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  1. I actually bought one rather than whine about its perceived "shortcomings" (not a dig at Andrew's article). If there was an X-H2 that could record raw, I may have bought that instead but Fuji is apparently listening to clueless pensioners at fujirumours that cannot comprehend even the basics of what is needed for good video capture, while shouting "I do not need video". Now, I almost sold all of my fuji glass. Apart from the trouble of licensing a new mount (would Canon licence its rf-mount? Or Sony? And what it would cost), I think the EF mount is still a good choice for the budget this camera is aimed at. I can have tens of thousands of used L-glass and of other glass that is compatible with the ef mount, while similar level glass on the RF mount is prohibitively expensive. There still is a somewhat unanswered question on whether the pl-mount mod kit for the 6k will fit to the 6k pro if one wanted that. Writing raw to an ssd and then having resolve cutting through it like butter is a revelation. Resolve is also included for free.The synergy of hardware and software being attuned to its other's needs reminds me of Apple. Internal ND's rock, no matter what you tubers say while peddling their own favourite nd supplier of the moment, and I finally have synced timecode on both the camera and my mixpre. The menu is a revelation, something no hybrid photo-video camera will attain soon. Battery life is decent, I ordered 4 patona protect np-f550, same Wh as the BM ones. I am still not convinced that it has 13 stops of DR (actually I think that my X-T3 had more DR) but while waiting for the Sigma 18-35 to arrive and using a crappy helios lens, I am still blown by the plasticity of the image. I got emotive's colour luts but still think that Fuji color science is better than what I have seen from BM, if better is the right word rather than "prefer". Nevertheless these are subjective observations that may change once I become proficient enough. Although I am a newb in this, braw can be manipulated to a silly degree and even its prores is quite malleable. The ease of use counts quite a lot. I wouldn't go back to a hybrid camera now without having a dedicated cine camera even if this is the level of camera I can afford. The only major disadvantage I find is the ridiculous pricing of the evf. I would have bought that if it was more fairly priced but I am not averse to shooting using the monitor. I only had a minor hiccup with the camera when I switched it on and the monitor did not switch on, but removing the battery cured it. Having a full hdmi, a dedicated pin for external power , ssd RAW writing, internal Nd's, dual iso, xlr inputs and a very easy menu are luxuries established DP's would dream of some years ago. For all else there is Sony's lizard skin colours and horrible menus, but I am very happy that I made the switch with a small thought going on whether it will be reliable enough. P.S Is there another forum for BM users apart from the official one and bmcuser that seems like a dead town?
  2. What would be a respectable power option for the new 6k pro that would feed the 12v needed? I have a power junkie that outposts 7.4V so that will not cut it. Can someone suggest a tried and tested combination that could power it and does not break the bank, now that dummy-battery solutions are out? (it uses a np-f battery) Thanks
  3. Fuji copying Sony in its bodies? You are way out of touch with the reality there and I am trying to be civil. Also, there have been lots of new lenses for the x-mount either available or under development. Good for you in getting an FP, Sigma is a great company that deserves our support, but let's not go about badmouthing the ex for no real reason.
  4. Ridiculous pricing. You can get another great camera for that kind of mine along with a decent monitor
  5. 20Κ and pay for raw output whenever Canon feels like including it... 😁
  6. Is the video output from the fp-l worse, better or same than that of the FP one? I noticed that the FP-L has a lower "high" native iso (smaller pixels etc) than the FP but the segment from the Canadian that talks too fast is not that clear. Then again this was definetely not a review. A shame form Gerald who has done good things in the past but then you tubers... Can anybody commend on the video output?
  7. I will disagree with MRSMW 😁 a bit , I think x-t3 makes much financial sense when in essence you are buying the same camera as the X-T3. If you use either of the models for video ,power junkie will be your friend and I would not rate the X-T4 ibis that much. But horses for courses etc..
  8. With the latest firmware autofocus is almost the same if not the same between the X-T3 or X-T4. You have to dial in the focusing settings withe the glass you have which is a bit of a black art with fuji. In the long run nothing that matters is that different between the two cameras. They have the same cpu and the X-t4 has a slightly different variant of the same sensor of the X-T3 The x-t4 ibis is still not that good I think.
