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  1. I'm thinking DFD++ Somehow Panasonic won't or can't implement PDAF. But if they somehow do, I can buy a cheap S1/S5 real soon
  2. I'm in no way saying DFD is bad since I'm really impressed by the G9 2.0 update. For photography I even like it better then the competition (that has PDAF) and for video with C-AF in good light it's also great. Somehow people like bashing Panasonic for it's lack of PDAF, yet accept the crappy almost non existing AF from blackmagic. And you hear lots of rumors about new AF systems for the GH6, while I just thing it will have an (even more) improved version of DFD.
  3. Personally I think it will just have DFD and everyone will be disappointed
  4. Is it not remapping dead pixels by itself after using it for a while?
  5. ProRes was made to be easy on CPU/GPU, so not sure hardware accelerated support will give any advantage. For h264 and h265 hardware accelerated support will give significant advantage.
  6. So which graphics card from amd/nvidea would one recommand that has the best support for Canon/Panasonic 10-bit h.265?
  7. Canon and video in their dslr/mirrorless is always crippled. The biggest thing to me is the single card recording while doing video. Making it useless as a professional tool.
  8. Nice! To bad Resolve still can't import Prores RAW. Guess no plans to bring BRAW to GH5S?
  9. Thanks. Unfortunately the SmallRig Cage is discontinued and nowhere to be found in stock. Guess I better wait for a second hand deal with cage included then.
  10. Have found an open box deal (without resolve license) for the BMMCC for 440 euro. Still worth it? Or better to search a second hand deal with rig/cables/etc included?
  11. So how does that work? Doesn't the door have an 'open' detector/switch? You have to block it?
  12. Nice, but wish there was a way to not have to cut into the door and lose warranty, weather sealing and resale value.
  13. Indeed, but still love them for older cams that still have low bitrate codecs like C100, FS100/FS700, etc... You can get those Ninja 2 / Blade nowadays for next to nothing and get a free monitor with scopes and false color as a bonus.
  14. It does, they fit inside the empty tunnel space. See https://www.lucadapterstore.com/product-page/magic
  15. Indeed. He was complaining about very bad battery life in the ad, but I still get 60 to 90 min out of it! Would have prefered the MFT version, but the EF one is fine for this price. Hopefully one day I find a magicbooster for it.
  16. Just bought an original BMCC 2.5k EF for €200 Just couldn't pass that up
  17. Looks to me like they are not interested anymore to invest in MFT.
  18. The same with the GH5S. Not selling well and you can find one second hand for around €1000.
  19. Kind of the same when trying to sell something in person. Never had any problem selling photography/video gear, always nice and friendly people. But try to sell instead a smart phone, tablet, etc...
  20. It's not like eBay will take the time to watch that video anyway.
  21. To sell I use CataWiki at the moment. It's like the reverse of ebay. Buyer has to pay auction fees and it has bad buyer protection but good seller protection.
  22. Guess a good way to buy that new camera you want without your wife knowing
  23. So no stabilization (shoulder rig, monopod, steadycam, ...)? Did you add stabilization in post then?
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