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  1. Indeed they will ignore it and just push out more RF products. The R5 resale value will not tank anytime soon. Just look at the 5DIV, it was released at a high price with unusable crop 4k MJPEG. Maybe it was not as successful as the 5DII and 5DIII, but still sold a lot and they never fixed the video side.
  2. I think that the EXIF data is indeed the temperature of the sensor and not the CPU. I guess they didn't add a heatsink or thermal pads to the CPU because they know they can limit heat by software design (overheating protection). The real question is, why does it take 2 hours to cool down (and doesn't ambient temperature play a role) and why can you do 4 hours while recording external without the overheating protection triggering. To me it looks like they deliberately designed the camera hardware (no heatsink) and software wise (overheating timers) to limit the 4k and 8k recordings.
  3. Would be fun to see the exact same overheat limit in a 200°C oven as a 4°C fridge
  4. What a mess Canon made. If they wanted to protect their cinema line, they should have just put a 5-min time limit on the 8k and 4khq modes instead of an overheat timer. That way it was at least usable as a b-cam. Now you have an unreliable piece of expensive junk you cannot trust at all.
  5. To make sure the R5 can only be used as a crash cam on set. The R5 has pretty good specs for a crash cam. Use only once to record 15-min RAW video in compact form factor. No cooldown recovery needed as it will crash anyway.
  6. Will not do any upgrades at the moment, only downgrades Since all weddings and events are cancelled anyway, those new investments are laying gathering dust at least another year. Sold already a lot of gear, only keeping what I really need. But got myself a GH2 dirt cheap, just to experiment a bit with this old beast.
  7. If they keep crippling their new camera's with overheating timers, the RF mount might even die before the EF does
  8. I thought I saw something like H264 is 8-bit 4:2:0 and H265 is 10-bit 4:2:2.
  9. Still waiting for Magic Lantern on 5DIV and EOS R. Don't get your hopes up too high.
  10. Indeed, they kind of killed their 5D & R5 series for a lot of professionals. I know a lot of wedding photographers that will not buy it because it overheats and is not reliable enough. A lot of them do photo and video and are going/staying with Sony or Panasonic. They will certainly not buy the Cxxx series or RF lenses now.
  11. If they would just have limited the 8k and 4k hq recording to a fixed max time like say even 2 minutes instead of an overheating timer, it would have been usable as a b-cam.
  12. The PCB has a rechargeable backup battery, so if there are any timers (which I'm not sure of at the moment), removing the battery will not make any difference as the backup battery keeps the date/time and any other timers counting. A good way to test is remove that backup battery first!
  13. If that's the case, they should have left 4KHQ and 8K out of the camera. Now they piss off the cinema customers for including it and the pro's that want to use it but get the overheating. They should have put this limited 8k in a consumer type 90D camera.
  14. Maybe Canon made it overheat on purpose to keep us talking about the R5/R6. You know, bad press is better than no press
  15. Is it possible they never intended to release those big video specs and decided to do that late when the hardware was already in production. As like the hardware (and heat management) was only made for continues line skipping 4k and they later decided to also do HQ 4K and 8K?
  16. Also EVF or only the LCD screen? Maybe the EVF heats the body.
  17. Why didn't they enable this by default? Sounds like this solves some problems (like not being able to shoot video after taking pictures).
  18. Buying an expensive 8k camera to shoot awful and soft 1080p Better get yourself a second hand C100 or R for for less then 1/3 of the price.
  19. So just about 1h of RAW recordings was stolen?
  20. Yeah indeed. But why did they rush? They could have delayed the R5/R6 for another year, giving them more then enough time to solve all problems. Next year it would still be the only consumer/prosumer 8k camera with internal raw. Now people will just buy the sony/panasonic/etc instead.
  21. Maybe they did notice the bug or the overheating too late (after production began) but decided to release it anyway. They were fairly quick to post those max record times before overheating. Maybe they thought they just could get away with it. Going to buy myself a used EOS R. Low price, no overheating and perfect B-cam for my C100.
  22. If this was the case, it should really have been detected way before mass production. It may be possible there is a bug in the final firmware that wasn't in pre-production firmware. But how would one explain the 2 hour cooldown required? That is the real problem and it is unrelated to any chip design. If it would cooldown in 5 to 10 minutes, nobody would be speaking about the overheating like they are now.
  23. Canon just killed their mirrorless Time to release that cancelled 5D V now with it's reliable optical viewfinder
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