  9. Unfortunately taxes would be out of this world plus the infamous DHL handling tax. I am not looking for a full blown rig but yours is great. Hope you sell it soon
  10. Anybody have a Blackmagic micro cinema for sale? I am asking for a friend. Must be Europe though. Thanks
  11. Thank you for your answer. I do have a Shinobi and I was wondering whether the 4:2:2 recording of the ninja V would give me something more until the X-H2 hopefully comes out :). You are of course correct in all counts, especially about having a proper backup which is worrying sometimes. Quality wise I do not seem to get a straight answer and it is a testament to the integrity of your answer that you cannot possibly say a resounding yes or no to my question. Thank you for your reply.
  12. Hi guys , has anybody seen any tangible benefit between the internal 10 bit 4:2:0 recording in a X-T3 and writing to a ninja v at 10 bit 4:2:2 . Apart from prores being easier to edit which I do not mind, is there a qualitative difference in recording to a ninja in real world applications? If someone that actually uses the combination has experience on the matter , I would be very happy to hear from him. I do not care for you tubers and their findings 🙂 Thank you
  13. No problems matching these two...
  14. SSD's are dirt cheap and you can do a lot with 2 1gb ssd's. Cfexpress is unfortunately too expensive in sizes that matter . I agree that v90 sd card prices are ridiculous as well, even the v60's are not that price conscious.. `We are staring to have a real problem with too much recording data..The new sigma will makes tremendous sense if it has good external raw recording abilities without the obligatory ninja V. Here's hoping 🙂
  15. Little pricey? ridiculously pricey you mean 🙂 . No, external ssd recording is by far the cheapest solution
  16. c70 AF vs R5 vs c200 AF comparison C70 vs other Canon cameras. From PRo AV . I cannot embed the video for some reason..
  17. Hi guys, What circular filters are you using for your projects? I have a K'F 2-32 nano one which is decent enough but some scratches on it make me want to replace it with something perhaps better. I am not at all enamoured by youtubers and their "comparisons- reviews" (get a 300 Euro polarpro - it will change your life- sponsored by polarpro) so I am wondering on what you are working with. There is a lot of noise about B+W, Tiffen, Polarpro etc with sources being wildly variable as to the shortcomings of each variable ND. All input welcome.
  18. You need an adapter like this https://manioscinetools.gr/product/blind-spot-gear-power-junkie-adapter-για-fuji-np-w126s/ This is for Sony batteries but I am sure you could fashion something that would go in between allow you to draw power from a v battery. I have certainly seen people making up such stuff.
  19. Sony and Canon af is top of the food chain, no question about that.. Fuji vs Panasonic is not a contest though as long as Panasonic keeps at its antiquated af practices. Fuji is very finicky with lenses and af settings unfortunately. In the OP's case as far as AF is concerned I would think that Panasonic AF would definitely be a step back. Personally after I bought a couple of cine primes, I never bothered with AF again but of course it depends on what you shoot.
  20. I cannot disagree with you about the log comparison but I am unsure on whether it will make much difference in the final product. In my eyes at least Panasonic is not there yet in colour interpretation. There is someone with great s5 footage in the forum but despite his best efforts he could not really avoid the video look , a problem with most cameras of course
  21. He can buy an X-T4 I suppose if he really must have IBIS. With the latest firmware updates, X-T3 AF is quite good actually, I do not know up to what firmware Tom may have had difficulties (there were some). Panasonic AF, the less said the better, they are committing suicide each time, but seriously manual is the canon of the day if creatively shooting. A used S1 is a good proposition as well, no doubt about that although if you must have Full frame the S5 seems better to my eye in the cost/performance analysis, paired with a ninja v and raw capabilities ,just to satisfy your gas demons. Nevertheless the original point remains, do you get as much from your gear as you can? A new S1 may be nice and shiny for a while but are you going to lust after a RED after a while? We have all been there 🙂 You do have a lot of choice. Factor in lenses and costs of going to another system altogether..
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