don't understand... Atomos Introduces 5.8K and 4K ProRes RAW External Recording to the Z CAM Cameras
  14. It isn't neccesarily the sensor size thing with HDMI... I still love and use my GH5 and always shoot in HLG anamorphic open gate mode. Can't do that via HDMI either, NOR can you even view an output.
  15. Wow, LOTS different: https://www.zeiss.com/content/dam/consumer-products/downloads/historical-products/photography/contax-yashica/en/datasheet-zeiss-planar-1485-en.pdf https://www.zeiss.com/content/dam/camera-lenses/files/service/download-center/datasheets/historical-lenses/contax-n/datasheet-zeiss-planar-1485-en.pdf Freaky, the end filename is the same.
  16. As far as I know, they are both Zeiss Planar designs, not certain of the differences, other than autofocus on the Contax N. I used to have the C/Y 85/1.4 as well, but I had a LOT of lenses stolen at one time, it hurt me a lot. Sure would like to have another copy, I seem to remember liking, and using it a lot.
  17. My simple school event projects are sometimes very long takes, 1.5 to 2 hours sometimes, though, not any with many clips like you have. Shot with GH5 HLG anamorphic opengate mode. I do edits and then transcode the Resolve outputs. Takes a long time, but works.
  18. As a side note, my Conurus EF mount converted Contax N 85/1.4 STILL works great!
  19. More GFX options would be great to have too, PLEASE!
  20. Now, for more GFX speedboosters, please. Yeah, my Fringer works good. I have the first version BTW...
  21. Hi Andrew, If you couldn't tell I'm an old stills shooter. I have soo many different systems, it's crazy, I don't sell or trade, I just keep buying, shrug. Anywho I really need to revisit these, as I haven't used my GFX50R in several months now. Earlier this year, got a great deal on a super low shot count Mamiya DM33 digital back and plate for my Mamiya RZ67. Been really diggin' that setup. Then I figured, I already have these M645 lenses, might as well get an M645 body to go with the digital back and lenses, no? So I have been using my Phase One DF+ and Mamiya DM33 digital back for several months now. Oh, and I got into video for my niece and family events, for me starting with the Panasonic GH4. My niece now uses that body, as I got the GH5 when released, and still use it today. I really have enjoyed learning all of the video stuff. Especially from helpful people here on EOSHD, I have learned a LOT, and still learning. Thanks to everyone here!
  22. Just for information, not showing off, hopefully someone will find it useful? My brief run through of my old lenses on my GXF 50R, like discovering old lost treasure. I have tried my manual Mamiya 645 lenses on my GFX 50R via Mirex Tilt/Shift EF/M645 adapter, then another adapter for EF/GFX. Yes, a round about way, but it seems to works okay. I may get a simpler adapter in the future? - 120/4 macro works great. - 35/3.5 N works great. The 35/3.5 N focuses pretty dang close. - 80/1.9 N works great. - 55/2.8 N works great. - 145/4 Soft Focus works great. Quick test of Contax Yashica Ziess lens with a Canon EOS-EF adapter.via the TechArt Pro EF-GFX adapter, - 35/1.4 CYZ - very slight soft vignette, this lens is also amazing close focus on the 50R. I see this one is going to be another rediscovered treasure gem. Sure to be used often. - 35-70/3.4 Macro CYZ - Starts vignetting anything lower than 50mm. Progresses to total tunnel vision super hard at 35mm. However in macro mode, NO vignette, amazing, also amazing close focus in macro mode. - 100/2 CYZ - non macro model - imperceptible vignette, if any? M mount lenses: - Voigtlander Heliar 75mm f/1.8 works good, just some slight vignetting and dark corners that should be easily corrected. - Voigtlander Nokton Classic 40mm f/1.4 SC hard vignette in the corners, not much soft vignette, still usable. - Canon RF 50mm/0.95 converted to M mount, forgot the vignette. Via Fotodiox Minolta (SR/MC/MD) mount adapter. A quick test shows all my lenses are vignetting almost exactly the same. That's kinda strange, but cool, I'll take it! Not too bad, but definitely visible. - MC W Rokkor-X 28/2 - Zoom 35-70/3.5 - MD Rokkor-X 45/2 - MC Rokkor-PF 58/1.4 - MC Rokkor-PG 58/1.2 - MC Rokkor-PF 85/1.7 - MC Tele Rokkor-PF 100/2 - Minolta MC W Rokkor-HH 35/1.8 in Minolta SR mount, it vignettes the same as rest, slight, but noticeable.I I have two more adapted to Canon EOS-EF mount. 28/2 85/1.7 The Minolta EOS-EF mounted lenses seem to vignette slightly less than the native Minolta SR mount via Forodiox GFX adapter. Oh, and the Minolta 28/2 is super close focusing, I had forgotten about this. All of these works great. Canon FD/FL mounts, Fotodiox FD/GFX adapter... - FL 55/1.2 - heavier vignette than the Minoltas, which were slight but noticeable, still should be easily corrected. - FD 85/2.8 SF - slight vignette, similar to the Minoltas, maybe a touch more? - FD 500/4.5L - similar to the vignette of the FL 55 above. - Konica Hexanon 57/1.2 Using the GFX - LM adapter, then an LM - AR adapter. It seems to vignette more than the Minoltas, similar to the Canon FD 55/1.2 Canon EOS/EF AF lenses via Techart adapter. - 50mm/1.0 AF works, I have forgotten what the vignette was .. - 200mm/1.8 AF works, very slight vignette, I have forgotten? - Contax N 85/1.4 converted to EOS/EF mount, via Techart adapter, AF did *NOT* work, but manual focus works, can't remember vignette. - Faithfully submitted, Douglas C. Niedermeyer...
  23. Just for information: I have used my manual Mamiya 645 manual focus lenses on my GFX 50R many times, via Mirex Tilt/Shift EF/M645 adapter, then another adapter for EF/GFX. Yes, a round about way, but it seems to works okay. I may get a simpler adapter in the future? - 120/4 macro works great. - 35/3.5 N works great. The 35/3.5 N focuses pretty dang close. - 80/1.9 N works great. - 55/2.8 N works great. - 145/4 Soft Focus works great. Wished I could afford a GFX100, but being a simple hobbyist, makes it hard...
  24. That ban crap is crazy. Though, the medium format forum have civil people in it...
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