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  1. If it can't move, it can't break (in warranty)?
  2. I doubt we will see a practical magic lantern any time soon. Canon protected this camera better then before. Might require soldering to the motherboard to unlock bootloader etc now.
  3. The RX8130 chip is a more advanced RTC clock and has timer function and user ram, so maybe canon uses this in some way for the overheating control.
  4. But why do this to the 5DIV successor? I know some wedding photographers that will not buy the R5 just because they heart it is unreliable and overheating. Since there is no upcoming 5DV, they will lose those customers to Sony or Nikon.
  5. Who says this won't 'overheat'? Edit: Looks like it has a fan outlet, so most likely the old cripple hamer!
  6. Problem is that new RF lenses might require new R firmware. At some point you'll have to update it.
  7. Since you can't download version 1.0, it's not possible to downgrade. Once 1.2 arrives, we will know if downgrade (to 1.1) is still possible. But I guess they can always block it if they really want to. Biggest danger is if they ever disable or protect the UART port on the camera. If they do, there is no peaking inside.
  8. I guess almost the same chipset of the R5 is going to be used in other higher end models (R1?) and some cinema camera's. Seeing how protective Canon now is, I'm not sure I'm willing to invest in RF glass and be stuck with Canon. At least with the EF glass, you can use Sony, Panasonic, Blackmagic, etc camera's.
  9. Indeed, doesn't look very professional for paying work and for all we know it might even void the warranty. Canon should offer us a permanent fix instead!
  10. Indeed. They will likely just tweak the overheating timer and call it a day. But I do not like this new Canon. At least before you knew what the exact limits were.
  11. Looks to me like they tried to cripple their units in another way this time. Instead of time and feature limits like before let's create a hidden overheating limit. It's a good thing they got caught on this! The worst thing is, if they just created 5 or 10 min recording limits on their 8k and 4KHQ, nobody would have complained. They would have expected this from Canon.
  12. Since every chip costs additional money, I'm 100% sure it's in the main processor as a software algorithm.
  13. They should have been honest about that upfront. Give the 8k and hq recordings a 5 or 10 min limit and not some fake overheating timer.
  14. Maybe Canon will sell one time overheating timer reset voucher codes in the future
  15. Don't forget they will recycle this processor and sensor until at least 2030. So over the course of 10 years they will slightly uncripple it
  16. Indeed, they will never acknowledge the overheating timer. They will release a firmware update with will give us like 15% longer recording time and 30% quicker heat recovery and call it a day.
  17. Now all needed to do is install a micro reset switch on the side of the R5 you can push with a paper clip to interrupt the backup battery.
  18. They did that before. On the C100/C300/etc the backup battery is welded in place on the most inaccessible location you could imagine (requires complete disassembly) . Took me like half a day to change that one.
  19. Will certainly be my last Canon purchase. Limiting features or record time was one thing, but crippling with fake overheating is borderline criminal!
  20. At least those DSLRs didn't overheat and were reliable for professionals. Why did Canon not just release the R5 with canon like video specs (like 4k line skipping) and no 4khq and 8k? This overheating thing will damage their mirrorless brand because Canon always stood for reliability before.
  21. If you want good AF and full frame, you really only have Canon, Nikon and Sony.
  22. Maybe electronic design was outsourced to China and software to India
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