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  1. Not really the time in the current covid crisis to jump camera maker and buy besides the body, all new lenses and flashes.
  2. I think they pushed technology too far this time. It's a lot of experimental technology (8k, ibis, ...) into a professional body. Normally they release that technology first into consumer products (like 70d dpaf) to see if it works long time, and then move it to their more professional products (5d4, 1d x, etc). Now they felt confident they could do directly into the professional series and they created an unreliable replacement for their 5D4. I think professionals will stay another cycle with their DSLR now and if they are smart they will release a 5D5 to not completely loose those customers.
  3. What a disaster! The 5-series is mostly used by professionals that can't afford to wait for the camera to cool down. Just imagine doing a wedding and it overheating At least the DSLR series is still reliable. Might permanently damage the mirrorless series for Canon if they do not do a recall.
  4. Looking forward to seeing the first real cooling mods. Remove the back plastic behind the LCD, put a real heatsink and fan and keep it cool enough for unlimited 8k recording
  5. Certainly not a bad camera the XF100. Just the lack of ND and use of CF cards was a turndown for me.
  6. Maybe it was designed to do some line-skipping 4K at 30fps and management suddenly told it should also do 8K, 4K HQ, RAW and slomo? Maybe they thought they could get away with the overheating as Sony always did in the past? Maybe the heatsinks where out of stock due to Covid-19? Maybe they just want to sell you the upcoming EF-RF cooling adapter for an aditional $499?
  7. Just sold my XA-10. Used it for interviews, but in low light it wasn't that good. Not sure why you would buy it if you don't need the XLR inputs. The touchscreen is resistive and will annoy you. My M50 b-cam had better quality and video options and is cheaper to find. The XF-100 at least has all the physical buttons, but the sensor is the same as the XA-10, so not that great in low light. The C100 is a whole different level on image quality and low light. Couldn't even mix is with the other two as the image quality difference was very obvious.
  8. In a lot of places over here the Canon EOS R is sold out, so it might just be a global Canon stock issue and no recall.
  9. At least the iceberg and ice water would cool the R5/R6 down Wonder how many faulty R5/R6 units we will have in a couple of years from all the excessive overheating. Certainly never going to buy such a unit second hand. Would be an expensive brick.
  10. Indeed, any fix will just be a better heatsink/firmware bandage that will just allow a couple of additional recording minutes. Unless it gets a complete redesign it will keep overheating.
  11. Too late, damage is already done. How did they even manage to fuck this up? Was this a rush job? Nobody thought about adding a decent heatsink? Or even test the thing?
  12. But will it also overheat while taking pictures all day? Imagine doing a wedding and taking like 10k pictures and using the camera for 12+ hours in the summer. Can Canon guarantee me the camera will not overheat in photo mode? Looks to me like it might even stop working in photo mode when pushing it...
  13. https://www.canonrumors.com/patent-active-cooling-adapter-for-the-rf-mount/ Sneaky Canon Create an issue that doesn't need to exist and then sell the solution separately.
  14. Looks like professionals need a 5D V after all. The Canon mirrorless aren't yet ready for professional use!
  15. You can always stretch the safety limits. But your R5/R6 might die or break more quickly (like the 70D motherboards that fried from heat).
  16. I guess the R5 ii and R6 ii will solve the overheating some day.
  17. And warranty will certainly be void. Hopefully they will bring out a R5 with cooling fan in the future like panasonic did.
  18. Asked for heatsink and cooling fan integrated into smallrig cage However seeing the overheating test Tony did on Youtube, it looks like the (plastic) shell really isolates the inside heat from the outside. Not sure any fan or heatsink at the outside will even do any difference.
  19. Always have a spare body and lenses on a wedding. I understand what you are saying, but it just isn't only a card failing. You can have a camera stolen or just lose a sd card. I keep one big sd card in the camera and rotate the second sd card (smaller size) often on the wedding day (and keep them on me). That way you are protected against failure and theft. Had twice a corrupt card and once a camera theft. No failed body's yet.
  20. It still is a photoshop, but it will become real Just wonder how you can cool it effectively with a plastic shell in between. Canon just should have made a accessory you could directly attach to the internal heat-sink.
  21. Yeah, but not so handy when doing run-and-gun like a wedding.
  22. Okay thanks. Looks like you still need to go the Cxxx route then.
  23. Didn't know the R5 could record video to dual sd cards. Is a first for the 5D series. Nice.
  24. What should I buy for doing 4k with Canon (on a R6 max budget) without overheating? The original R? It has only one SD Card slot, but I guess the R6 only records video to one anyway?
  25. Waiting for the first (after market) mods to appear to keep it cool
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