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  1. Sethman

    A7rii in 2021

    Amazing photos and nice videos but man that battery...
  2. Komodo still growing up with new interesting features in a beta build: Added 6K Anamorphic R3D support (requires REDCINE-X PRO v52.3 or later) Added 6K 2:1 format Added Livestream Tools and Magnify support Added FTPS support for remote offload Added 4 channel audio support Added WiFi Scan support Added Prism Viewfinder mode Added Canon RF lens control ring support Added cross sync support (e.g., Genlock 30P, SDI 60P) Added BWAV support for off-speed audio Added static IP support to Infrastructure mode Added Exascend CFast 512GB and 1TB to approved list Fixed intermittent 'Error loading clip' in playback I'm sure many things are still in development for future updates.
  3. Sethman


    based on the triangle the Black Glimmerglass sits almost in the middle
  4. Sethman


    I prefer far more the black glimmerglass instead of the pro mist
  5. Even if I'm not a Canon fan I must admit that's really true
  6. what about the sensor? Same from the 6K?
  7. seems that Sony registered even an FX3 new camera but no specs aviable atm, maybe an A1 in a cube shape with ND and without ibis?
  8. This is my first post and thread here but lurking from long time. After months of this pandemic issue, today I had the opportunity to start again filming. A small thing, a short story for a local press but it's anyway something that gave me serenity. A moment where there's only you and the story to film. A feeling almost forgotten, devoured by this uncertain moment, by fears. How do you feel now when you can press the REC button for a paid job?
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