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  1. Not wishing to be picky, but occasional use of the SHIFT key can aid readability. Ahem...
  2. I went from XT2 to XH1, however that AF on the XT3 is feeding my GAS. Plus the Xh1 has a tendency to lock up at the worst times. Would you recommend to buy the XT3 in addition to the XH1, or to swap the XH1 to an XT3, or to sit on my hands until the XH2 comes out?
  3. I think I prefer the Fujifilm X-H1. Better size and price and video with 1 caveat: moire/staircasing. Wonder how the Nikon will perform in real life.
  4. I bought the Velbon LB-2 a long time ago, and hardly used it until it came to video. I like the fact that the camera is not restrained and that I can lower the arms and therefore the centre of gravity for the combined rig. This reduces the adverse effect of building a tower on top of the camera. I can attach a Zoom F8 to the right hand arm if I need to record more than 2 channels of audio.
  5. I have just recorded a 20 mins video of testing the various AF settings, which I am sure you will find interesting.
  6. I no longer have any of the Nikon gear. The H1 + grip isn't as large or as heavy as the D4 was. What I was trying to convey was the feeling of comfort, ruggedness and experience. I have a few short clips on file from the D750. Where the H1 is ahead is Eterna film sim, which is great. I was actually unaware of the dual audio recording, until I read about it in this thread. I will have to look it up in the manual, to see how it works. Like is it 2 sets of stereo, or one side internal and other external? If it was 2x stereo, then this would lend itself to using an external audio track for TC from a Tentacle Sync or similar.
  7. Ok, I'll try. But seriously - who uses in camera sound for anything . other than sync? I've read, however that the H1 preamps are meant to be quite good, but so far I hadn't even bothered to check them. Do you use any Fuji stuff. If you want I could shoot some test clips using a lens of your choice, provided I have the same lens. Any requests? (ps: going to bed now...)
  8. The time limit is not due to battery, but the (STUPID) fact the Fuji doesn't want to exceed some dumb European tax classification that places cameras that record for over 30mins in a different bracket. Why can't they just do like Panasonic is beyond me. Of course using external recorder has no such limit. Headphone jack without battery grip, would be nice, but it really doesn't bother me. I wouldn't do any serious recording without the battery grip, or external recorders, anyway. Re cage - you will laugh, but I tried out my universal SmallRig cage, which works fine, by the way, but I rather lower the centre of gravity of the rig, so instead of mounting the Shogun on top I went back to my trusty Velbon dual flash arm setup arm and mount the Shogun below the height of the video head pivot axis. I stuck a Sound Devices MixPre-D on top, and if shooting movies with multi track than I will use a Zoom F8 instead. It is almost midnight, so attaching a photo will have to wait.
  9. Hi everyone. I am new here, but having got my H1 on 1st of March I've just speed read through this entire thread and feel like I have to chip in. I had been shooting Nikon for about 20 years and came via F5, then digital from D200, through to D4 and D750, before switching entirely to Fuji X, having an overlap of 4 yrs running both side by side. I've sold my X-T2 yesterday and trying to sell an X-T1 and an X-PRO2 - I am so impressed with the H1. I just can't imagine ever wanting to shoot the other bodies any more! I do about 60% on video and 40% on stills, and have 14 Fuji X lenses from 14mm through to 400mm, plus an 8mm Samyang. Today I had been practicing with the H1 and an Atomos Shogun. My initial reactions (I'll spare you from regurgitating the specs): I got the body plus Battery Grip and 2 extra batteries and absolutely LOVE the handling. This camera is more pro feel than the X-T2, and is inspiring like my D4 was, when I have the grip on. BUT take the grip off, and it is the same height as the X-PRO2 and makes great walkabout camera. (In fact I would like a 2nd body!) The shutter has to be experienced, to be believed. The sound is like a lens shutter, with no perceivable body shock. The release is on a hair trigger, which took me about 2 minutes to get used to it. I used to do target pistol shooting, and this is like an Olympic grade target gun. You can release the shutter without jarring the body. Even without IS you can easily shoot 2 stops slower than "normal". Now add IBIS and then add OIS lens (the two IS's work intelligently together!) and I've seen people shoot handheld at 400mm and 1/5s and get usable stills. There is a TON of customisation options! Yes, any X cam user can feel quickly at home, especially after the X-T2, but there is another dimension, when you dig deeper. Such as user settable AF delay and AF focus pull speed. My unscientific gut feel is that although not quite as good as Sony - it is damn fine. Most pro's prefer manual focus anyway, but this is quite outstanding and the best from Fuji to date. Eterna is pure pussy! (Quoted from Blazing Saddles!) and available for both stills and video 4:2:0 at 200Mbps with Fuji quality is just fine by me, and externally on my Shogun I can record 4:2:2, so no issues whatever Love the top LCD, which is customisable and shows relevant and different data for movie or stills shooting As with the X-T2, having 3 batteries is great and being to charge all 3 simultaneously, whilst IN CAMERA is fantastic. Imagine that after a day's work you just connect the camera to the 9Vdc charger for the grip and a USB3 2A for the body, and the next morning you have all 3 batteries 100% full, without having to get up during the night to load the next battery into the charger! Bliss! The wireless stuff finally seems to work with my iPad/iPhone and has both WiFi and Bluetooth - but sucks battery something rotten! When recording externally, you can actually turn off recording to SD, and still control the external recorder via the camera shutter release (or touch) via HDMI control Overall, I simply love this. I have heaps to learn about this camera and do not claim to be an expert - far from it, but I know enough already that for me it is a winner. Sure it is not a replacement for a Red Dragon or Ari, but I much prefer it to a GH5(S) or Sony A7... (both of which are very fine cameras). Thanks for reading... Paul
  10. The other big cockup on the X-PRO2, IMHO, is not having tilting LCD. I'd like to see THAT fixed by firmware! LOL They market the X-PRO2 as great camera for street, landscape, portrait. Well the tilting LCD would be great for unobtrusive street work, or low wideangle landscapes. If they had titling LCD I would have bought one, but I rather stick to my X-T! until its success comes out than get the X-PRO2.
  11. I understand that the X-PRO2 does have mic input, but I would record sound on a Zoom F8 externally, anyway. Camera sound is really only for sync, unless you are out and about and want to grab a shot. I had done that with my X-T1 and a Rode Videomic Pro already with no problems, so expect the X-PRO2 to be similar. For me, the big question is: can I get HDMI out for external video recording? This is still unanswered, so far!
  12. Can the X-PRO2 output clean HDMI for external recording??? How would you compare the new X-PRO2 to the Nikon D750 for video? I have been hanging on to my D750 mainly for video, but have built up an 11 lens kit bag for Fuji for still photography. Would the X-PRO2, allow me to say good bye to Nikon and shoot Fuji? I usually record externally to an Atomos Ninja Blade, and would like to know if I can do that also with the X-PRO2? Thanks in advance,
  13. I am shooting the D750 into an Atomos Ninja Blade. However I am finding excessive noise in the shadows, even as low as 3200 ISO. A GH4 that was shooting along side was far superior, in spite having a sensor that is 1/4 the size of the Nikon. I had to buy the NeatVideo noise reduction app to clean up. Is this "normal"? Are there any settings that I should use to improve noise? (I am shooting 25 fps and quality HI)
  14. I find the article really weird. It seems as if there is an anti Nikon agenda going on. Favouring the Sony A7 and then a list of serious quirks as long as my arm? I am shooting the D750 and recording to a Ninja Blade and loving it, so I just don't get what's going on here. Must be just me...
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